Teckedin - Daily Curated Tech News - January thru April 2022
  • 30 Apr 2022
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Teckedin - Daily Curated Tech News - January thru April 2022

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Prowly Upgrades Media Monitoring SaaS Tool with Powerful Automation and Data Visualization Features“The big trend which is impacting not only the PR industry, but the tech world overall, is GPT-3 autoregressive language. It consists of 10x more variables (175B) used to train the model, which allows it to generate human-like text almost impossible to distinguish from an extract written by a real person."Automation & Productivity
Google says people can now more easily have more personal information removed from search results In an effort to stop identity theft, Google also said it may remove government IDs, Social Security numbers, tax information, credit card numbers, handwritten signatures, any images of certain IDs, login details, medical records and any other form of identifying official records.Data Privacy
AI research company Anthropic raises $580M in fundingOne of Anthropic’s main focus areas is AI safety. The company is developing ways to develop large-scale AI models that have better safeguards and also provide the ability to check the effectiveness of those safeguards. Additionally, the company is researching the societal impact of advances in machine learning.Artificial Intelligence
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ushers in Next Era in AI Innovation with Swarm Learning Solution Built for the Edge and Distributed SitesHewlett Packard Enterprise announced the launch of HPE Swarm Learning, a breakthrough AI solution to accelerate insights at the edge, from diagnosing diseases to detecting credit card fraud, by sharing and unifying AI model learnings without compromising data privacy.Automation & Productivity
New diamond wafers made in Japan can store 1 billion Blu-Ray discs of dataThe diamond wafers, called Kenzan Diamond, could be used for quantum memory as the ultra-high purity of the diamond allows it to store a whopping 25 exabytes, the equivalent of one billion Blu-Ray discs, of data.Data Storage
Argent secures $40M to build crypto ‘Super App’ for DeFi and Web3One of Argent’s biggest selling points for user adoption is its mobile app, which allows users to store cryptocurrency tokens in what is called a noncustodial wallet without the need to memorize or protect a seed phrase.Blockchain
This phishing campaign delivers malware that steals your passwords and chat logsDetailed by cybersecurity researchers at Bitdefender, RedLine Stealer is offered to in a malware-as-a-service scheme, providing even low-level cyber criminals with the ability to steal many different forms of sensitive personal data – for as little as $150.Security
Smallstep increases focus on zero-trust and automated certificates, secures $26MSmallstep aims to enable organizations to take control of their production identity, allowing them to secure their infrastructure by identifying everything and everyone, issuing credentials, encrypting data and communications, and enforcing a robust security policy.Security
Data security startup Veza emerges from stealth with $110M in funding to help enterprises share data safely in the cloudTo date, Veza is the first and only data security platform that is built on the power of authorization. The platform supports both on-premise and cloud systems, and makes it possible for data and security teams to understand the sensitive nature of data; manage human identities; and service accounts across hundreds and even thousands of disparate data systems, apps, and cloud services.Data Management
Synthesis AI Raises a $17M Series A To Expand Synthetic Data Platform for CVThe Series A financing follows the launch of OpenSynthetics, the first dedicated community for creating and using synthetic data in AI/ML and computer vision with centralized access to synthetic datasets, research, papers, and code.Data & Analytics
Open-source NLP company Deepset nabs $14M to power ‘plain-English’ enterprise searchSo, while something like Elasticsearch is a well-established keyword-based search engine for enterprises, Haystack allows developers to add NLP-powered semantic search on top of it, one that understands the actual meaning of the query.Automation & Productivity
Strategic intelligence platform startup Strider Technologies raises $45M The Strider Intelligence Platform is claimed to be the first software-as-a-service platform to deliver strategic intelligence specifically designed to visualize, manage and respond to risks across an organization.Data & Analytics
Vic.ai debuts AI-powered tool to optimize costs for enterprises“The spend management insights (from this solution) will help dramatically improve their control over spending across functions and business units.”Automation & Productivity
CrowdStrike unveils tools to fight threats to cloud-native applicationsThis platform employs real-time attack indicators, threat intelligence, developing adversary trade craft and enriched telemetry from across the enterprise, to enable hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and remediation, elite threat hunting and prioritized visibility of vulnerabilities.Security
Seaplane IO lands $15M for edge-optimized cloud app managementSeaplane is a platform engineering teams can use to build an edge-optimized multi-region, multicloud platform without all the usual overhead and complexity.Cloud
HPE announces integrated appliance for machine learning development It’s intended to address what is an often complex, multistep process that’s involved in purchasing and installing massively parallel processors incorporate specialized compute, storage, interconnect and accelerators. The packaged offering, which is available now, allows organizations to begin building and training machine learning models immediately.Automation & Productivity
Credo AI Announces Responsible AI Governance PlatformCredo AI helps cross-functional teams align on Responsible AI requirements for fairness, performance, transparency, privacy, security and more based on business and regulatory context by selecting from out-of-the-box, use-case-driven Policy guardrailsArtificial Intelligence
Strider secures $45M for data intelligence to avert economic espionageStrider Risk Intelligence leverages disparate datasets spanning industrial policy documents, international patent data, among other publicly available sources, to help companies identify which of their core technologies may be most at-risk from nation-state actors.Data & Analytics
Armo raises $30M to bring open-source security to KubernetesKubescape works by scanning configuration files such as YAML and Helm, clusters and worker nodes for misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities from MITRE ATT&CK and other DevOps frameworks and vulnerability databases.Security
Bug bounty platform Intigriti raises $23M to empower ethical hackers Intigriti’s platform connects companies with ethical hackers so they can provide an incentive for them to test the security of their websites and applications. A company will offer a bounty to any hacker that’s able to breach the security of a specific website or application.Security
Trend Micro launches new attack surface management platformThe technology can automatically discover and secure internal and external facing assets with attack surface discovery, cyber risk analysis, threat mitigation and response.Security
Qualified.com raises $95M to transform corporate websites into a sales generation tool It begins with the Qualified Signals process that’s designed to provide sales and marketing teams with more insights around site visitor’s buying intent. Meanwhile, Qualified for Outbound is designed to help sellers better engage with prospects, while Qualified for ABM helps with converting ad spend.Automation & Productivity
SingleStore will measure your app’s ‘data intensity’The Data Intensity Index is a SingleStore notion for an index value based on five variables: data size for an application, ingest speed, query complexity, query latency (completion time), and concurrency (number of users).Data & Analytics
Humantic AI raises $1.5M in funding to help salespeople better understand their prospective customersHumantic AI also claims that its proprietary personality AI engine assembles detailed personality profiles that provide predictive personality insights to sales teams helping them better understand their customer before meeting them and thereby be more effective at every step of their buying journey.Artificial Intelligence
Red Hat Announces Application Foundations ToolkitA toolbox of key application services, Red Hat Application Foundations provides developers with ready-to-implement components that include high-performance data streaming services, API management, service connectivity, lightweight runtimes and frameworks and more.Data & Analytics
Akamai launches managed database offering for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDBLinode is a much smaller and less complex rival to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services Inc. and Google Cloud, aimed at independent developers that don’t want to be locked into those bigger providers or get hit with nasty surprises in their billing.Data & Analytics
Blockchain Startup STIMA Expands P2P Network for Smart Contracts ManagementMore specifically STIMA is a utility token, that through a cryptographic system correlates its native crypto currency to the value of physical assets. Ultimately this token allows for an economic exchange that goes beyond conventional rules surrounding transactional elements related to a given asset.Blockchain
Asperitas and Villa-Tech partner on network digital twinCloud consultancy Asperitas and SDN vendor Villa-Tech have partnered to create a network digital twin for large and midsize enterprises. The fully managed service, which is available now, reduces a company’s risk and increases its pace of change by creating a virtualized clone of an on-premises network and providing a platform to simulate and implement changes.Network Management
AWS Announces General Availability of AWS IoT TwinMakerAWS IoT TwinMaker makes it easy for developers to integrate data from multiple sources like equipment sensors, video cameras, and business applications—and combines that data to create a knowledge graph that models the real-world environment.Data & Analytics
Polygon launches blockchain ‘Supernets’ with $100M in Web3 developer grantsPolygon created Supernets as dedicated blockchain network hosting for individual Web3 applications for developers that scale with their projects. That means that any given application gets the benefits of scale – reduced transaction times and fees – while still being connected to the public Ethereum blockchain and to other Supernets.Blockchain
Kadena Launches $100 Million Grant Program for Web3.0 Builders“Kadena combines the functionality of blockchain tech with the accessibility of the internet we all know and use every day, making it the perfect platform for builders to create their projects,Web3
Amazon launches a $1 billion fund to invest in startups developing supply chain, logistics, and fulfillment technologies“We know there are companies out there that share our curiosity and excitement to invent. Whether our investment helps them grow or leads them to work with Amazon, or both, we’re excited to help advance these technologies as online shopping becomes even more important to people who are looking for more convenience and time savings.”Automation & Productivity
Alibaba, Microsoft launch Arm-based cloud instances“If Alibaba’s Arm-based services are a strong competitor to AWS technologically, should AWS be worried? Well, even in APAC region excluding China, AWS cloud revenues are several times as big as Alibaba’s. So I don’t imagine AWS is losing much sleep,”Cloud
Oneio to improve cloud integration with $7.8M infusionThe company plays in the confusing landscape between companies that provide integration functionality as a service and service providers that code custom integrations. Oneio combines aspects of its integration automation technology with a service provider offering.Cloud
Amazon Aurora Serverless gets more granular and affordableAWS mounts Aurora databases on its own optimized storage for higher scale and performance compared to the vanilla MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with conventional attached storage that it offers on its RDS service. AWS claims that its Aurora implementations are up to 5x faster than standard MySQL, and 3x faster than standard PostgreSQL implementations.Data Management
WEKA moves file data at 2TB/sec on Oracle’s cloud“The performance that WEKA and OCI can provide to customer workloads is fantastic… this combination of performance and scale along with the elasticity that OCI provides, allows you to successfully host modern EDA, life sciences, financial analysis, and even more traditional enterprise workloads on OCI.”Data Management
Enso hopes to automate data analytics processes, emerges from stealth with $16.5MEnso provides an open-source platform that’s designed to enable anyone to build and automate data-driven processes, starting from loading and blending data from any source to cleansing and performing advanced analytics, by simply connecting visual components.Data & Analytics
Grid Dynamics Unveils New ML-Based Price Optimization Starter Kit for Google Cloud Vertex AIBuilt by Grid Dynamics’ team of revenue management experts and skilled data scientists, the Price Optimization Starter Kit integrates a company’s sales data, product attributes, competitor pricing, and other external factors to deliver a customized price and promotion management solution that helps drive revenue growth.Data & Analytics
Speechmatics adds entity formatting to improve its speech recognition software Speechmatics said it has improved the accuracy of its transcription software using a technology called Inverse Text Normalization to do a better job of recognizing spoken formats and numbers and interpreting them correctly.Automation & Productivity
Privy looks to protect user data in Web3, raises $8M in seed roundUsing Privy, they can take on user data directly from their front-ends and associate it to their users’ on-chain addresses. The data is end-to-end encrypted and bypasses developers’ stacks, thereby helping safeguard user information.Data & Analytics
VAST links arms with Vertica for fast analytics“VAST’s entry into the Vertica ecosystem allows customers of both companies to benefit from hyperscale flash storage and industry-leading data reduction, unlocking greater operational efficiency and faster performance to implement advanced analytics – at a fraction of the cost of the public cloud.”Data & Analytics
Netlify releases open-standard tool for content creation on the edgeIt is built on Deno, an open-source, standards-based runtime that works out-of-the-box with popular web frameworks including Next.js, Nuxt, Astro, Eleventy and SvelteKit, as well as newer edge-first frameworks including Hydrogen and Remix.Edge Computing
VIANAI Systems Introduces Human-Centered AI Platform for the EnterpriseVian Performance Optimization within the Platform dramatically accelerates model speed and throughput even on commodity hardware. In addition, the open, modular architecture of the Vian H+AI MLOps Platform enables MLOps teams to seamlessly leverage the entire end-to-end capabilities of the Platform or simply use components of it, to create a truly customized solution to fit their specific needs.Artificial Intelligence
New SolarWinds observability platform helps organizations shift from reactive to proactive ITSolarWinds is pitching the product at companies that are progressing with digital transformation initiatives and modernizing their operations, applications and databases with hybrid and multicloud deployment, all while supporting existing, traditional workloads and systems.IT Management
Stigg launches to help SaaS companies dabble with different pricing and feature packagingAt the heart of the Stigg platform is the notion that the SaaS pricing problem is “rooted in code, not billing,” as the company puts it. What this means is that Stigg is targeting developers with an easy-to-integrate API that decouples pricing from the billing process.Automation & Productivity
Confluent Launches Data Access Controls and Enterprise InsightsWith today’s launch, RBAC now covers access to individual Kafka resources including topics, consumer groups, and transactional IDs. It allows organizations to set clear roles and responsibilities for administrators, operators, and developers, allowing them to access only the data specifically required for their jobs on both data and control planes.Data & Analytics
Latest Oracle Exadata servers ascend to the cloud The service will be available across Oracle’s rapidly expanding cloud footprint, which now comprises 37 regions around the world, with seven more planned this year. The company also has 11 “Azure Interconnect” regions, which allow Microsoft customers to access Oracle database services from within Azure.Cloud
Hackers use stolen OAuth access tokens to breach dozens of organization’s internal systemsOAuth tokens are one of the go-to elements that IT vendors use to automate cloud services like code repositories and devops pipelines. While these tokens are useful for enabling key IT services, they’re also vulnerable to theft.Security
Blockchain platform BlockApps raises $41M to build enterprise-grade infrastructure BlockApps’ provides a “blockchain-as-a-service” platform called Strato that allows businesses to customize, manage and govern their own private blockchain infrastructure based on the public Ethereum blockchain specification.Blockchain
Microsoft rebrands its compliance and data-governance products as 'Microsoft Purview'Microsoft officials are positioning the Microsoft Purview suite as helping customers see their assets across their entire data estate; help safeguard and manage sensitive data across clouds, apps and endpoints; and helping to manage risks and regulatory compliance.Data Governance
Next Red Hat? Raleigh blockchain startup Kaleido aims to lead open-source revolution for Web3This week, blockchain startup Kaleido officially dropped what it says is the “first open-source SuperNode,” a plug-in blockchain framework enabling companies – big and small – to launch and scale their own secure blockchain projects.Blockchain
Videoverse offers AI tool to help enterprise videos go viralThe company offers an AI-powered video editing software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that instantly and automatically processes content.Automation & Productivity
LiveU Launches its Ingest Cloud Solution for Automatic Recording and Story Metadata Tagging of Live VideoStorage costs are reduced because content is filtered and trimmed before being transferred to the MAM (media asset management) system, ensuring that only relevant content is moved. With all video feeds instantly accessible over a cloud web portal, field crews and production teams can view, trim, download, and publish the assets online from anywhere.Automation & Productivity
BangDB Launches Streaming AI & Graph Data Platform on Cloud"A lot more data is coming from devices than ever before. Most of the existing tools and platforms in the market were created a decade ago and hence we find it difficult to deal with newer kinds of data and the use cases emerging from them. With BangDB as SaaS on cloud, Ampere becomes the first off-the-shelf platform of its kind, which cuts down the time and cost to build modern applications drastically,”Data & Analytics
Postman API platform hits 20M users, helps drive the ‘API economy’Postman claims that its API hub is the world’s largest, with customized workspaces built on it and created by  Microsoft, Stripe, Meta, Notion, Intel and Oracle, among others.Automation & Productivity
Open source Calendly rival Cal.com raises $25MWhile there are clear similarities with the likes of Calendly, Cal.com’s main differentiator is is its open-source credentials — it promises companies full data sovereignty and digital autonomy.Automation & Productivity
Goodway Group Launches Passport One , A New People-Based Identity SolutionThis requires access to tools and data that is out of reach for most brands, with digital marketers ranking cost as the second-largest challenge to using first-party data. With the launch of Passport One , Goodway Group is now democratizing these resources to make it possible for advertisers of any size to build and strengthen their digital marketing strategies and engage them as a driver of revenue and business growth.Data & Analytics
LinkedIn creates PASS to tailor graph neural networks for social mediaAt a high level, LinkedIn uses GNNs to understand relationships among individual members, groups, skills and interests – on primary, secondary, tertiary levels and beyond – to help inform recommendations.Data & Analytics
Catalyst Blockchain Platform Launches Blockchain Adoption ProgramCatalyst abstracts away and automates complex processes for different types of blockchain network configurations, protocols, and infrastructures. The platform is cloud-agnostic, preventing vendor lock-in, and can be deployed on-premises or using blockchain-as-a-service managed infrastructureBlockchain
DOE Announces $26M for Research on Next-Generation Data Management and Scientific Data VisualizationFoundational research in data management will address challenges stemming from the increasingly massive data sets produced by scientific experiments and supercomputers. Innovative and intuitive data visualization approaches will support scientific discovery, decision-making, and communication based on that data.Data & Analytics
Inventor of Salt automation project comes up with a new way to tame cloud complexityHis newly launched Idem Project scans current cloud deployments and generates data that can be used to trigger remediation events with little human intervention.Cloud
Bidscale and ContractPodAi Partner to Launch a DCO, the First-Ever End-to-End Federal Contracting SolutionBidscale and ContractPodAi are announcing their partnership in creating a Digital Contracting Office (DCO) to support Federal contracting teams by providing a unified pre-award and post-award contracting experience. With this partnership, Bidscale will accelerate the pre-award contracting experience and ContractPodAi will provide the post-award management platform.Automation & Productivity
Backblaze puts out cloud storage migration serviceCloud storage provider Backblaze has set up a Universal Data Migration service where it will cover data transfer and egress charges from other suppliers – with the caveat that you have to commit to move at least 10TB of data to its B2 Cloud Storage service and keep it there.Data Storage
Coherence raises $8M for multiplayer network technologyThe Malmö, Sweden company said the funding will help it grow its team and roll out its technology to game creators with the hope of democratizing the development of real-time multiplayer experiences.DevOps
Oasis.app raises $6M to expand Web3 decentralized finance platform Oasis.app provides a decentralized finance product, also called DeFi, which are services that eschew the control of middlemen and centralized bodies such as banks. DeFi applications allow users to conduct transactions peer-to-peer using blockchain technology and programmable smart contracts to exchange tokens.Blockchain
MedTrainer strengthens all-in-one healthcare compliance platform with new $43MMedTrainer offers a cloud-based software solution that provides what the company calls a unique, all-in-one compliance platform that drives higher revenues, streamlines workflows and eases employee onboarding for the healthcare industry.Automation & Productivity
Cisco SD-WAN software gains broader application access, enhanced analyticsSpecifically, the company upgraded the SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for SaaS service, which links branch offices or individual remote users to cloud applications such as Cisco’s Webex, Microsoft 365, AWS, Google, Oracle, Salesforce and more.Network Management
New salary disclosure law in Washington state could spell big changes for tech companies“On the benefit side of things, you will have greater transparency for job seekers,” Sayed said. “Plus, smaller employers will have transparency to what their largest labor market competitors are potentially offering, although I suspect some will look for ways to get away with being less transparent.”Tech Jobs
Checkmarx SCA Now Available as Native Integration within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate“The inclusion of powerful application security testing within their familiar development environment minimizes friction with modern application development workflows. The integration also makes it easier to secure those applications before they are compiled, rather than waiting for deployment to identify vulnerabilities.DevOps
Washington state universities get funding to create cybersecurity programs as industry demand growsAt the federal level, the Biden administration’s FY 2023 budget includes an 11% increase for cybersecurity spending, Cybersecurity Dive reported.Security
Google Cloud’s BigQuery gains an Automatic Data Loss Prevention feature Google Cloud said today it’s enabling Automatic Data Loss Prevention in Google BigQuery to help users find, classify and protect sensitive information that may have inadvertently been scattered around their cloud deployments.Cloud
Obsidian Security raises $90M to secure companies’ software-as-a-service applications Inactive accounts in a SaaS application can become a cybersecurity issue if their login credentials are compromised. Hackers could use stolen login credentials to access the data that a company stores in cloud services. Obsidian’s platform can spot inactive accounts, as well as cases where sensitive business data is accessible to more users than is strictly necessary, a scenario that also presents cybersecurity risks.Security
Backblaze puts out cloud storage migration serviceCloud storage provider Backblaze has set up a Universal Data Migration service where it will cover data transfer and egress charges from other suppliers – with the caveat that you have to commit to move at least 10TB of data to its B2 Cloud Storage service and keep it there.Data Storage
Kyndryl rolls out Dell partnership for disaster recovery and securityKyndryl provides an orchestration tool that offers users a way to respond programmatically and immediately to a cybersecurity event, an analytics tool that uses machine learning to do regular integrity checking on system configuration data (ensuring that it hasn't been compromised by bad actors), and the company's own in-house expertise in deployment and configuration of large-scale, enterprise systems.Security
Meta is working on a web version of its Horizon Worlds metaverse platformBut for platforms with a 30 percent fee, like Meta’s own Quest Store, it would take 25 percent of 70 percent. That means that for goods sold in Horizon on a Quest VR device, Meta will take an eye-popping 47.5 percent of each transaction.Metaverse
MedTrainer strengthens all-in-one healthcare compliance platform with new $43MMedTrainer offers a cloud-based software solution that provides what the company calls a unique, all-in-one compliance platform that drives higher revenues, streamlines workflows and eases employee onboarding for the healthcare industry.Automation & Productivity
Critical vulnerability in popular WordPress plugin exposes millions of sites to hacking The vulnerability is caused by an absence of a critical access check in one of the plugin’s files, which is loaded on every request, even if users are not logged in. Because the check does not occur, access to the file and hence the plugin is open to all and sundry, including bad actors.Security
Blockchain startup Ava Labs reportedly raising $350M at $5.25B valuation One of Avalanche’s flagship features is that it can rapidly process transactions. The popular Ethereum blockchain is capable of processing about 30 transactions per second, while Avalanche can manage as many as 4,500 per second. Avalanche also requires less electricity, Ava Labs says.Blockchain
Bitdefender tackles cyber resilience challenges with a new XDR solutionGravityZone XDR aims to provide enterprises with a platform they can use to automatically detect known and unknown threats throughout their environment, while providing human analysts with the intelligence they need to respond to quickly control security incidents.Security
Owler Launches Owler Max, the Ultimate Sales Companion Tool to Empower Sales ProfessionalsOwler Max is a fresh sales enablement offering providing actionable insights on target accounts, allowing sales professionals to work faster and smarter. The platform slashes sales research time, providing sales teams with up-to-date data, insights, and business news all in one place – on Owler’s Max platform.Automation & Productivity
Microsoft: We've just disrupted this ransomware-spreading botnetMicrosoft has now received a court order from the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia that allowed it to seize 65 domains the ZLoader gang had been using for command and control (C&C) for its botnet built from malware that infected businesses, hospitals, schools, and homes.Security
Meta reportedly planning smartphone-free AR smart glasses for 2024“You’d have the ability to feel physically present with friends and family — no matter where in the world they happened to be — and contextually aware AI to help you navigate the world around you, as well as rich 3D virtual information within arm’s reach.”Emerging Tech
Obsidian Security lands $90M to detect and fix major SaaS risksNotably, the SaaS Security and Posture Management (SSPM) platform leverages Obsidian’s proprietary “knowledge graph” — which ties together data from different apps to “create a comprehensive and deeply contextual view of the SaaS world” that’s inhabited by customers.Security
Greymatter.io expands to address microservices boomGreymatter.io has gathered significant interest from investors because it delivers a microservices-friendly, infrastructure management solution that IT teams can use to build application and API networks.IT Management
Silverfort raises $65 million to extend its identity threat protection solutionEssentially, the provider offers a solution that enterprises can use to implement multi-factor authentication, identity threat detection and response, and zero-trust policies for critical data assets in a single location, to ensure there’s end-to-end identity protection.Security
Arcion Cloud Delivers Zero-code Enterprise Data Replication in Real TimeArcion, the only cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform, today announced the launch of Arcion Cloud, the first fully managed data replication as a service that enables enterprises to deploy high-performance, high-volume data pipelines in minutes instead of monthData & Analytics
SaaS security startup DoControl raises $30M to scale up innovationsThe problem being tackled by DoControl is a real one. Accelerated SaaS adoption, the growing complexity of SaaS ecosystems and the lack of granular, automated access control can leave organizations exposed to unauthorized and undetected data exfiltration.Security
Kaseya buying Datto for $6.2 billionKaseya, which was hit by a ransomware attack last year is a portfolio business selling infrastructure management, data protection and security products to SMBs through MSPs. It includes the Unitrends backup business and the Spanning in-cloud backup offering, both of which promise integration opportunities with Datto.Security
Clumio Protect releases turnkey ransomware protection solution for Amazon DynamoDBClumio Protect provides organizations with air-gapped ransomware protection, storing protected data in Clumio SecureVault and offering granular recovery capabilities in the event of breaches.Security
OwnBackup releases new security posture management solutionOwnBackup Secure helps enterprises and decision makers to increase transparency over their data by providing them with automated data classification, security posture analysis and archiving capabilities.Security
Sendbird Launches Chat v4 and UIKit v3 to Take the Developer Experiences To the Next LevelSendbird also released web support for the Sendbird Chat Flutter SDK so that developers can share the same codebase across both web and mobile apps. Collectively, these changes will enable developers to deploy  chat and take their applications to another level, opening new possibilities for conversations and connections.Automation & Productivity
Managed detection and response startup Critical Start lands $215M in funding Critical Start’s managed detection and response or MDR offering is designed to help simplify breach prevention in enterprises. It does this by helping organizations to identify, assess and respond to cyberthreats in real time. The company also analyzes the data from all of the threats it identifies in order to improve its future responses to those dangers.Security
Perforce acquires IT infrastructure automation startup PuppetManaging a company’s IT infrastructure involves repetitive tasks, such as downloading software patches and provisioning servers, that can require a significant amount of manual work. Puppet’s platform makes it possible to automate manual maintenance tasks using scripts.Automation & Productivity
Axis Security debuts cloud-native Secure Service Edge platform Axis Atmos is a modern Security Service Edge platform that sits inline, inspecting all traffic within an organization, brokering one-to-one connections between users and devices to services and apps, based on identity and security policies.Security
We’re one step closer to Windows in the cloudWindows 365 Boot: With this, you can set up a cloud profile to which you can boot directly. You won't have to first boot into Windows on a device. That means, in theory, you'll be able to run WaaS on your Mac, Chromebook, or even a Linux PC.Automation & Productivity
Meta will no longer allow the sharing of ‘publicly available’ private home addressesMeta’s response comes about a year after the company asked the Oversight Board to weigh in on its handling of private residential information. The Board issued a response in February, calling on Meta to tighten its policies surrounding the sharing of private home addresses over concerns about doxxing.Privacy
Exotanium aims to optimize cloud efficiency (and reduce costs)It juggles containerized code by continually optimizing the performance, growing and shrinking the allocated hardware in response to demand. It’s designed to work across all clouds.Cloud
Goldman Sachs joins $88M investment in web3 and blockchain security tech startup CertiK; now valued at $2BCertiK’s auditing service provides pre-deployment auditing and formal verification for smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and Web3 apps, while Skynet provides on-chain 24/7 active monitoring of security threats.Blockchain
Komodor on quest to tame Kubernetes troubleshootingKomodor’s app helps a developer understand which elements in a microservices environment have changed over time and relate them to problematic issues. Then the developer can find out what the changes involved and tease out the root cause.DevOps
Synthetic speech tech startup LOVO raises $6.5 million Pre-Series A to develop the voice of Web 3.0 “With Voiceverse, people can now add another layer of personalization and pseudonymity, completing their persona for the metaverse. As a company that’s spent years researching and developing applications leveraging AI Voice & Synthetic Speech, this was a no-brainer — Voiceverse is simply a natural progression in line with LOVO’s vision and tech.”Web3
Finnish change management startup Pandatron raises nearly $700K pre-seed round for its AI coaching solutionPandatron is transforming the way companies execute changes by developing an AI conversational coach. The Pandatron AI chatbot coach gives attention to every change-affected employee personally, in the form of weekly 1:1 conversations. Moreover, the technology helps the users reflect on the changes and set goals that will help them adapt to them.Automation & Productivity
Google’s new ‘multisearch’ feature enables users to search with both images and words Google Lens, the company’s image recognition technology, allows users to point the phone camera or snap a photo and search Google for answers relating to that image. With the new feature, it becomes possible to take a photo of a shirt, for example, then type to ask Google to find a similar one but with “pinstripes,” for example.Automation & Productivity
SaaS tech startup August Schools raises $5M seed funding led by Tiger Global to modernize software in schoolsFounded in early 2021 in New York City by Aaron Hammond and Peter Russell, the mission of August Schools is to modernize software in schools, starting with student health. The company’s platform provides a unified, secure workspace for counselors, nurses, learning specialists, and administrators to coordinate and document care.Automation & Productivity
Equinix and Dell expand partnership for hyperconverged data center offerings“Equinix colocation provides the hybrid cloud mooring that enables IT clients to transform their data centers and IT operating models into a cloud-based, as-a-services platform.”Cloud
BigID Launches Data Insights StudioWe strongly believe that providing easy and customizable reporting of how metadata changes over time and across multiple sites, as well as an ability to analyze trends and monitor critical KPIs, is the key to facilitating and accelerating better data management and value on data across the organization.Data & Analytics
NetApp buys open-source database-as-a-service player InstaclustrInstaclustr delivers fully managed versions of the most popular open-source databases to enterprises that don’t want to manage the software themselves. Its “open-source-as-a-service” platform provides hosting and support for a range of freely available software, including projects such as Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Lucene and ScyllaDB.Data & Analytics
CTERA: Not storage, but a cloud data services bizCTERA says an edge filer can be deployed in 90 seconds using the SDK. Discovery and migration supports customer file and object discovery across their IT estate. It can then migrate files to the cloud, using network transmission for SMB customers and Amazon Snowball for larger projects.Cloud
Monitaur launches GovernML to manage AI data lifecycleGovernML, offered as a web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, enables enterprises to establish and maintain a system of record of model governance policies, ethical practices and model risk across their entire AI portfolio,Artificial Intelligence
First malware targeting AWS Lambda serverless platform disclosed“Customers are able to run a variety of applications on Lambda, and this is otherwise indistinguishable to discovering the ability to run similar software in other on-premises or cloud compute environments,” AWS said in the statement — adding that the company’s acceptable use policy prohibits the violation of the security of any of its systems.Security
Stacklet launches managed version of its cloud governance platformStacklet is working to streamline the task. Stacklet SaaS, the startup’s newly launched cloud service, allows administrators to replace the scripts they use to manage their cloud environments with a single, more convenient tool.Cloud
OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generator creates fantastic images from text-based descriptionsAs usual with OpenAI’s work, DALL-E 2 isn’t being open-sourced, but researchers are encouraged to sign up to test the system, which may one day be made available to use by third-party applications.Artificial Intelligence
Windows 11 preview brings File Explorer update, plus lots of bug fixesBut the latest update of the Windows 11 in the Insider Preview Build 22593 for Dev and Beta Channels users replaces the File Explorer home page with the newly minted "Home" feature. The Quick Access button has also been renamed Favorites to make it consistent with Office and OneDrive.Automation & Productivity
NEAR Protocol raises $350M to expand its developer-friendly blockchain platform Projects building on the NEAR Protocol include NEAR Crowd, a service that allows users to earn NEAR tokens by performing small tasks; the Paras 2.0 marketplace for buying, selling and trading digital collectibles; and Ref Finance, a community-led decentralized finance platform.Blockchain
BrainChip, SiFive partner to bring AI and ML to edge computingRISC-V (pronounced “risk-five”) is an open instruction-set computing architecture based on established reduced instruction set computing (RISC) principles. It’s an open-source project available to anybody who wants to use it.Edge Computing
HR tech startup Remote reaches a unicorn status at nearly $3 billion after a $300M funding led by SoftBankThe Remote platform provides the necessary tools and expertise for clients to hire globally, pay teams in their preferred currencies, and remain compliant with ever-changing regulations.Automation & Productivity
IT observability startup Grafana Labs raises $240M more Servers, databases and many other components of a company’s IT infrastructure automatically generate data that describes their day-to-day operations. This data contains valuable technical insights that Grafana can analyze to help administrators detect technical issues, as well as find ways to fix them.IT Management
Attackers Spoof WhatsApp Voice-Message Alerts to Steal InfoSo far, attackers have reached about 27,660 mailboxes with the campaign, which spoofs WhatsApp by informing victims they have a “new private voicemail” from the chat app and includes a link purporting to allow them to play it, researchers said. Targeted organizations include healthcare, education and retail, researchers said.Security
Atlassian expands product portfolio with new coding and data analytics tools Compass displays all the modules that make up a workload in a centralized list. Developers can click the entry for a module to bring up its source code, as well as access documentation that explains how the code works.Data & Analytics
Cisco Pushes Hybrid Work With Firewall RefreshCisco’s Secure Firewall 3100 series is build around an FPGA and is backed up by a standard x86 CPU. The FPGA provides cryptographic acceleration for IPsec and transport layer security (TLS) connections, reducing the load on the general purpose processor.Network Management
SaaS tech startup August Schools raises $5M seed funding led by Tiger Global to modernize software in schoolsFounded in early 2021 in New York City by Aaron Hammond and Peter Russell, the mission of August Schools is to modernize software in schools, starting with student health. The company’s platform provides a unified, secure workspace for counselors, nurses, learning specialists, and administrators to coordinate and document care.Automation & Productivity
Gaviti raises $9M for SaaS collections automationCompanies use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to track all aspects of company finances. Gaviti’s platform ingests data from the most popular ERP platform to help automate the various tasks involved with identifying late payments and automating the collection process.Automation & Productivity
Avast releases new features to stop phishing and online scamsWhile there were many new features launched, Avast has placed a significant focus on addressing phishing and social engineering scams. For enterprises, these new features have the potential to offer additional protection against cyber attacks that rely on manipulating users into clicking on malicious links via email and SMS messages.Privacy & Security
Rattle raises $26M to bring legacy systems to modern apps“It eliminates the painful data entry process of enterprise go-to-market systems and simplifies work by not only making data accessible but also proactively bringing important data to users in the places they work most in (Slack & MS Teams),” Aggarwal said.Automation & Productivity
Model9 sells counter to mainframe data gravity for analytics and AIModel9, the mainframe to cloud object storage data mover, has reorganized its product set, adding cyber-protection and a facility to feed cloud-based AI, machine learning and data warehouses with mainframe data.Data & Analytics
Appwrite, an open source backend-as-a-service provider, raises $27MIn its current form, Appwrite is a self-hosted BaaS that gives developers all the APIs they need to power the underlying infrastructure of their applications and includes user authentication, security, API management, file storage, databases for storing and querying data, privacy and more.DevOps
IBM unveils z16 mainframe for real-time fraud detectionIBM said the new mainframe comes with advanced capabilities powered by its seven-nanometer Telum processor, which is said to be the first computer chip in the world that adds on-chip AI inference. That enables the z16 to run real-time checks for fraud against a transaction as it’s taking place.Security
Microsoft Teams gets better search, and an encrypted 'lockbox' to protect your dataThe roughly 270 million people who frequently use Teams should notice a difference in the results when they search for things. There should be less clutter, better context in summary results, and more filters to choose from to find files, content and people across Microsoft's services, from OneDrive to Word.Automation & Productivity
Monitaur releases AI governance platform GovernML is the latest addition to Monitaur’s ML Assurance Platform, which also has modules covering record-keeping, performance monitoring and auditing. Delivered as a service, GovernML enables enterprises to establish and maintain a system of record of model governance policies, ethical practices and model risks across their entire AI portfolio,"Artificial Intelligence
Databricks Announces General Availability of Delta Live TablesDelta Live Tables is the first and only ETL framework to solve this problem by combining both modern engineering practices and automatic management of infrastructure, whereas past efforts in the market have only tackled one aspect or the other.  It simplifies ETL development by allowing engineers to simply describe the outcomes of data transformations.Data & Analytics
IRS hires records management tech firm Ripcord to digitize archived tax filings in tech pilot programOn the flip side, Ripcord uses robots to take paper filings and turn them into digital documents. That includes making sure that stapled attachments are removed from the filings, determining if the document is aligned the correct way, sizing the document, and so on. "It's a combination of these two technologies that allows for an end-to-end automation of the tax forms.Automation & Productivity
IBM Unveils IBM z16, Quantum-Safe System for Real-Time AIThis innovation is designed to enable clients to analyze real-time transactions, at scale — for mission-critical workloads such as credit card, healthcare and financial transactions.Artificial Intelligence
DocuSign debuts new contract lifecycle management tool for small, growing businesses The main capability is a document generation template builder that allows companies to upload their existing contracts and convert them into dynamic generation templates. Users can then revise those contracts on the fly through an online editor, rearranging fields that can be pulled from Salesforce upon generation, creating conditional logic rules to swap out language whenever certain criteria are met.Automation & Productivity
Microsoft provides a glimpse of future Windows 11 and Cloud PC integrationsMicrosoft has positioned Windows 365/Cloud PC as ideally suited to hybrid work scenarios like remotely onboarding/offboarding employees, dialing up (and down) compute capacity, securing environments from the cloud and supporting growing and contracting workforces, including those in front-line work situations.Automation & Productivity
Trunk raises $25M to build a ‘developer experience in a box’ platform Trunk’s solution allows developers to move more readily to “shift left,” which is the practice of pushing automated testing and checks earlier in the development process. With a product that checks code as it’s generated, developers can quickly produce cleaner code before it’s merged into repositories.DevOps
New Qualys EDR service provides additional threat-hunting and risk mitigation capabilities The updated service extends the Qualys Cloud Platform’s prediction and prevention capabilities to provide orchestrated access to multiple context vectors. They include asset criticality, vulnerabilities, system misconfiguration and recommended patches via a single agent and unified dashboard.Security
Dell PowerScale syncs to object storageThe SmartSync data mover complements SyncIQ, providing off-cluster data moving, such as to object storage targets like ECS, AWS and Azure. It enables flexible data movement and copying, incremental resyncs, push and pull data transfer, and one-time file to object copy.Data Storage
New Fortinet OS release offers security coverage at every network edge The service is natively integrated across the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver automated and coordinated security in real time. The service uses machine learning and AI models informed by unified data sets feeding on networks, endpoints and clouds, rich independent research and comprehensive industry collaboration.Security
Swiss fintech startup Yokoy raises $80M in Series B funding led by Sequoia to help companies manage their expensesYokoy’s vision is to leverage Artificial Intelligence to fully automate all expense- and business credit card processes to save time and money, increase employee satisfaction, reduce complexity and ensure compliance.Automation & Productivity
How This IoT Device From Charity: Water Could Advance Water Access for Billions“We started looking into academic patents in 2012, but what we found in our searches were basic proof of concepts with no potential to scale the technology.” Quite simply, no sensor existed for rural hand pumps.Sustainability
Async video platform Loom gets collaborative ‘HQ’The biggest change is the addition of the Loom HQ, a personalized Home screen within the browser and desktop app that surfaces recommended content for users, such as “trending” videos that have been posted publicly within an organization.Automation & Productivity
This 23-year-old founder of Indian footwear startup turns plastic waste into a multi-million dollar businessBhave said says every pair of Thaely Y2K Pro sneakers, which currently sells for $100, contains 10 bags and 12 bottles. Bhave says his business is already profitable and plans to sell around 25,000 pairs of shoes by the end of this year.Sustainability
Fintech startup Effectiv raises $4M from Accel to help banks tackle fraud and improve risk managementEffectiv offers a next-generation, no-code risk management platform for mid-sized banks, credit unions, fintechs and financial institutions. With cutting-edge AI and an intuitive user interface, Effectiv’s solutions enable rapid adaptation to new trends and aim to significantly reduce the cost to manage fraud and risk.Risk Management
Black Crow AI Raises $25M Series A to Make Enterprise ML Available to AllThe Black Crow AI platform is democratizing the power of enterprise-grade machine learning, by delivering infrastructure as a service that works out of the box for companies of any size. Its technology analyzes billions of data points in real-time to optimize core business processes, like managing churn, enhancing customer experience and optimizing marketing spend.Machine Learning
Antimatter Announces $12 Million Series A Led by NEA and First Cryptographic Infra Solution for Data SecurityAntimatter—founded in 2020 by Andrew Krioukov, Michael Andersen, and Beau Trincia—is solving customer data security requirements with a bold and comprehensive new approach: a cryptographic infrastructure solution that provably guarantees data can only be accessed by customer-approved individuals, even if the app or servers are compromised.Data Security
Google Meet looks to match Zoom with key security featureThe announcement that Google plans to roll out optional end-to-end encryption for all meetings, at some point in 2022, could also make the videoconferencing app more competitive with Zoom, which already offers the security feature for all meetings. And Google Meet could potentially leapfrog Microsoft Teams, as well.Automation & Productivity
BeamUP attracts $15M for facilities digital twinsThe company generates digital models of facilities to reduce system and infrastructure design time. This simplifies the work around security, IT, IoT, electrical and HVAC, which account for around 40% of construction costs.Automation & Productivity
KOR Secures CFTC Approval to Become First Independent Swap Data RepositoryThe 100% AWS cloud-native platform is combined with Confluent Cloud-powered infinite storage event-driven architecture. This enables KOR to deliver unprecedented speed, scale, data quality, analytics and machine learning insights.Data & Analytics
Citrix Doubles Down On SSE, Delivers ZTNAThe service is available as a standalone ZTNA platform or as part of a full-featured SSE, complete with secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), and data loss prevention (DLP).Security
8×8 Introduces Conversation IQ to Bring Consistency and Professionalism for All Employees From the Front Desk to the Back OfficeThe new offering applies conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to help organizations uncover insights, foster coaching, and ensure professional engagements deliver consistent experiences across the entire enterprise, for all user roles, from the contact center to the front desk and the back office.Automation & Productivity
Google Docs will start nudging some users to write less dumblyThese new Google suggestions have long been available via third-party services like Grammarly, which is able to integrate with Google Docs and aims to help improve the quality of your writing. Depending on the quality of Google’s native suggestions, it could vastly reduce the need for these third-party services.Automation & Productivity
New form of data wiper malware linked to attack on Viasat Officially Viasat denies that malware is involved. In a blog post yesterday, the company said it had found “no evidence of any compromise or tampering with Viasat modem software or firmware images and no evidence of any supply-chain interference” in the attack.Security
Autodesk Construction Cloud Introduces New Data Sharing Capabilities to Transform Construction CollaborationAutodesk, Inc. launched Bridge, a new collaboration capability that empowers construction teams to share only relevant data with project stakeholders, regardless of whether they are on the same team or building project within Autodesk Construction Cloud. Bridge gives teams control over their respective project data sets by enabling them to share select sheets, folders and files with collaborators without having to share all project information.Automation & Productivity
Google tests its Privacy Sandbox and unveils new user controls“Today, developers can see and begin testing the code for Topics, FLEDGE and Attribution Reporting in the Canary version of Chrome, and we’ll progress to origin trials with a limited number of Chrome Beta users as soon as possible,”Privacy
Blockchain interoperability protocol startup LayerZero raises $135M on $1B valuationLayerZero solves the problem by providing an omnichain interoperability protocol that unites dApps across disparate blockchains. It does so using a set of gas-efficient, non-upgradable smart contracts. Gas in this case refers to the cost necessary to perform a transaction on the network.Blockchain
Reputation launches AI platform to provide enterprises with competitive intelligence“Every company today has vast amounts of unstructured customer feedback living on public forums — from reviews and ratings about their customer service (or lack thereof) to the employee or brand performance, even valuable details about their competitors. It’s all left out in the open for consumers to see and  base their purchasing decisions on."Data & Analytics
Samsung and Western Digital Collaboration to Drive Standardization of Next-Gen Storage TechFocusing on enterprise and cloud applications, the partnership is expected to spur a range of collaborations around technology standardization and software development for D2PF technologies like Zoned Storage.Data Storage
Palo Alto Networks debuts cloud-native firewall service for AWSPalo Alto Networks today unveiled a new cloud next-generation firewall (NGFW) service — developed with Amazon Web Services for the AWS cloud — that aims to provide “best-in-class network security” delivered with the simplicity of a native AWS service.Cloud
Hackers are using fake ’emergency’ requests to obtain customer data A court order is required to obtain subscriber information in the U.S., but there is an alternative way to obtain data. In a case involving imminent harm or death, an authority can file an emergency data request that bypasses an official review and does not require the provision of a court order. That’s what hackers are exploiting.Privacy & Security
CYE launches new group to provide advanced cyber architectureCYE, a Herzliya, Israel-based cybersecurity company that provides organizations with data-driven cybersecurity solutions at scale, has launched a new group called Critical Cyber Operations to provide what it calls a “data-driven and mathematically-proven cybersecurity investment optimization capability that allows rapid, accurate and efficient cybersecurity maturity construction.”Security
Office 365 Government Secret Arriving Mid-YearOffice 365 Government Secret is being designed to support Impact Level 6 (IL6) work, which means that "Secret" information will get stored and processed. IL6 also signifies that the data can "only be processed in a DoD private/community or Federal government community cloud," according to Microsoft's IL6 overview document.Privacy & Security
BoostUp.ai raises $29M to better support revenue operationsNatural language parsing, sentiment analysis and proprietary indexing of spoken and written keywords are applied to better understand sales trends to forecast more accurately whether deals will close.Artificial Intelligence
Contrast Security Partners With Red Hat OpenShift To Introduce Cloud-Native CI/CD AutomationContrast continuously monitors customers’ OpenShift applications at runtime to deliver the most actionable results without requiring AppSec teams to waste hundreds of hours validating results and causing delays for developers.Cloud
Vulnerabilities in Wyze cams exposed users to device takeover and video access The authentication bypass, officially named, CVE-2019-9564, would allow an attacker to bypass a login process by sending a NULL authentication request. Having obtained access, an attacker would have control over the device, including motion control, disabling recording to the SD card and the ability to turn the camera off and on.Security
IoT warning: Hackers are gaining access to UPS devices. Here's how to protect yoursUPS units are meant to provide power backup to keep devices, appliances and applications connected to the internet by supplying off-grid power to places like a data center during a power outage. But hackers have been targeting internet-connected UPS units to disrupt the backup power supply.Security
Healthcare-focused AI and data startup ConcertAI bags $150M in Series C funding Previously known as Concerto HealthAI, the company sells healthcare data and AI products for providers that are seeking, or looking to maintain, regulatory clearance.Artificial Intelligence
Cyera launches from stealth with $60M to identify, secure, and remediate cloud data security risksCyera is a cloud-native data security platform which instantly and automatically discovers all of a company's data, across clouds and datastores, and then determines which of that data is sensitive and where it's most at risk, empowering teams to remediate issues.Security
Builder.ai Raises $100M Series C Funding Led by Global Software Investor Insight PartnersEstablished in 2016, Builder.ai is a leading AI-powered low-code/no-code app development platform that builds software and apps up to 6x faster and up to 70% cheaper than traditional human teams, without users needing to speak tech.Automation & Productivity
DevOps startup Garden.io raises $16M to improve cloud software delivery cycles Garden.io has developed what it calls a “graph-based framework” for developers that enables them to deliver Kubernetes software to the cloud faster than they can do otherwise. It does this by automating builds, deployments and tests for each stage of the software delivery cycle.DevOps
NLP Company Kyndi Unveils Natural Language Search Solution Kyndi has proven that its customers derive significant business value from their investments in natural language search, from simplifying website content discovery to driving engagement and conversion, to empowering employees to self-serve and find the knowledge that drives productivity and operational efficiency.Automation & Productivity
OmniML releases platform for building lightweight ML models for the edgeOmniML’s solution enables users to design, optimize and deploy advanced machine learning models to hardware devices at the network edge. It’s designed to enable enterprises to use small, scalable, and efficient machine learning models to give edge devices the ability to perform AI inference tasks.Machine Learning
VMware to offer fully managed cloud storage-as-serviceCloud Flex Storage is described as a scalable, elastic and cloud-native offering that is fully managed by VMware and delivered with pay-as-you-go pricing on the VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services Inc. infrastructure.Cloud
Nearmap partnership to accelerate 5G with digital twinsNearmap and Digital Twin Sims have partnered to create accurate digital twins of U.S. cities to help telcos roll out 5G and new IoT services. Nearmap’s automation pipeline transforms high-resolution imagery and spatial data into 3D models for city planning, construction and urban planning.Automation & Productivity
Seagate launches 10-platter 20TB video surveillance disk driveThese SkyHawk drives support support multi-bay NetWork Video Recorders (NVR) and AI-enabled NVR, with up to 64 HD video streams and 32 AI streams running concurrently.Data Storage
Aerospike Accelerates Real-time Data Management in the CloudGoogle Cloud Platform customers now have access to the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service to maximize and maintain their Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. The integration aligns with Google’s best practices of architecture security and compliance to allow for reduced risk and improved reliability.Cloud
Nemesysco spinoff unveils emotional detection and AI tools for metaverseWhile parent company, Nemesysco, uses its proprietary Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology to address different needs in the security, corporate and financial markets, Emotion Logic will focus on creating a natural, human experience in digital worlds.Emerging Tech
Intel just unveiled the 'world's fastest' desktop processor"Based on Intel's 12th Gen performance hybrid architecture, this processor can hit 5.5 GHz on up to two cores for the first time,"Automation & Productivity
Otter.ai adds AI-generated meeting summaries and new home feedOtter.ai made its name as a slick, AI-powered transcription service. But as this type of automated transcription becomes more commonplace, the company is expanding its remit — adding a host of features, including AI-generated meeting summaries, with the aim of turning users’ Otter accounts into collaborative hubs for work.Automation & Productivity
Mobile security firm Zimperium to be acquired for $525M, eyes IPOThe company’s machine learning (ML) technology detects attacks on the device itself without needing to send data out to the cloud. This has benefits including better user data privacy and reduced latency, Mittal said.Security
Aruba simplifies distributed network management and adds self-locating WiFi access points It’s also releasing what it says are the industry’s first self-locating indoor access points with built-in GPS receivers, as well as Open Locate, a proposed standard for sharing location information from an access point to a device.Network Management
Researchers say deepfake accounts are making the rounds on LinkedIn Although deepfakes are often used in the context of bullying and in some cases political matters, it seems in this case the objective of the digital chicanery is simply to spread the word about a business. The deepfakes, while unethical, are basically posh spam, and if you do as you’re asked by the fake profile, you’ll just be taken to a real-life salesperson.Emerging Tech
Indico Data’s latest release helps businesses do more with unstructured dataIn addition, the platform also uses a technique that’s known as transfer learning, where a model that’s tailored for one task can be used for another related task. Indico says it offers more than a dozen custom, out-of-the-box models that have been trained on datasets of more than 500 million documents.Data & Analytics
DataRobot’s Cloud 8.0 uses AI and ML to predict the unpredictable“The only way to navigate twists and turns in the market and geopolitical challenges, is to be able to smartly harvest your data. Data is a reflection of the real-world entities that matter to a business.”Data & Analytics
Shoreline raises $35M to automate incident response for DevOps teams With Shoreline’s automated incident response system, commonplace issues can be fixed before they even become a problem without the need for human intervention. As for incidents that do require a human to fix, Shoreline’s tools help reduce repair time by pre-populating diagnostics and providing step-by-step repair recipes.Automation & Productivity
HP acquires communications hardware maker Poly for $3.3B“Combining HP and Poly creates a leading portfolio of hybrid work solutions across large and growing markets."Automation & Productivity
Remote work equipment startup Firstbase raises $50M round led by Kleiner PerkinsThe startup’s focus also extends beyond the initial device deployment phase. Firebase manages hardware repairs, while providing a feature that enables companies to upgrade devices such as laptops if a new version is launched by the manufacturer. When a worker leaves, Firstbase retrieves company-issued hardware.IT Management
Trullion tackles applying AI to accounting workflowsTrullion is attempting to unify “unstructured and structured worlds of accounting by reading PDF or Excel-based contracts and translating them into financial workflows, connected to the data source.”Automation & Productivity
Introducing Sui: The First Blockchain Platform Dedicated to Asset Composability and TransparencyMysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company, unveiled its inaugural product, Sui. Sui is the first decentralized blockchain platform for the vibrant asset economy with high throughput, low latency and an asset-oriented programming model powered by Move.Blockchain
Digits raises $65M to bring live financial reporting to smaller businesses It uses the data from QuickBooks to manage a businesses’ incomings and outgoings, acting as a kind of database for the business. The secret is that Digits organizes that data and creates more intelligence around it, so it can provide answers to questions around “how” or “why” that accountants might have when looking at a basic financial report.Data & Analytics
Files acquires ExaVault to provide automated, secure cloud platformThe goal of Files integrating with ExaVault is to ensure that any of the combined platform’s customer base can instantly exchange files with each other as part of an automated, secure on-platform workflow. The combined Files and ExaVault business now stores nearly 2 million GB of customer data.Data Management
DataStax Unveils New Streaming Capabilities for Astra DBThe new CDC for Astra DB is powered by advanced streaming technology built on Apache Pulsar. It processes and delivers database changes in real time via event streams, making real-time data available for use across data lakes, data warehouses, search, artificial intelligence and machine learning.Data & Analytics
Astronomer gets $213 million for Airbnb-sourced DataOps developmentAstronomer effectively took over its development and maintains it as an open source product while also shipping its own Astro product – a data engineering orchestration platform that enables data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to build, run, and observe pipelines-as-code.Data & Analytics
Data Privacy Framework Agreed to by U.S. and EUSecond, Microsoft plans to "actively participate in the judicial review of an individual's claim of harm related to Microsoft's public sector and commercial cloud services." It'll also pay "monetary compensation" to its public sector and commercial customers if data were disclosed unlawfully following a government request.Data Privacy
PlanetScale Rewind Helps Quickly Undo Bad Schema MigrationsPlanetScale Rewind lets users almost instantly revert changes to the previous healthy state without losing any of the data that was added, modified, or otherwise changed in the interim.Data & Analytics
Apple reportedly working on a hardware subscription serviceThe benefits of a subscription plan would be to make it simpler to manage than payments to a carrier or even installment plan options. Although no price has been discussed, given that the payments will not be a straight split over 12 or 24 months, It could be cheaper for users while also bringing in additional cash flow and customers for Apple.Automation & Productivity
Los Alamos builds flash box for data analysisThe intent is to develop an open storage system acceleration architecture for scientific data analysis, based on this accelerator-enabled, programmable, and network-attached ABOF offloading host server CPUs which are running scientific data analysis apps.Data & Analytics
Qumulo Simplifies Kubernetes Workflows on Unstructured Data with New CSICustomers leveraging Kubernetes can now connect their containers to Qumulo on-premises or in the public, private or hybrid cloud, while supporting multiple protocols from one namespace. This innovation makes Qumulo a key part of modernizing any enterprise through containers.Cloud
Identity and access governance startup Clear Skye raises $14M Founded in 2015, Clear Skye sells a complete IAG solution that offers employee lifecycle automation, access requests, access certification and business intelligence. The company pitches itself as the only identity security and governance solution built natively on ServiceNow.Automation & Productivity
Arizona becomes first state to support driver’s licenses and state ID inside Apple Wallet That’s in line with Apple’s strategy to move more physical items, including credit cards, out of the regular wallet and into Apple’s digital wallet, thereby encouraging people to stay with their iPhone rather than switch to an Android device.Automation & Productivity
DataStax adds real-time data streaming to managed AstraDB service“What looks to be unique is that DataStax is offering a CDC feature for a non-relational database, while most CDC options are for relational databases."Data & Analytics
Unified vulnerability management startup Nucleus Security raises $20MThe service is said to enable organizations to mitigate vulnerabilities 10 times faster than they can now, using a fraction of the resources that it takes to perform these tasks today.IT Management
Scorpio Metaverse Secures Patent-Pending Status for Their Interoperable Omniverse EngineMetaverses built with SMCs patent-pending engine offer flexible interoperability and enhanced user experiences, with customizable avatars able to jump between metaverses using blockchain technology and crypto wallets.Emerging Tech
NVIDIA drastically expands OmniverseNVIDIA OVX has been built to operate complex simulations within Omniverse, enabling designers, engineers and planners to create physically accurate digital twins and massive, true- to-reality simulation environments.Emerging Tech
HPE adds block storage to GreenLakeGreenLake for Block Storage features self-service provisioning and comes with a 100 percent data availability guarantee. HPE claims it is the industry’s first block-storage-as-a-service product with self-service provisioning on a cloud operational mode with such a guarantee.Data Storage
Data-as-Code Company Datagen Secures $50M Series BDatagen’s unique offering makes it easy for CV engineers to engage and adopt synthetic data by running Data Generation Units (DGUs) by the hour to produce the data their AI needs. For the first time, buying synthetic data is as easy as buying cloud computing resources.Data & Analytics
ServiceNow rolls out new RPA tool and expanded industry-specific capabilitiesOften, a task such as answering support requests requires consulting information scattered across multiple applications. Automation Engine includes pre-packaged connectors that enable RPA workflows to integrate with hundreds of popular applications.Automation & Productivity
Alluxio Announces Data Orchestration Platform Integration of NetApp StorageGRIDA wide range of use cases across industries benefit from the joint solution with the agility needed to cater to evolving requirements, avoiding data silos across business units and optimizing storage cost while maximizing performance.Data Storage
Financial Sector and Cloud Security Providers Complete Initiative To Enhance Cybersecurity"This is the first time that financial institutions, the major CSPs, and trade associations have come together to develop a set of baseline expectations related to cybersecurity and roles and responsibilities for cloud deployment."Cloud Security
IBM Gives Control to Businesses for Securing Data in Hybrid, Multicloud EnvironmentsIBM (NYSE:IBM) launched the industry's first cloud service to perform key management across hybrid, multicloud environments, helping enterprises mitigate risk to critical data from cyberattacks and insider threats.Security
Okta now says: Lapsus$ may in fact have accessed customer infoIdentity management as-a-service platform Okta says the Lapsus$ extortion gang may in fact have managed to see some of its customers' data, and Microsoft has admitted the crew got its grubby paws on some source code.Data Privacy
Sonrai expands cloud security platform, adding workload protectionAlong with CWPP, the Sonrai Dig platform now offers cloud security posture management (CSPM) for spotting misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure; cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM) for managing cloud identities and permissions; and data security on its unified platformCloud Security
Zscaler adds new zero trust network access capabilitiesThe updates are being introduced for Zscaler Private Access, which secures access to a company’s private applications. The product leverages Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange platform, which combines a cloud-based secure web gateway with cloud-delivered ZTNA.Security
Apono emerges from stealth to redefine permissions managementThe solution aims to provide an access management tool that enables devops and security engineers to securely manage permissions and to prevent security and compliance risks, while ensuring that users can access the content they need without being overwhelmed by authentication measures.Security
Ubisoft launches cloud-leveraging world creation tool Scalar“Ubisoft Scalar is a production tool that opens up the possibilities of the cloud for our games, removing that traditional barrier of the local hardware you have at home and widening the field of what types of games can be created. It is a tool to open up new possibilities for creatives."Cloud
Resolve Systems Launches IT Automation ServiceThe Automation Accelerator Packs empower IT teams with the building blocks required for specific IT use cases. Together, the SaaS Edition and Automation Accelerator Packs provide the first-of-its kind solution that speeds up the development and deployment of automated workflows to hours and days rather than weeks and months it typically takes to build automations from the ground up.Automation & Productivity
Ramp, which helps companies manage expense reporting, raises $750MRamp’s tools allow companies to control employee spend with rules, limits, blacklists, and approvals. In addition, they show spending insights that combine elements of reporting and accounting.Automation & Productivity
Automated Forms Startup BlockForms, Inc Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on MicroVenturesFor example, an insurance broker may have to input their company legal name, address, and other common identifying information across broker forms for Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, or other large insurance companies. Thanks to BlockForms, customers can select multiple insurance providers for which they are completing a form and input their information into the BlockForms software product that integrates with these external insurance providers.Automation & Productivity
Application security testing startup ForAllSecure raises $21M The company’s “Mayhem” service allows developers to focus on what they do best and deliver secure, reliable applications that provide a competitive advantage. Mayhem is said to maximize development productivity by integrating layers of security testing into continuous workflows to deliver timely validated fixes directly to developers.Security
Strategy execution platform Cascade raises $29MFounded in 2014, Cascade essentially targets the strategy consultation market, which it said is worth around $800 billion each year. That level of spend is indicative of how much value companies place on the need to not only plan their business strategy, but execute it effectively.Automation & Productivity
FBI warns on ransomware that uses DDoS to threaten victims. Here's what to watch out forThe Windows AvosLocker app is written in C++ and runs as a console application that logs actions on victims' machines and allows the attacker to remotely enable or disable "certain features".Security
ProxyPics and FoxyAI Partner to Accelerate and Scale the Digital Transformation of Hybrid Appraisals and Home Inspections“The FoxyAI’s API-accessible computer vision scoring models provide our users with an even more enhanced experience, further elevating the quality and accuracy of their appraisals and inspections."Artificial Intelligence
BlockFi Warns against Phishing Attacks after Vendor Data BreachThe New Jersey-based company detailed that an unauthorized third party gained access to Hubspot’s internal systems and compromised a portion of their client data, including certain BlockFi client data. The compromised data include names, emails, phone numbers, company emails and details of the customers’ BlockFi relationship manager.Privacy & Security
Google’s Healthcare Data Platform, Care Studio, Is Partnering With One Of The Largest EHR SystemsOur tools give clinicians a single, centralized view that automatically brings forward a patient’s important information — including hospital visits, outpatient events, laboratory tests, medications, and treatment and progress notes. And the intuitive interface offers unique ways to visualize health data and trends in tables, graphs and other helpful formats.”Automation & Productivity
Facebook investigates silent data corruptionFacebook has flagged up the problem of silent data corruption by CPUs, which can cause application failures and undermine data management systems in its super dense datacenters.Data & Analytics
Moveworks Announces API to Proactively Prevent Issues at WorkNow, developers can easily build atop the Moveworks platform to address use cases unique to their business. The API means it requires only a few lines of code — and zero knowledge of AI — to reclaim unused software licenses, run targeted surveys, send system outage alerts, and manage change at scale.Automation & Productivity
CISA and FBI warn of possible threats to satellite communications networks The joint CISA and FBI advisory also contains cybersecurity recommendations for satellite network operators’ customers. One step that customers can take to reduce the risk of a breach, the advisory states, is to “implement independent encryption across all communications links leased from, or provided by, your SATCOM provider.Security
Fintech startup Policygenius bags $125 million Series E funding to grow its online insurance marketplaceThrough its highly tailored Insurance Checkup™, users can discover their coverage gaps and review solutions for their exact needs. The company provides the only place online to shop for life, long-term disability, renters, and pet insurance through its highly accurate quoting engines that offer side-by-side comparisons of tailored policies.Automation & Productivity
Webflow Raises $120 Million Series C at $4 Billion Valuation Led by YC ContinuityWebflow helps people create visually what software developers currently build with code. The company’s mission is to democratize building for the web, enabling people from all different backgrounds, companies and teams of all sizes, from freelancers and agencies to small and medium businesses and beyond, to build thriving web-based businesses.Automation & Productivity
RingCentral Announces Innovations to Make Hybrid Work SimpleInstead of watching entire meeting recordings, anyone can get caught up with what they have missed in minutes, even seconds, with AI-based short form summaries, video highlights, hot-linked keywords, and additional automatically generated time-saving insights.Automation & Productivity
Snowflake unveils medical data cloudSnowflake says its Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud gives all these stakeholders a single, integrated cross cloud data platform, that will allow them to share and analyze data more productively, while ensuring compliance.Data & Analytics
CallTower Launches One Click Failover Solution for Microsoft TeamsThis failover solution can be easily used to maintain continuity in the event of a downed single circuit connection, emergency, or natural disaster.IT Management
Amazon Web Services Announces Two AWS Global Accelerator Programs to Boost Cloud AdoptionAs a leading technology behemoth, AWS supports some of the biggest initiatives in clean technology and sustainability domains. Today, modern cities contribute to 75 percent of the global carbon emissions. If we are to become a net zero and carbon-free world, these cities have to be turned into hubs for clean tech investments and innovationsCloud
dWeb Foundation to build sub-level domain naming system on FlareTo ensure a neutral, free, permissionless, and decentralized future for the internet and its underlying infrastructure, the dWeb Foundation is planning to integrate its Handshake Naming System with Flare and has chosen Flare to host its sub-level domain naming system.Emerging Tech
NetApp and Cisco reshape FlexPod for hybrid cloudIn practice, this means adding hybrid cloud connectivity to on-prem FlexPods, together with increased automation, and unified visibility of FlexPod components and including an “as a service” procurement and consumption model. XCS is described as “natively integrated across all three major public cloud providers”.Cloud
EveryoneSocial lands $13 million to help companies turn their employees into social media influencersEveryoneSocial is a provider of the SaaS platform that transforms employees into influencers by empowering them to create and share authentic content. Companies including Qualtrics, Unity, Highspot, Amazon, and T-Mobile use EveryoneSocial’s platform to engage employees, expand brand reach, and drive organic social media ROI.Data & Analytics
Networking and security startup Todyl raises $28M for platform development The company’s Todyl Security Platform, which launched earlier this week, includes endpoint security that combines endpoint detection and response and next-generation antivirus into the single-agent platform. The service includes personalized 24×7 managed EDR focused on prevention, detection and response.Security
Tintra announces world's first built-for-purpose Web 3.0 bankWhile other banks are in the process of bolting Web 3.0 technologies to their existing infrastructures, Tintra’s goal is to become the first to function operationally within the metaverse.Web3
Rafay Systems Powers AI and Machine Learning Applications at the Edge by Streamlining Operations for GPU-based Container WorkloadsRafay Systems, the leading platform provider for Kubernetes Operations, announced the expansion of the industry's only turnkey solution for operating Kubernetes clusters with GPU support at scale by adding powerful new metrics and dashboards for deeper visibility into GPU health and performance.Cloud
Laplink Software Releases Laplink Everywhere, a Device Management Solution to Unlock the Power of Intel vProLaplink Everywhere is a cloud-based PC lifecycle management solution that provides enterprise-grade remote monitoring and management without the need for additional IT infrastructure or services. It enables Windows device management from anywhere — from any internet-connected device, such as a desktop or a notebook — even from a tablet or smartphone.IT Management
Ironclad Connect helps companies collaborate with counterparties on contractsIronclad Connect extends the platform’s core functionality outside the host organization, so that @mentions, comments, version control, task-assignment, and more, are no long reserved for the Ironclad customer itself. It’s a little like a “secure, enterprise-grade Google Docs,” according to the company — one built specifically for business contracts.Automation & Productivity
Esri marries GIS and graph dataAt the event, the company paired its flagship ArcGis Pro geographic information system with a user interface for graph analytics, a graph server and a graph data store. The offering is called ArcGIS Knowledge.  Data & Analytics
Twelve Labs Launches AI-powered Video Search PlatformTwelve Labs, the video search and understanding company, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind cloud-native suite of APIs that enable comprehensive video search in less than one secondAutomation & Productivity
Cloudflare and CrowdStrike partner to accelerate shift to zero trust securityCloudflare’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG), for example, are now integrated with CrowdStrike’s Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA), which enables conditional access to applications from any endpoint, irrespective of the user or their location.Security
'Everyone loses': This new ransomware threatens to wipe Windows PCs if its victims don't pay upInstead of attackers using the threat of leaking a victim's files to pressure them into paying, LokiLock's customers threaten to overwrite a victim's Windows Master Boot Record (MBR), which wipes all files and renders the machine unusableSecurity
Future of work startup anywell emerges from stealth with $15M in funding to provide a new way to work remotelyanywell partners with the best businesses in hospitality to bring employees inspiring atmospheres in their local communities with standard office amenities that foster an energizing work-life balance — all on-demand and paid for by the employer.Automation & Productivity
Rockset expands public cloud duopoly to include AzureThe addition enables real-time data ingestion from Azure Blob Storage, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Service Bus, without entangled users in real-time data pipelines or batch ETL jobs.Cloud
Adobe stakes its claim in the metaverse with AR/VR toolsAmong these new innovations is the launch of the new Adobe Substance 3D Modeler in beta that makes 3D creation and sharing easier.Metaverse
Run:AI lands $75M to dynamically allocate hardware resources for AI trainingRun:AI attempts to allocate workloads such that available hardware resources are maximized, considering factors like network bandwidth, compute resources, cost, and data pipeline and size.Automation & Productivity
Israeli compensation and benefits benchmarking startup Compete raises $15M Offered on a software-as-a-service basis, Compete provides real-time data and instant analysis with advanced filtering capabilities tailored for tech companies. The aim is to enable companies to develop more effective workforce management strategies.Data & Analytics
Coralogix launches XDR solution for securing cloud environmentsToday, data analytics company Coralogix announced a new cyber security tool called Snowbit, a SaaS-based managed extended detection and response (MXDR) product designed to give organizations a top-down view of their cloud environment’s security and compliance standing.Cloud Security
Aptos raises $200M to bring the Diem blockchain back to life “Over the past months we’ve talked with hundreds of developers, brands, and companies about their projects. They’re building next-gen social media platforms, rich nonfungible token experiences, Web3 games, creator-first media and entertainment businesses, cheap and secure payments, DeFi-integrated fintech products, and so much more.”Blockchain
Oracle aims to break cloud "myths" with new tools"A lot of the premise of the cloud is that you have to be cloud-native to get optimization of resources, and we don't think that's true."Cloud
You.com launches an AI-powered writing tool powered by OpenAITo use You.com’s writing assistant, called YouWrite, users type a query like “How to write an essay” into the search engine’s search bar and click the magnifying glass icon.Artificial Intelligence
SentinelOne acquires Attivo Networks for identity-based threat detectionIn a statement, SentinelOne COO Nicholas Warner said Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) "is the missing link" in XDR (extended detection and response) -- an approach to security that collects and correlates data across layers, including email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks.Security
GreyNoise launches free tool to protect against ‘scary’ vulnerabilities like Log4jThe tool will provide defenders with access to information that they can use to make decisions — as well as a way to more easily do automated blocking for IP addresses that have been attempting to exploit the vulnerability, Morris said.Security
Tecton and Redis partner to improve real-time ML services“Many machine learning use cases require the ability to transform streaming data, serve features to the machine learning model and calculate feature values, all on a real-time basis,Machine Learning
Google Takeout will get more ways to securely transfer files across different servicesThe Data Transfer Project plays a part in tools that you can use to export or transfer data from your Google account, like Takeout, Facebook’s link that can ship images directly to Google Photos, and a similar one for Apple that can move images from iCloud to Google Photos.Automation & Productivity
Itheum transforms data into metaverse assets with Elrond’s internet-scale blockchain infrastructure, launchpad debut soonData management is a crucial cog in this machine. Users will retake control of their data and earn rewards for sharing it with third parties. How that sharing will work exactly remains unclear, but blockchain technology will likely play a big part. Elrond, and its internet-scale blockchain infrastructure, are in an excellent position to make a noticeable impact.Blockchain
Enot.ai debuts solution to optimize deep neural networksEnot claims that its solution has the potential to help AI developers and companies achieve up to 20 times neural network acceleration and up to 25 times network compression. The benefits even help cut down computing hardware costs by as much as 70%.Automation & Productivity
CData’s no-code Connect Cloud aims to provide real-time data accessCData contends that this is the industry’s first consolidated cloud data connectivity platform, connecting to more than 250 cloud applications, databases, APIs and services with no coding, installation or special skills required.Cloud
No-code form specialist Typeform raises $135M in new funding Typeform says that its approach to interface design enables companies to significantly improve user engagement. The startup claims that, in some cases, companies using its service can increase the amount of data they collect through forms such as customer feedback surveys by 95%Data & Analytics
SEC cybersecurity incident disclosure proposal supported by industry professionals There are two components to the proposal. The first is mandatory cybersecurity incident reporting of “material” incidents. The disclosure of incidents would be via an 8-K form and must be reported within four business days of the incident.Security
Vyasa Introduces Cortex, a Data Fabric Creation and Management ToolVyasa’s Layar data fabric solution solves this issue by enabling the secure, scalable connection of disparate data silos regardless of storage location or file type. As data sources are connected, Layar indexes and analyzes the connected content to build out a flexible “bird’s eye view” of the client’s full data landscape.Data & Analytics
ACP and security platform provider Gradient Cyber look to bring 24/7 monitoring to enterprisesSecurity operations teams, whether onsite or offsite, need to have 24/7/365 visibility to prevent intrusions. However, many organizations simply don’t have the resources to pay security professionals to continuously monitor their environments.Security
DataRails nabs $50M for its financial planning and analysis platform DataRails’ platform allows companies to centralize financial data that might otherwise be scattered across hundreds of spreadsheets in a single location. The platform also collects information from business applications, such as enterprise resource planning software.Automation & Productivity
Google Messages update adds new features, brings iOS reactions to allThis new capability is joined by additional features aimed at smoothing out Android to iOS conversations. Google also adds support for sharing Google Photos links into Messages to send full-quality photos and videos to non-RCS users on iOS.Automation & Productivity
Atlan Raises $50M Series B to Build a Collaboration Hub for Data Teams“We are pioneering a new generation of metadata: going from passive, siloed data catalogs to active metadata platforms that can improve every tool in the data stack.”Data & Analytics
CaliberMind, which analyzes company revenue using AI, lands $8MCaliberMind integrates with different revenue-focused data sources and stiches them together, including web, ads, and customer relationship management (CRM) data.Data & Analytics
Dark web threat intelligence firm Cybersixgill lands $35MTo arm businesses against these threats, Cybersixgill says it has built the world’s “largest threat intelligence data lake,” which automatically collects threat data from across the deep and dark web, social media, the public internet and other sources.Security
Quickwit takes on Elasticsearch with an open source search engine for large datasetsFounded in 2020, Quickwit touts its ability to run sub-second queries on terabytes of data on object storage services such as Amazon S3 — and it promises to do so at up to “ten times cheaper” than Elasticsearch.Data & Analytics
Enterprise automation platform startup Jiffy.ai raises $53M for sales and marketing The integrated platform employs the cognitive capabilities of no-code-based software development, intelligent document processing, natural language processing, robotic process automation, machine learning and AI, along with an overarching human-in-the-loop approach to power the next generation of enterprise applications.Automation &
Blink launches out of stealth with $26M to automate cloud management tasksBlink aims to help organizations overcome the hurdles with a library of playbooks for executing common cloud automation tasks. The platform integrates with popular cloud infrastructure, monitoring tools and security tools, allowing users to build workflows that remediate frequent issues automatically.Automation & Productivity
Atlan hits $450M valuation after new $50M funding led by Salesforce Ventures, Sequoia to build a collaboration hub for data teamsAtlan was incubated while building the world’s largest government data lake – India’s national data platform. Its tools allowed users to connect 42 databases across 25 national ministries in a record 12 months — the fastest deployment of its type globally.Data & Analytics
SlashNext launches anti-phishing solution for Microsoft 365The phishing protection solution for Microsoft 365 users that it claims stops 95% more spear phishing attempts than other cloud-native email security services.Security
Dell builds containerised ObjectScale on ECS baseObjectScale is distributed, microservices-based, multi-node, scale-out, and multi-tenant object storage software with a single global namespace that supports the S3 API.  More than 1,000 nodes are supported, from a three-node start, with no specific architectural limit.Data Storage
Data Gumbo Launches Industry-Grade Smart Contract Marketplace, GumboStore“The marketplace contains numerous open source templates and other smart contracts published by leading blockchain and industrial organizations. By enhancing GumboNet’s smart contract network with a marketplace, businesses gain access to pre-built, intuitive smart contracts that can be deployed immediately, resulting in significant cost and time savings.”Automation & Productivity
Apple announces new iPhone SE, iPad Air, all-new Mac Studio and M1 Ultra chip The M1 Ultra represents a huge upgrade for the M1 architecture, featuring UltraFusion, a bridge that fuses two M1 Max chips together so that they can be treated as one chip on a motherboard in order to deliver unprecedented levels of performance.Automation & Productivity
Axonius, which brings asset visibility to complex IT environments, raises $200MFounded in 2017, Axonius integrates with myriad data sources to give companies a full inventory of all their assets, enabling them to mitigate any threats due to security gaps they uncover.Security
‘Dirty Pipe’ Linux vulnerability allows an attacker to overwrite data “An attacker that gains root gains full control over the target system and may be able to leverage that control to reach other systems,” Parkin explained. “The mitigating factor with this vulnerability is that it requires local access, which slightly lowers the risk.”Security
Google is buying cybersecurity company Mandiant for $5.4 billioThe all-cash acquisition will see Mandiant join Google Cloud and deliver an end-to-end security operations suite, as well as advisory services to help customers address critical security challenges and stay protected.Security
Cider Security launches application security platformThrough a single solution, Cider Security aims to help users gain transparency over the software development life cycle (SDLC) from code development to deployment, while identifying risks in the environment and receiving recommendations on how to improve its overall security posture.Security
Aporia Raises $25 Million to Ensure Responsible AI and Illuminate the Black BoxAporia empowers businesses to trust their AI by allowing them to create their own custom monitoring solution within minutes, providing full visibility of how models are performing in the real world.Artificial Intelligence
Major Microsoft Azure cross-tenant vulnerability caught by Orca SecurityIf it had not been caught and fixed, the critical vulnerability could have allowed someone to cross from one tenant within Azure to another tenant — potentially allowing them to access data and resources from numerous other customers, according to Orca Security.Security
Base64.ai Raises $1.8M for Instantly Processing All Documents With AIBase64.ai’s revolutionary technology recognizes every document type, including worldwide IDs, invoices, checks, complex and multi-page forms, in over 60 languages. The AI instantly translates any document with 99%+ accuracy into standard key-value pairs through a single API call by extracting OCR text, data, tables, faces, and signatures.Document Management
Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla aim for a more consistent webInterop 2022 tests 15 web platform specifications and three capabilities that aren’t yet fully developed. What’s being tested includes Cascade Layers, Color Spaces, CSS color functions, Scrolling and more. Improvements in all of these will likely be welcomed by developers, users, and platform operators alike.Automation & Productivity
Fast-growing sales intelligence startup Apollo.io raises $110M in Series C funding The company also throws data from more than 200 million contracts signed at 10 million companies into the mix. It integrates with customer relationship management tools such as Salesforce, with the aim to play the role of matchmaker between sellers and buyers.Data & Analytics
VISO Trust lands $11M to automate third-party cyber risk management“So no more surveys, no more reading documents — and they can really understand their complete risk posture and be enabled to do whatever they need to do to manage that.”Automation & Productivity
Free HermeticRansom Ransomware Decryptor Released“Analysis of the [PartyTicket/HermeticRansom] ransomware indicates it superficially encrypts files and does not properly initialize the encryption key, making the encrypted file with the associated .encryptedJB extension recoverable.”Security
Uniphore Rolls Out Conversational AI for SalesInstead of building a conversational AI product, the company chose to develop a platform capable of delivering AI-based data analytics to any type of conversation – chat, voice or video. Last year, it added to its platform with the acquisition of Emotion Research Labs (ERL), which brought emotion detection into the fold.Data & Analytics
SER Launches Doxis Intelligent Content Automation"Doxis Intelligent Content Automation addresses these challenges by connecting all systems, information and processes and adding AI-powered intelligence to provide a 360° content understanding.Automation & Productivity
Nutanix paints go faster stripes on AOS 6.01 software, announces General Availability AOS can detect this and allocate DRAM to other VMs that need it. Nutanix calls this memory overcommit and it means more VMs can be run by an AOS system.IT Management
Cape Privacy applies ML to encrypted data to address security concernsIts platform enables organizations to achieve encryption-in-use and run predictive machine learning (ML) models on encrypted data without ever decrypting it.Data Privacy
Israeli AI-powered security engineering startup CardinalOps raises $17.5M CardinalOps offers an AI-powered platform that continuously recommends best practice detection rules for existing security information and event management. These are mapped to MITRE ATT&CK threat models and customized according to an organization’s priorities and log source.Security
Dell upgrades entry-level block storage arrayThe ME5 comes with intelligent automated tiering software, so in a mixed media environment, it has the intelligence to determine in real-time if data is best stored on an HDD or SDD.Data Storage
AT&T Showcases Private 5G, Massive MIMO AdvancementsAT&T’s commitment to Microsoft for all things cloud, not exclusive but increasingly broad, also grew this week. AT&T Private 5G Edge, a service currently under development with the hyperscaler, allows customers to roam from a private network to AT&T’s public network.5G
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn Set to Acquire Marketing Analytics Firm OribiBy acquiring Oribi, LinkedIn will potentially close the gaps between marketing attribution and sales pipelines with the ability to track and compare multiple marketing campaigns in a zero coding environment.Data & Analytics
Algorand Network Upgrade Expands Smart Contract Functionality with Contract-to-Contract Calls, Releases Post-Quantum Secure Keys for Trustless Cross-Chain InteroperabilityDevelopers are now able to build complex apps for the Algorand ecosystem with smart contract-to-contract calling and network participants can take their first step towards trustless cross-chain interoperability with quantum-secure keys for the upcoming State Proof technology.Blockchain
Dremio Announces Open and Forever-Free Lakehouse Platform, Dremio Cloud, on AWSDremio, the lakehouse company, today announced the general availability of Dremio Cloud, the world’s first free data lakehouse platform and the addition of two new services: Dremio Sonar, a lakehouse engine built for SQL, and Dremio Arctic, a metadata and data management service for Apache Iceberg that provides a unique Git-like experience for the lakehouse.Data & Analytics
Deskless workforce management platform Connecteam raises $120MConnecteam includes GPS tracking support, allowing managers to track where their field service personnel are at a given point in time, and how long they spend traveling between jobs or collect supplies.Automation & Productivity
Balbix sets out to automate cyber risk quantification in the hybrid cloud“With Balbix organizations can measure and reduce cyber risk by automating critical components of their cybersecurity posture management. CISOs and CIOs can demonstrate the ROI of their cybersecurity program and confidently report on their security posture to the board of directors and other stakeholders.Security
Alteryx Introduces First Unified Analytics Automation Platform in the Cloud

The availability of new Alteryx solutions in the cloud means users only need a browser to gain access to insights, with a setup that can be done in minutes instead of days. Alteryx’s low-code/no-code capabilities also make it easier for any user to extract insights that help them tackle their toughest business problems.

Data & Analytics
Anomalo to provide enterprise-wide data quality visibility with PulseWhile Anomalo claims most companies don’t have a tool to monitor the quality of their data the way it does or is using some internally built or outdated tool that’s unlikely to scale, it is just one player in the broader space.Data & Analytics
Following cyberattack on supplier, Toyota halts production in Japan The attack targeted Kojima Industries Corp., a maker of interior and exterior automotive parts. The exact form of attack was not disclosed but is suspected to be ransomware. Nikkei Asia reported that Kojima said this morning local time that it had received a message demanding a ransom and that it had confirmed the existence of a virus.Security
With ‘first-mile observability,’ Calyptia helps companies collect and analyze system data at sourceCalyptia essentially builds on top of Fluent Bit and Fluentd, offering a hosted cloud solution that collects and aggregates logs and metrics closer to their source for quicker observability and security analysis — it is deployed where the data is first generated, be that a Kubernetes node, a virtual machine (VM), a bare-metal server, or an IoT deviceData & Analytics
Zero secures $12M to automate email tasks in the backgroundThe core of the Zero platform is an iOS mobile device-based AI assistant that integrates with email inboxes and document management systems to turn collected data into productivity recommendations.Automation & Productivity
Precisely Launches Property Graph to Enable Comprehensive View of PropertiesPrecisely, the global leader in data integrity, today announced the launch of Property Graph, the newest addition to its Precisely Addresses product family, that makes it more efficient to see the relationships between data related to buildings, parcels, property attributes, addresses, and points of interest.Data & Analytics
Nvidia says its ‘proprietary information’ is being leaked by hackersHacking group Lapsus$ has claimed responsibility for the attack, and has demanded that Nvidia make its drivers open-source if it doesn’t want more data leaked.Security
Cortical.io adds contract intelligence to document processingCortical.io, Webber contends, has the unique tools to be able to take the industry to the next level. The differentiator is in the company’s semantic folding technique. This technology converts a piece of text, whatever that may be and in whatever language, into a bitmap — essentially a “semantic fingerprint” of the text.Automation & Productivity
Smile – Fungible’s FunOS 4.0 brings DPU delight to entry-level systemsWith erasure coding a data item is split into sub-sections with mathematical descriptive information (parity block) and each stored in a separate drive – or FS1600 node in Fungible’s scheme. If a storage node or drive fails or the data becomes corrupted, then the whole data item can be reconstructed from the other fragments with their parity blocks.Data Storage
Time By Ping raises $36.5M to help companies automate timesheetsBy capturing activities across apps on employees’ computers and leveraging AI, Time By Ping claims to be able to automatically categorize and describe employees’ activities with labels like “Phone call with corporate client” and “Legal research regarding petition for writ of mandamus.Automation & Productivity
Israeli predictive AI fraud protection startup nSure.ai raises $18M Founded in 2019, nSure.ai uses advanced AI technology to provide merchants insurance-backed fraud detection for digital goods sales. The service is developed to cater to high-risk digital good sellers such as electronic gift cards, airline tickets, concerts, sports tickets, money transfer apps, hotel vouchers, software and games.Artificial Intelligence
VMware Container Runtime Protection Secures Cloud WorkloadsThe newly released runtime security features for the Carbon Black Cloud include runtime cluster image scanning, Kubernetes visibility mapping, workload anomaly detection, egress and ingress security, and threat detection.Cloud Security
Hazelcast’s streaming data in-memory software features hopping, tumbling, and tiers“When Hazelcast announced its platform last year, the ability to merge real-time data with historical context opened new possibilities to deliver the right offer or insights to the end-user at the right time. By being able to work with datasets at scale within the same data platform, businesses can now enable even better outcomes in a much shorter window.”Data & Analytics
MWC: Qualcomm's new 5G modem is the first with built-in AIWith the addition of AI, the modem can help 5G devices offer higher speeds, better coverage and latency, and better power efficiency.5G
Defense R&D contractors inadequate in protecting sensitive data, IG saysThe watchdog reviewed the cybersecurity controls of 10 such contractors and found issues in how they used multifactor authentication, identified and mitigated vulnerabilities in their systems, encrypted systems and protected against users transferring controlled unclassified information (CUI) via removable media, among other things, as required by DOD’s acquisition laws.Security
Nvidia confirms it’s investigating an ‘incident,’ reportedly a cyberattackNvidia is confirming to The Verge, Bloomberg, Reuters, and others that it’s investigating an “incident” — hours after The Telegraph reported that the graphics chipmaking giant had experienced a devastating cyberattack that “completely compromised” the company’s internal systems over the past two days.Security
US and UK warn of attacks from Iranian ‘MuddyWater’ hacking group Having exploited vulnerabilities, MuddyWater primarily deploys new variants of PowGoop malware as their main loader in malicious operations. PowGoop consists of a so-called dynamic link library loader and a PowerShell-based downloader and impersonates a legitimate file that is signed as a Google Update executable file.Security
Up to $5m compensation if Rubrik Cloud Vault recovery bustedThe warranty extension is designed so that Rubrik Cloud Vault customers have the assurance that Rubrik will pay up to $5m in recovery-related costs, in the event Rubrik is unable to recover secured data following a cyber attack.Cloud Security
Illusive Launches Identity Risk Management PlatformIllusive, the leader in identity risk management, announced the launch of Illusive Spotlight and Illusive Shadow, its patented identity risk management platform, which enables organizations to automatically and continuously discover, mitigate, and protect against identity risksSecurity
Fabric raises $140M led by SoftBank for its headless eCommerce platform; now valued at $1.5 billionThe term “headless” gets its name from the idea of chopping the “head” (the front end, i.e. the website) off the “body” (the back end, i.e. the content repository). Headless e-commerce separates the front- and back-ends of e-commerce websites and applications, which allow brands greater flexibility and faster page-loads.Automation & Productivity
Veritas launches autonomous, multicloud data managementWe’ll utilize AI to essentially figure out, manage and manipulate our own environments. This will do the routine jobs of the backup admin, the cloud architect, and maintain that for them, because we know they have more important things to do than to be checking in on their backup policies or building new policies when a new workload comes in.IT Management
Sesame Software Provides Adaptive Data Management Strategies for the Modern Data LakehouseThe Relational Junction Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses — delivering data management and performance typically found in data warehouses with the low-cost, flexible object stores offered by data lakes.Data & Analytics
Microsoft Defender for Cloud comes to Google CloudAdditionally, there is server protection to support Google Compute virtual machines, which relies on Defender for Endpoint and covers vulnerability assessments to behavioral alerts for VMs, anti-malware, and OS updates that need to be applied.Cloud Security
Azure Monitor Gets Log Analytics Data Export CapabilityThe new Log Analytics data export capability of Azure Monitor, now at GA, lets organizations send this log data not just to the Log Analytics workspace, but also to a storage account or Event Hubs.Data & Analytics
Striim debuts Striim Cloud, a real-time data streaming-as-a-service offeringAvailable now, Striim Cloud is said to deliver real-time, autonomous data pipelines to almost any kind of application. It means companies will be able to perform continuous queries, enrichment and analytics on their live streaming data, rather than waiting until it lands in a target database or data warehouse as before.Data & Analytics
Cyberattackers Leverage DocuSign to Steal Microsoft Outlook LoginsThe phishing emails successfully evaded traditional email security measures in part because they came from a domain belonging to Term Insurance Brokers. The report noted that “a quick scan of the domain address would not have alerted the end user of fraudulent activity because of the domain’s validity.Privacy & Security
Cloud email security and brand protection startup Red Sift rises $54M Red Sift pitches its platform as enabling security-first organizations to communicate with and ensure the trust of their employees, vendors and customers. The platform automates brand indicators for message identification and domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance processes making it easy to identify and stop business email compromise.Security
PrettyDamnQuick automates logistics delivery for retailers“When you don’t set up an aggressive and meaningful expectation for delivery, customers won’t convert. And that’s why we’ve seen conversion increase so much on the cart and checkout because when merchants say products will arrive at a particular time, our platform helps them to actually live up to it. That’s ‘promise what you deliver’.”Automation & Productivity
OBRok Releases the Beta Version of Its Metaverse ProjectSome of the working areas of OBRok include Aeronautical Sciences and Space, Metaverse, Web 3.0, and renewable energy. The team provides research and development services in these areas to help with technological advancements that push the boundaries of the human species.Metaverse
Microsoft Defender for Cloud adds Google Cloud Protection"With GCP support, Microsoft is now the only cloud provider with native multicloud protection for the industry's top three platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) (announced at Ignite last November), and now Google Cloud Platform (GCP),"Cloud
Launching Infosys Metaverse Foundry: Service to Accelerate Enterprises' Ability to Evolve and Execute Strategies for Virtual-Physical InterconnectionsEnterprises can harness this confluence of capabilities as services on-tap, with the flexibility to ramp up and down their explorations at will. This gives them on-demand ability to securely and efficiently create their own metaverse environment, deliver signature experiences in an existing metaverse, and bring advanced AI-powered data analytics and simulations to realize their evolving aspirations as the internet evolves.Metaverse
Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is still pushing metaverse. Next step, language translationZuckerberg announced two new projects, one dubbed No Language Left Behind, which is an ambitious machine translation system that will supposedly learn every language, even if it's rare and source material is scarce.Metaverse
Arista Bakes NDR Into Switches for AI Threat HuntingArista Networks today embedded the network detection and response (NDR) capabilities from its recent Awake Security acquisition into its campus switches to provide broader visibility, automated threat hunting, and risk mitigation.Security
Zadara scores compute place in Seagate’s Lyve Cloud“Zadara shares our vision for infrastructure-as-a-service. Vendor lock-in is eliminated, simple, flexible deployment is enabled, and costs become predictable for the largest workloads.Data Storage
StormForge automates cost optimization for Kubernetes apps “StormForge Optimize Live builds out the StormForge platform to deliver the first intelligent optimization for cloud-native pre-production and production cloud-native environments,”Cloud
Astrix Security launches solution for security teams to protect third-party appsFor instance, research shows that 77% of flaws in third-party libraries remain unfixed after three months, and 44% of enterprises experience API security issues concerning privacy, data leakage, and object property exposure.Security
Aporia raises $25M to grow its AI observability platform Aporia has created what looks to be an extremely useful observability platform for machine learning models. The idea with it is to empower businesses to trust their AI by providing full visibility into how their models are performing in the real world.Artificial Intelligence
NRoad launches Convus AI to help financial services firms squeeze insights from unstructured data The company has declared it’s waging “war on documents,” with the aim of helping organizations overcome the difficulty of extracting insights from unstructured data, which includes everything from text-based documents, images, video and audio streams.Data & Analytics
Nokia Launches Intelligent RAN Operations to Manage the Power of 5G with Machine LearningIt enables the automation of routine network management tasks, with a greater ability to detect, categorize and solve network issues in real-time.Network Management
Polygon debuts Finity UI design tool for web3 developersFinity is an open-source, cross-platform design studio that allows developers to construct high-quality interfaces with scalable, modular and customizable elements.Web3
Mint Group and AvePoint Partner to Deliver Smart Compliance for Information Management We now provide our customers with an unmatched, turnkey solution for information regulation, compliance, productivity and teamwork within the Microsoft 365 platform.”Compliance
Cnvrg.io Announces AI Blueprints, an Open-Source Suite of ML Pipelinescnvrg.io AI Blueprints are a curated, verified and open-source library of ML model APIs and customizable pipelines to enable software developers to easily enhance their applications with AI to solve any business or product problem.Machine Learning
Clickatell snags $91M to disrupt the $80 billion global chat commerce and expand its footprint into the US marketClickatell boasts an industry-first ability to combine communication and commerce in one comprehensive Chat Commerce proposition and introduced one of the world’s first chat banking solutions on WhatsApp, the world’s largest chat platform.Apps
Nerdio Manager for MSP Capable of Managing All Endpoints in Microsoft Azure through New Full Integration with Microsoft Endpoint ManagerIt is an Azure management platform that allows admins to seamlessly provision and manage deployments of both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 side by side.IT Management
GraphQL startup Hasura raises $100M at $1B valuation GraphQL’s sophisticated feature set makes the tool complicated: building a GraphQL-powered API can take weeks in some cases. Hasura’s platform, the Hasura GraphQL Engine, promises to reduce the process from weeks to days by automating up to 80% work involved in building a GraphQL API.DevOps
Voximplant Launches Avatar NLP ServiceUsing Avatar, developers can embed flexible and powerful NLP functionality into their communications and build smart IVRs, voicebots, and chatbots for a wide range of use cases like inbound call automation, FAQ, interactive surveys, NPS, contact center automation, and moreAutomation & Productivity
CHEQ raises $150 million to detect malicious website visitorsCHEQ’s solution aims to support go-to-market initiatives by running over 2,000 real-time cybersecurity challenges on website visitors to verify if they’re legitimate. It includes a mix of bot mitigation, user validation, and behavioral analysis to distinguish between good or bad traffic.Security
The team behind ChainGuardians launches Cryptoverse, an immersive metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5As a proper metaverse, Cryptoverse will feature its unique social mechanics including different social layers, gamification mechanics, as well as assets that can be owned by players: avatars, vehicles, buildings, land plots — all powered by interoperable NFTs.Metaverse
Forcepoint looks to simplify zero-trust securityForcepoint’s new all-in-one cloud platform is designed to enable security teams to manage one set of policies via a single console for technologies such as secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB) and zero-trust network access (ZTNA).Security
Decodable raises $20M funding round to simplify real-time data processing A data pipeline built with Decodable’s service can be used to move information between different systems. A delivery company, for example, could stream operational information from its logistics applications to a centralized data lake in real-time.Data & Analytics
Dell aims to connect the dots for telcos building modern networksThe latest additions to Dell's services and products start with the Dell Telecom Multi-Cloud Foundation. It's an integrated solution that gives customers a choice of virtual infrastructure management software, such as software from VMware, Red Hat or Wind River, on top of a Dell server with support.Cloud
IoT security startup Phosphorus raises $38M to fuel growth and development Founded in 2017, Phosphorus pitches itself as providing a platform that eliminates the IoT security gap. The company’s platform is integrated into existing security orchestration, meaning companies can bring the same level of security and convenience to the IoT half of an enterprise without adding manpower.IoT Security
With New IoT Cloud Smart Sensor Technology iMatrix Systems Launches From StealthThe company debuts the iMatrix Micro Gateway bridge to enable all wireless sensor configuration, control, monitoring, and analytics managed through the iMatrix proprietary cloud services. This breakthrough technology leverages robust cloud services for monitoring and effective edge management for various marketsIoT
Beyond Identity raises $100M for R&D on a unicorn valuation of $1.1B The company differs in that it offers a state-of-the-art MFA solution that cryptographically binds a user’s identity to their devices. The system uses proven public/private key technology and X.509 certificates, completely removing passwords from the authentication and account recovery process instead of simply obscuring them.Privacy & Security
Netgear launches tri-band Wi-Fi 6E for small businessesThe WAX630E features a tri-band design, enabling the latest Wi-Fi 6E technologies. On both the 5GHz and 6GHz bands, the WAX630E can operate in the widest 160MHz Wi-Fi channels. All three bands, 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz fully enable AX technologies such as MU-MIMO.Telecom
Tigera Tightens Cloud Native Application Security With Zero TrustThe move is “about reducing the broad attack surface with zero-trust and actively mitigating risks with the combination of preventive measures, combining behavioral baselining and known threats knowledge to detect anomalous activity at runtime, and the ability to remediate risks in real time,"Security
H2O.ai Democratizes Deep Learning with H2O Hydrogen TorchThrough a simple, no-code user interface, data scientists and developers can rapidly make models for numerous image, video and NLP processing use cases, including identifying or classifying objects, analyzing sentiment or finding relevant information in text.Artificial Intelligence
FBI: Now scammers are using fake video meetings to steal your moneyThe BEC scam with video does still involve email as part of reconnaissance. The attacker compromises employee emails and "inserts themselves in workplace meetings via virtual meeting platforms to collect information on a business's day-to-day operations," the FBI notes.Privacy & Security
No-code automation platform Skael raises $38M to streamline enterprise processesBeyond this, Skael claims its platform can process PDFs and text-based documents such as contracts, training materials, and HR policies to search for answers to, “open domain” questions through “cognitive search.Automation & Productivity
Microsoft goes public with details on its 'Singularity' AI infrastructure serviceThe Singularity service is about providing data scientists and AI practitioners with a way to build, scale, experiment and iterate on their models on a Microsoft-provided distributed infrastructure service built specifically for AI.Artificial Intelligence
Report: Blockchain-powered networking startup Helium raises $200M in funding A Helium hotspot resembles a deck of cards with an antenna, the New York Times reported last week. The device can reportedly provide internet connectivity in a range up to 200 times greater than that of a Wi-Fi router. Blockchain
Engineers build a lower-energy chip that can prevent hackers from extracting hidden information from a smart device"The goal of this project is to build an integrated circuit that does machine learning on the edge, so that it is still low-power but can protect against these side channel attacks so we don't lose the privacy of these models,"Privacy & Security
Microsoft Cautions of Growing 'Ice Phishing' Threat on the BlockchainMicrosoft said the Badger DAO attack is what the company calls an "ice phishing" attack. Instead of going after private keys and credentials, these attacks try to trick a user into "signing a transaction that delegates approval of the user’s tokens to the attacker.Blockchain
Hiddenite: A new AI processor for reduced computational power consumption based on a cutting-edge neural network theoryThe chip is only 3mm x 3mm and handles 4,096 MAC (multiply-and-accumulate) operations at once. It achieves a state-of-the-art level of computational efficiency, up to 34.8 trillion or tera operations per second (TOPS) per Watt of power, while reducing the amount of model transfer to half that of binarized networks.Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft Teams Abused for Malware Distribution in Recent AttacksThe Microsoft Teams enterprise collaboration platform is an attractive target for both cybercriminals and advanced persistent threat (APT) actors, given that it is serving more than 270 million monthly users, as of January 2022.Security
Algorithm Could Shorten Quality Testing, Research in Many Industries by Months“You need an electron microscope to get the texture of a metal, but then you can drop that information into the algorithm, and it predicts the data you need for the simulation software without performing any mechanical tests.”Automation & Productivity
Hotpatch Released for Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure EditionHotpatch is a capability of Azure Automanage, which helps automate virtual machine management tasks in accordance with Microsoft's best practices. Organizations can use Hotpatch to automatically apply hotpatch updates to virtual machines, without reboots, because the patching occurs in memoryAutomation & Productivity
Teradata Puts New Cloud Architecture to the 1,000-Node TestThe test, which took about four weeks to run and was announced one week ago, utilized 100 TB of data and simulated thousands of concurrent SQL queries submitted by more than 1,000 simulated users. The workload itself was a mix of quick-hitting operational queries that demanded fast response times, as well as more complex and longer-running decision support system (DSS) queries.Cloud
Xsolla Founder Enters the Web3 Economy, Launches X.LA ProjectThe X.LA Foundation is a community-driven organization intending to foster corporate relationships and help people have absolute control over their work using Web3 technologies. This way, everyone is free to do whatever they want and utilize the tools at their disposal to shape the future of the Web3 economy.Web3
Alcor announces the new release of their automated real-time end-to-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS), TalentRun"The new features and extended integrations with major technology platforms across digital signatures, pre-employment assessment, job boards, analytics, and calendar integration make TalentRun a standalone product on the ServiceNow platform that provides real-time end-to-end seamless recruitment,"Automation & Productivity
ESET Smart Security Premium Review: A Knight Who Protects 3 EmpiresESET Security has launched its new all-in-one smart security system that covers your Windows computer, macOS device, and Android phone under one roof. The company is known for its antivirus systems that can detect most types of malware and spyware and protect your devices from ransomware attacksSecurity
New identity screening products promise reduced fraud through behavioral analyticsThe new products work in tandem, with the ID Crowd Alert offering proactive monitoring and alerts when it detects fraud rings or botnet incursions, and the ID Orchestrator reviewing identities across a wide swath of applicants, looking at their behavior and how they enter their personally identifiable information (PII).Privacy & Security
Public Cloud Becomes the Safest Place for Enterprise Data with Edgeless Systems' New Platform for Confidential ComputingConstellation leverages Confidential Computing to isolate and runtime-encrypt entire Kubernetes deployments, finally allowing enterprises to use the public cloud like their private cloud.Cloud Security
Salesforce, AWS Partner on Streaming Solution for Content DistributorsThis allows content distributors to enhance their capabilities while also helping them rapidly launch new service offerings, such as subscription packages and product bundles.Automation & Productivity
Actual, which renders company ESG data in a SimCity-like platform, raises $5M SeedFounded by LinkedIn and Airbus alums, the San Francisco-based platform says it combines urban planning, game design, data visualization, and scientific planning to model and execute on their environmental, social and governance plans.ESG
California-based hardware startup CelLink raises $250M to replace traditional wiring harnesses with intelligent wiring technology for solar, LED, and battery industriesFor vehicle wiring, CelLink’s technology can provide up to 70 percent weight reduction and up to 90 percent volume reduction by replacing round wire bundles with flat flexible circuits. One application of CelLink’s technology is being deployed in electric vehicle (EV) battery packs that house a bank of cells together with hundreds of parts and connections.Sustainability
Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform monitors public cloud dataLaminar is built on a major architectural breakthrough, enabling data protection across the entire multi-cloud environment, not just within the applications, in a single view. Its agentless and asynchronous data security and leakage protection helps spot data privacy and protection violations at the speed of the cloud.Cloud Security
Snyk expands into cloud security with acquisition of FugueSnyk specializes in offering tools for scanning and fixing code – built to be familiar to developers — that are meant to be weaved into the developer process. Fugue brings capabilities for detecting misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure, with its solution for cloud security posture management (CSPM).Cloud Security
AWS details Local Zones’ expansion as Amazon doubles down on the edgeAWS Local Zones are somewhat related to cloud regions and availability zones, except they don’t have the full array of AWS services — but they do bring compute, storage, database, and other core services closer to where major companies need ultra-low, “single-digit millisecond” latency for data processing and transfers.Cloud
Russia 'stole US defense data' from IT systemsWhoever broke into the US defense contractors' systems did not use novel tactics, it is said. The Kremlin-backed cyber-attackers' weapons of choice were established techniques such as spearphishing, credential harvesting, brute forcing of passwords, and exploiting known vulnerabilities, according to CISA.Security
Google updates Workspace’s ‘smart canvas,’ shutters CurrentsThe changes build on the “smart canvas” concept the company unveiled last year to modernize its application suite by connecting the various tools in a shared, all-in-one workspace.  Among the initial features announced last year were “smart chips” that let users link information between documents using the “@” symbol, for instance.Automation & Productivity
Altair Acquires Cassini to Accelerate Development of Digital Thread TechnologyA digital thread provides a 360-degree view of conceptualized product data, streamlines and accelerates new product development, and improves processes, creating a seamless experience between the digital and physical worlds.Data & Analytics
Titaniam lands $6M to bolster data privacy solutionsFor technical decision makers, the solution offers an opportunity to build secure applications with queries and analytics capabilities that take place without data being decrypted and exposed to unauthorized users.Data Privacy
Asana launches Asana Flow to power intelligent work prioritizationAsana Flow includes a redesigned intelligent Home interface to boost productivity, enhancements to Workflow Builder that allow users to build start-to-finish workflows across Asana’s Work Graph data model, an expanded developer toolkit featuring new integrations with Miro, Jotform, and Google Drive, and improved reporting processes.Automation & Productivity
Emotet Now Spreading Through Malicious Excel Files“When the macro is activated, it downloads and executes an HTML application that downloads two stages of PowerShell to retrieve and execute the final Emotet payload,” researchers wrote.Security
Spotify is acquiring two major podcast tech platformsBoth Podsights and Chartable allow podcasters and networks to include tags in their shows that are used to track who listened, if they heard an ad, and whether they took action upon hearing it. Spotify says it plans to use Podsights’ technology outside podcasting and will bring it to the “full scope of the Spotify platform, including audio ads within music, video ads, and display ads.Data Privacy
Now in early-access mode, Chrome OS Flex breathes new life into older Macs and PCsWorkers need only plug in a USB stick with the installer and boot from it. From there it’s possible to log into Chrome OS Flex and either immediately start using the operating system to test it out or install it on the device. It will then sync the user’s cloud profile, settings, bookmarks and policies from a management interface controlled by a cloud-based Google Admin console.Automation & Productivity
AWS's AI code reviewer now spots Log4Shell-like bugs in Java and Python codeAWS has now announced two new features for CodeGuru Reviewer, AWS's scanner that uses machine learning to check code during reviews for bugs and to suggest improvements for security issues.Security
F5 launches distributed cloud services platform The new solution is the coming together of several acquisitions, including Volterra and Shape Security. Network functions include cloud load balancing, multicloud networking, cloud-native edge computing services and a Kubernetes gateway.Cloud
Tigera launches platform to help cloud-native orgs reduce their attack surfaceThis offers enterprises and decision-makers a solution they can use to secure cloud-native applications with image assurance, configuration management, and runtime threat defense — all of which have traditionally remained difficult to protect.Security
Low-code development startup Genesis raises $200M round led by Tiger Global Among the software building blocks provided by Genesis are integrations that simplify the task of importing information from a financial firm’s internal systems into a new application. Once a dataset is available for processing, developers can use Genesis’ platform to create software features that perform various tasks using the data.DevOps
Juniper’s Mist Envelops WiteSand’s Zero-Trust NACThe networking vendor plans to integrate the technology into its Mist portfolio in a bid to compete against Cisco’s Identity Services Engine and Aruba’s Clearpass NACs. These services identify what devices are allowed to connect to the network and are often paired with technologies like microsegmentation as part of a broader zero-trust architecture.Security
Microsoft extends Emissions Impact Dashboard to Microsoft 365According to Microsoft, the preview of EID for Microsoft 365 is a precursor for the upcoming general availability launch of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, a SaaS solution that organisations can use to record, report, and reduce emissions across their enterprise.Sustainability
SIMBA Chain Acquires StrongSalt to Bring Decentralized Privacy and Secure Storage to the Future of Digital AssetsStrongSalt's patented technology will address this issue by allowing sensitive NFT data to be searched and accessed without compromising the privacy of the information. This enhances the security of NFTs stored on SIMBA Chain's platform, and helps expand the application opportunities for digital assets with privacy.Data Privacy
Google Workspace receives AI-generated text summaries and embedded maps"That’s why we’re introducing automatically generated summaries in Docs that provide a brief overview of the main points in a document, so you can quickly parse the information that matters and prioritize where to focus.”Automation & Productivity
Northspyre raises $25M in Series B funding to modernize antiquated spreadsheet-driven workflows with AI-power solutions for real estate teamsNorthspyre is the real estate industry’s first purpose-built operating system for real estate owners and developers managing complex projects such as ground-up developments, fit-outs, and major renovations across all asset classes, including multifamily, office, retail, hospitality, and mixed-use.Automation & Productivity
New tool can uncover redacted, pixelated text to reveal sensitive dataThe tool, called Unredacter, was released by Bishop Fox today (February 15). To demonstrate that pixilation is “a no-good, bad, insecure, surefire way to get your sensitive data leaked”, it was designed to take redacted pixelized text and reverse it back into its reveal the supposedly hidden “clear text”.Privacy & Security
Sway AI Announces Its No-Code AI Platform to Accelerate Enterprise AI AdoptionThrough its patent-pending technology, Sway AI enables any user to build AI without writing code. Using Sway AI, data scientists and AI experts can collaborate with stakeholders and build prototypes faster, dramatically reducing their time-to-deployment.Artificial Intelligence
Databricks extends vertical industry reach with analytics libraries for financial services There are 14 libraries covering such areas as risk, stock market investing, regulatory reporting, fraud and open banking. The entire project is also being released to open source, which is another requirement Databricks said it’s hearing from customers.Data & Analytics
IBM brings cloud-app services to z/OS mainframesBig Blue has rolled out two new services -- IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack 2022 and Wazi as-a-Service – that will let customers more easily develop and test mainframe applications as-a-service in a public cloud environmentCloud
Red Canary adds 24/7 remediation service to wipe out ransomwareWith Red Canary’s active remediation, “you can have confidence that if ransomware starts inside your organization at 2 a.m., you don’t even have to wait for your team to get that call in the middle of the night and come online,” Beyer said in an interview. “Red Canary will have already responded to it and contained that for you.”Security
Calamu scores funding for self-healing data protection techData-Protection-as-a-Service startup Calamu has just gained funding to develop double-encrypted, multi-site, multi-cloud, fragmented data protection technology that is self-healing, defeats ransomware, and meets compliance rules.Data Management
Cloudentity adds fine-grained data control by embracing GraphQLThe move also extends the ambitions of the company. In the past, authorization tended to be a binary decision made at the beginning. A software package was either authorized or not. The GraphQL integration brings more control, not just to each API request but to the individual fields themselves.DevOps
Jio Platforms invests $200M in Glance to serve media content, news, and casual games on the lock screen of smartphonesThe startup has created two of the most disruptive digital platforms – Glance and Roposo. Glance has redefined the way the internet is consumed on the lock screen, removing the need for searching and downloading apps. To date, over 400 million smartphones now come enabled with Glance’s next-generation internet experience.Automation & Productivity
SaaS platform KSOC looks to secure Kubernetes environmentsKSOC’s solution is designed to enable developers to automatically discover and track assets associated with Kubernetes environments across any cloud provider, from container registries to relevant cloud logs and clusters.Cloud
Bot detection and mitigation platform startup Netacea raises $12MOffering an agentless approach that does not require code to be inserted on customers’ web pages, Netacea claims that its approach allows it to stay hidden from attackers while also protecting mobile apps and APIs.Security
Nutanix Cloud Platform aims to deliver a more consistent cloud operating model for enterprises NCI can be deployed in any location, including a private data center on a customer’s hardware of choice or a public cloud platform, and offers built-in resilience, self-healing, disaster recovery and security, combined with high performance.Cloud
Mavenir Introduces Intelligent IoT Platform for Smarter AnalyticsMavenir’s IIoTP is a comprehensive solution that can be deployed independently or in conjunction with the Mavenir’s Intelligent Video Application (IVA) and other AI applications, on any cloud or on-prem hardware, to realize end-to-end use case based, IoT sensor data analysis.Data & Analytics
JetBrains extends YouTrack with interactive Gantt charts for advanced project management Using YouTrack, software development teams, DevOps teams and nontechnical users can plan out projects easily by adding tasks into a workflow. The tool itself allows teams to visualize simple or complex workflows all at once by delivering a “bird’s eye view” in a flow chart from beginning to end.Automation & Productivity
Immersive Tech’s Synthesis VR company launches full support for Android standalone/mobile HMDs for location-based VR operatorsAccording to Immersive Tech, this will allow VR arcade operators to expand their facilities and take advantage of the latest standalone HMDs, which will help pave the way for operators to launch next generation standalone hardware systems based on mobile processors.VR
Asana adds the ability to integrate apps into workflowsWith the introduction of App Components, Asana will directly integrate Miro and Jotform into the Asana UI, and coming soon, Google Drive.Automation & Productivity
Startup Virsec Systems says it can eliminate the need for most cybersecurity tools Virsec comes at the problem by embedding a read-only application called AppMap into memory to provide what it calls deterministic protection. The software analyzes running code to learn what permutations the software can invoke and then monitors the full operating stack to detect deviations from intended outcomes and stop them instantly.Security
Fobi Unveils AltID to Support the Digital Transformation of ID Solutions Across Key IndustriesAltID is a digital ID verification solution that bolts on to PassPro to make credential verification more secure, and which enables segmented customer engagement. For example, age-specific promotions (such as for alcohol or gaming) can be pushed out safely to only those people who are verified as authorized to receive them.Privacy & Security
AI engine exposes online fraudAllure’s patented AI system is designed to automate the analysis of tens of millions of websites, apps, and other online content, which triggers a multifaceted response to disrupt and eliminate brand abuse before damage occurs.Privacy & Security
Aviatrix Enhances Secure Cloud Networking with Network Behavior AnalyticsAviatrix ThreatIQ now provides continuous Network Behavior Analytics, built into the cloud network fabric. Fingerprinting workload and traffic characteristics to form a baseline, the analytics are customized for every environment, improve over time, and are complementary to signature-based threat defensesCloud Security
Data analytics tech startup Starburst raises $42M in funding to provide a single access point to all enterprise data; doubles its valuation to $3.35 billionUsing the open-source Presto SQL engine, the Starburst Distribution of Presto provides fast, interactive query performance across a wide variety of data sources including HDFS, Amazon S3, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and Teradata, among othersData & Analytics
Superconductive, a startup developing data management solutions for enterprises, raises $40MSuperconductive’s Great Expectations, which the company claims averages around two million downloads per month, can automatically test and verify that data looks the way it should and maintains the right properties throughout its lineageData & Analytics
The US, UK, and Australia issue globalized ransomware threats advisoryThe joint cybersecurity advisory provides observed behaviors and trends as well as mitigation recommendations to help network defenders reduce their risk of compromise by ransomware.Security
Gigamon revamps ThreatINSIGHT NDR solution to add 365-day data retentionThe organization aims to give technical decision-makers a solution that will enable SOC teams to identify long-term, slow-moving threat actors that other 30-day data retention NDR solutions miss.Security
Google’s Privacy Sandbox ad-tracking overhaul clears major regulatory hurdleToday’s approval is for Google’s approach, rather than any one specific technology. The regulator notes that in the next phase it will “supervise Google to ensure the Privacy Sandbox is developed in a way that benefits consumers.”Privacy
Cost of banning Chinese 5G gear soars to $5.6BGartner director analyst Bill Menezes has said the government further contributed to the bind that small carriers find themselves in by encouraging them to provide services for the lowest possible cost, which helped prompt many to lower equipment costs by buying from Huawei and ZTE.5G
Software intelligence platform Dynatrace gets automatic attack detectionThe offering also includes Smartscape, a topology visualization tool that provides full visibility up and down the entire application stack, and an AI engine that provides real-time visibility and prioritization of the vulnerabilities running in pre-production and production environments, including containers and Kubernetes runtimes.Security
Superconductive raises $40M for its data quality technology Superconductive develops Great Expectations, a popular open-source tool that helps companies ensure the reliability of the data processed by their applications. The tool is downloaded nearly 3 million times every month, the startup says.Data & Analytics
Orca Security Provides Industry's Most Comprehensive Agentless Cloud Security Platform with Expanded CIEM Capabilities and Multi-Cloud Security ScoreFor the first time, security teams can manage their cloud security configuration, protect workloads, manage infrastructure entitlements, achieve broad regulatory compliance, and benchmark their cloud security from a single agentless multi-cloud platformSecurity
ThriveDX raises $100M to bring security training to both new talent and corporate employeesMeanwhile, ThriveDX also offers a digital platform for enterprises that addresses the security skills part of the equation—with online offerings that include phishing and security awareness training and secure coding.Security
IBM Bolts On Cyber Vault for Ransomware RecoveryThe IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault is part of the vendor’s data resilience strategy which also includes backup, recovery, and copy management services from IBM Spectrum Protect Suite; physical air gap protection with IBM tape storage; early attack detection capabilities through IBM QRadar and IBM Guardium; and proactive attack protection using IBM Safeguarded Copy.Data Management
Legit Security raises $30M to launch SaaS-based solution for supply chainsLegit Security’s platform helps enterprises protect software supply chains by automatically discovering pipelines, infrastructure, code, and other Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) assets, as well as enabling companies to visualize them in one place to identify vulnerabilities and generate security incident reports.Security
Salesforce reportedly working on plans for an NFT cloud service Should it come to fruition, the service would allow artists to create content and then release it on a marketplace such as OpenSea.Blockchain
Recruitment SaaS platform Manatal raises US$5.1 million in funding to transform hiring globallyThousands of SMEs, tech companies and startups have joined Manatal as it aims to become the leading recruitment platform for millions of SMEs while ensuring the highest security and confidentiality with user data.Automation & Productivity
Radar Raises $55M Series C to Drive Next-Gen Location-Aware Customer ExperiencesIn 2021, over 10 thousand developers signed up to build location-based experiences with Radar, and the size of Radar’s enterprise customer base more than doubled—including its first customers in fleet tracking, delivery, gaming, and healthcare. Today, Radar processes over 100 billion API requests per year from over 100 million devices, with enterprise-grade security, privacy and support.DevOps
Smarter.ai, a Marketplace to Make AI Accessible to SMEs, Announces $1.3M Pre-Seed RaiseCurrently, it is estimated that the usability of AI is available to the 5% of companies with sufficient resources to hire and retain skilled research data scientists to build original models–leaving out 95% of businesses.Artificial Intelligence
Major security vulnerability found in top serversAll of the aforementioned vendors used Insyde’s firmware SDK for motherboard development. It is expected that similar types of vulnerabilities exist in other in-house and third-party BIOS-vendor products as well.Security
ZL Tech Introduces New Solution to Transform Unstructured Data to Business InsightZL Tech, a leader in unstructured information management, today announced advancements to its SaaS platform that leapfrog today’s “sandbox” analytics paradigm by expanding the sandbox to the entire “beach.”Data & Analytics
Nasuni bids for a seat at the table with cloud titans and NetAppNasuni presents a file system to its users who access it via so-called edge appliances. These are typically virtual machines or actual x86 appliances running Nasuni’s software on-premises or in the public clouds and offered in a SaaS business model.Data Storage
Aviatrix Amps Anomaly Detection, Multi-Cloud SecurityLikewise, with Network Behavior Analytics, if suspicious traffic patterns are detected on the network — for example data exfiltration common with ransomware attacks — the service can automatically alert network and security operations teams of a potential attack.Security
Gigamon’s new ThreatINSIGHT release offers teams visibility into historical network data The new version of Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT is said to be the only NDR to address extended dwell times with 365-day retention of rich network metadata. The use of long data retention enables more proactive threat hunting, lessening the pressure of ransomware, advanced persistent threats and cybercrime that results in 70% of security operations center teams reporting burnout.Security
Starburst $250M funding round boosts valuation to $3.35B On the product front, the company said its enterprise software now includes features that allow data owners to build and share data products along with native access controls for building a data mesh. Governance features have been enhanced with additional access controlsData & Analytics
Wallaroo, an MLOps platform for enterprises, raises $25M“Data is everywhere, and enterprises across every sector are turning to machine learning to use that data to become more competitive, agile, and profitable. These enterprises, however, are confronting a fundamental roadblock: how to put their machine learning models into production so that those models actually have an impact on the bottom line,”Data & Analytics
Domino Data Lab adds autoscaling to MLOpsChief among the new capabilities is autoscaling. Before this, data scientists had to either play the role of cluster engineers or work with them to get models into production and manage compute. The new release allows this step to be automated, leveling the playing field with cloud services such as Amazon SageMaker and Google Vertex AI which already do, and Azure Machine Learning offers in preview.Data & Analytics
New Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Nebula finds evasive zero-day attacksNebula collects, analyzes and interprets potential zero-day threats using deep learning in real time, a claimed industry first. The use of deep learning is said to result in six times faster prevention with 48% more evasive threats detected, surpassing anything previously possible.Security
TigerGraph launches $1 million challenge to inspire use of graph AIWith a first prize of $250,000 and total cash rewards of $1 million, the global event is open to tech professionals, data scientists, engineers, university students, and researchers interested in discovering what is possible with graphs and AI.Data & Analytics
App cybersecurity startup Canonic Security launches with $6M in funding The company also unveiled the Canonic App Governance platform, powered by the industry’s first app sandbox. The commercially available platform is claimed to redefine SaaS application security by allowing enterprises to simulate third-party apps and SaaS-native code behavior in its SaaS sandbox environment before granting access to organizations’ business applications.Security
Scandit raises $150M to automate inventory scanning with computer visionThe company claims its platform can handle challenging lighting conditions, distances, and angles that traditional barcode scanners can’t — even with damaged labels — by performing up to 480 individual scans per minute.Automation & Productivity
Franz’s Gruff 8.1 Brings Visual Knowledge Graphs to Web Pages and AppsUsers can now visually build queries and visualize connections between enterprise data directly within a web page or web application, enabling a simple and seamless knowledge discovery experience.Data & Analytics
Qualys dives into XDR with ‘context-aware’ security platformAmong the key integrations currently are Okta, Proofpoint, ServiceNow, and Slack. The vendor said it also has a “universal capability” in the works, which “will open this up for just about everything” that a customer would want to have integrated.Security
Data fabric solutions startup Promethium raises $26M to scale customer growth Promethium pitches itself as offering groundbreaking patented data profiling technology that reimagines data analytics. The aim is to enable more people to leverage data without having a deep technical understanding of the data infrastructure or waiting for data engineersData & Analytics
Microsoft 365 phishing attacks revive old trick, email security firm saysWhen it comes to the RLO attack technique, spoofing the extension of a file is possible because of a special Unicode character, the right-to-left override. When used, the character reverses subsequent text to display from right to left—the opposite of English.Security
Operational technology cybersecurity startup Shift5 raises $50M for product development Shift5 protects the undersecured OT layer of transportation and weapon systems, providing aviation, rail and metro systems and military defenders complete visibility into their OT networks. Using the company’s platform, operators can apply cybersecurity best practices to the operation of these critical systems, dramatically reducing their cyber risk.Security
CertNexus Launches Data Ethics Micro-credential for Business Leaders and StakeholdersData Ethics for Business Professionals (DEBIZ) verifies that an individual can identify, explain, and document how organizations identify ethical principles and considerations, understand sources of risk, and explain how businesses create sustainable ethical decision-making processes.Data & Analytics
Spell, Graphcore partner to build next-gen AI infrastructureThe two companies will build a new AI hardware-software package that integrates Graphcore’s IPU-POD scale-out systems with Spell’s eponymous, hardware-agnostic MLOps software platform for deep learning (DLOps) to make advanced AI development faster, easier, and less expensive.Artificial Intelligence
Polygon Raises $450 Million to Pursue Web3 StrategyPolygon said it is building a suite of scaling solutions, including Polygon PoS, Polygon Edge, and Polygon Avail, that is similar to what Amazon Web Services offers Web2 developers — a tool for every possible use case. The team is also investing in zero-knowledge (ZK) technology that will be important in its goal of onboarding the next billion users to Ethereum.Web3
Tech Mahindra Partners with Yellow.ai to Transform Enterprise Customer Experiences with Conversational AIAs part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra and Yellow.ai will work towards developing next-gen conversational-AI solutions to elevate omnichannel capabilities such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft to block downloaded VBA macros in Office – you may be able to run 'em anyway"We will continue to adjust our user experience for macros, as we've done here, to make it more difficult to trick users into running malicious code via social engineering while maintaining a path for legitimate macros to be enabled where appropriate via Trusted Publishers and/or Trusted Locations."Security
Bullit Enhances Offering with Theta NetworkBullit files are a new file type that can contain any amount and type of content, yet remain the size of a tweet. It can only be opened by the intended receiver, upon acceptance of the sender’s terms and conditions. In addition to this, Bullit files can have a number of controls applied to them from standard expiration dates to remote termination of any distributed file.Blockchain
Savvy cryptomining malware campaign targets Asian cloud service providersThe attack techniques deployed by the CoinStomp malware include timestomping (modification of a file’s timestamp), removal of system cryptographic policies, and use of a reverse shell to initiate command and control communications with the malicious software.Security
Panzura’s Cloud Mirror provides multi-cloud high availabilityThis so-called Data Flex release means Panzura’s CloudFS customers need no longer suffer an outage when their cloud goes down, can have SMB and NFS users access the same files at the same time, and Hyper-V hypervisor users as well as VMware vSphere users get access to Panzura’s facilities.Cloud
Startup claims its passive data-center cooling system generates powerInfinidium claims its Next Generation Datacenter Cooling and Power Supply Infrastructure can reduce both operating and capital costs by as much as 50% through air cooling. It has its own compute containers called the Vortex Vacuum Chamber and a low-voltage direct-current smart Nanogrid, which saves power by not doing AC-to-DC conversion.Sustainability
Estonian DesignTech startup OCCO raises around $1M to modernize the interior design industry and expand its footprint in EuropeOCCO’s platform has currently digitized the product catalogs of more than 800 high-quality interior design brands from Europe. Having access to these products from one source has been found to shave off 27% of monthly working hours for interior design professionals.Automation & Productivity
beqom Announces Fast Track Total Compensation Automation For Microsoft Dynamics 365The company combined its years of experience with the best practices of its global client base to develop the “rapide” compensation process model that any size or type of organization can leverage quickly and easily. This solution now has been tailored to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.Automation & Productivity
Meta is threatening to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe"If we are unable to transfer data between and among countries and regions in which we operate, or if we are restricted from sharing data among our products and services, it could affect our ability to provide our services, the manner in which we provide our services or our ability to target ads."Data Privacy
Octopus-like Red Hat adds Ceph persistent storage to OpenShift Kubernetes“Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus provides the innovation of Kubernetes tailored for enterprise needs, along with a broad set of additional capabilities like management, enhanced security features and now storage out of the box, answering common production requirements that basic Kubernetes services cannot address.”Data Storage
Cyberattack compromises emails at News Corp. outlets The form of the attack was not disclosed. News Corp. only said that it believes a foreign government was involved in the hack and that some data was taken. “Our highest concern is the protection of our employees, including our journalists and their sources,” the company said in an email to staff, before adding that the “threat activity is contained.”Security
With ‘unlisted apps,’ Apple makes another enterprise moveThe likely beneficiaries of this option? Businesses and higher education who can use unlisted apps as a lightweight way to distribute software to employees, students, or business partners. The move to ease app distribution will probably be most useful for small to mid-size organizations.Automation & Productivity
Predictive ad-tracking startup SegmentStream raises $2.7M seed funding SegmentStream’s method contrasts directly with existing cookieless attribution platforms, which work by reverse-engineering attribution from the time of conversion, attempting to go backwards to locate the source of that traffic. Rather, it focuses on “predictive attribution” that it says generates more valuable data for marketers.Marketing Tech
Celestial AI raises $56M for its hybrid photonic-electronic AI chip According to Celestial AI, one of Photonic Fabric’s main advantages over traditional systems is that it requires less power. Depending on the application a chip is running, data movement can account for a significant portion of the chip’s power consumption. Lowering the amount of electricity necessary to run AI workloads helps reduce operating costs.Artificial Intelligence
Metaverse Platform HiberWorld Set For Major Upgrade With New Cross-Platform 3D Engine And Web3 TechThe platform’s unique 3D engine offers significantly improved graphics and performance, real time co-creation where users can collaborate and play together, and a whole new experience that makes no-code creation fun and accessible to the masses via browsers as well as Apps.Metaverse
Attackers Target Intuit Users by Threatening to Cancel Tax AccountsThe faux email, purporting to come from the Intuit Maintenance Team, informs the recipient that his or her account has been “temporarily disabled” “due to inactivity” and that it’s “compulsory” to restore access to the account within 24 hours.Privacy & Security
Grafana Labs Extends Observability StackThe actually useful free tier of Grafana Cloud includes Slack/Voice/SMS notifications for 3 OnCall users, along with 10k metrics, 50 GB of logs, and 50 GB of traces.Data & Analytics
The Race to Building a Better Internet Is On – Trace Labs Leads the Way in Establishing Web3 Foundations With Internet and Industry PioneersTrace Labs Web3 development company is doing for physical and digital assets like NFTs, making them discoverable and verifiable. Supported by world-class partners and a newly formed advisory board of Internet and industry pioneers, the company’s new open source Web3 tools allow users to connect all assets in the growing OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph.Web3
Red Hat Extends Comprehensive Kubernetes Platform With Consistent And Persistent StorageThe addition of Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation gives developers a consistent data platform with persistent storage that can span clouds and infrastructure, combined with data management capabilities for IT operations teams.Data Storage
Keeper Security acquires Glyptodon to enhance privileged access management platformGlyptodon launched in 2013, and was the primary contributor and moderator of Apache Guacamole, an open source project used by more than 10 million IT professionals,IT Management
Trust Machines raises $150M to expand bitcoin as a web3 platform Trust Machines plans to build applications and underlying technology necessary to unleash the true potential of bitcoin as a final settlement layerBlockchain
Exasol’s High-Performance Database Now Available as SaaS Model"As part of this, AWS gives us the ideal platform to build out our SaaS solution. It allows us to separate the compute from the storage, meaning we can elastically scale up and down compute power to optimize the costs and workloads for our customers.”Data & Analytics
Google Cloud Unveils New Features to Bigtable; Adds Autoscaling to Improve Overall ManageabilityThe latest expansion to Google Cloud now allows Bigtable nodes to support 5TB per node (up from 2.5TB) for SSD and 16TB per node (up from 8TB) for HDD. This is especially cost-effective for batch workloads that operate on large amounts of data.Data & Analytics
DHS establishes Cyber Safety Review Board to elevate cybersecurity The report into Log4j will include a review and assessment of vulnerabilities associated with the Log4j software library, recommendations for addressing any ongoing vulnerabilities and threat activity, and recommendations for improving cybersecurity and incident response practices and policy based on lessons learned from the Log4j vulnerabilities.Security
Israeli tech startup Torii lands $50M Series B led by Tiger Global to automate software management in the enterpriseThis eliminates millions of dollars spent on wasted licenses and hundreds of hours dedicated to manual user operations – all while helping to protect sensitive data flowing through hundreds of known and unknown third-party apps.IT Management
Nextech AR Launches Metaverse App "ARitize Maps" in BetaThe beta ARitize Maps app will be available for both iOS and Android. Through this FREE app, everyone can spatially map their location within minutes, and populate it with interactive 3D objects, navigation, wayfindingAR
Managed data lakehouse startup Onehouse launches with $8M in funding Menlo Park, California-based Onehouse provides a managed, cloud-based lakehouse service designed for ease of use. Setting up a lakehouse environment usually requires months of work and specialized technical know-how. Onehouse says that its service reduces the setup process from months to just a few minutes.Data & Analytics
KP Snacks Left with Crumbs After Ransomware AttackKP Snacks, maker of the high-end Tyrrell’s and Popchips potato-chip brands, has suffered a ransomware attack that it said could affect deliveries to supermarkets through the end of March – at the earliestSecurity
Aiming to power hybrid work, Cisco debuts faster Wi-Fi 6E Secure Access platform Cisco said Wi-Fi 6E technology expands network capacity by accessing newly available, clean spectrum in the 6 GHz band, unlocking greater capacity, performance and reliability. It says the new products from Catalyst and Meraki are the industry’s first high-end 6E access pointsNetwork Management
Hackers hacked Wormhole, a bridge between Solana and other blockchains, stealing $320 million in the second-largest DeFi hack everMeanwhile, The protocol offered the hacker a bounty of $10 million for details on the exploit and return of the stolen wrapped ether. The network has over $1 billion in total value locked and supports six blockchains: Terra, Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon.Security
Gupshup Acquires AI-Powered Voice Leader, Knowlarity, Strengthens Conversational Engagement PortfolioGupshup, the global leader in conversational engagement, announced the acquisition of Knowlarity Communications. Knowlarity is a global leader in cloud communications, offering cloud telephony, contact center automation, AI-powered voice assistants and speech analytics solutions to over 6,000 customers across 65 countries.Artificial Intelligence
Security management platform startup PlexTrac raises $70M PlexTrac offers nine modules that ensure that any company from a small business to a large enterprise or a service provider is covered. The company’s reporting module aggregates findings from all sources into customizable formats, providing cybersecurity teams “unparalleled power” when it comes to reporting security vulnerabilities and other risk-related findings.Security
DeepMind says its new AI coding engine is as good as an average human programmerDeepMind has created an AI system named AlphaCode that it says “writes computer programs at a competitive level.” The Alphabet subsidiary tested its system against coding challenges used in human competitions and found that its program achieved an “estimated rank” placing it within the top 54 percent of human coders.Artificial Intelligence
 [February 02, 2022] LexisNexis Risk Solutions Launches Innovative Insurance Customer Data Management SolutionA CDM program using LexID for Insurance allows insurers to collect, manage and analyze consumer data from various sources to orm a single, comprehensive view of each customer. Disparate consumer records can be linked into a common LexID consumer identifier using LexisNexis® Scalable Automated Linking Technology, a patented method of linking and clustering dataData & Analytics
Microsoft: This Mac malware is getting smarter and more dangerousMicrosoft flagged the malware now as it appears to be under continuous development. Today, it installs an "unusually persistent" adware threat called Adload, but Microsoft cautions it could be used to distribute other more dangerous payloads in future.Security
Alphabet exploring blockchain technology for flagship servicesWhen asked how the firm views Web3, Pichai said there are several "areas of interest" for Alphabet, hinting at augmented reality and exploring how blockchain technology may be utilized to power computing and service layers like YouTube and Google Maps.Blockchain
New Lacework platform helps companies uncover suspicious activity in the multicloud Called the Polygraph Data Platform, the service can detect and address genuine threats and risks to business from build time through runtime. Through a combined agentless and agent-based approach, the platform uses cloud service provider application vulnerability scanners and integrations with infrastructure as code and continuous integration and continuous deployment or CI/CD workflows.Security
Pecan AI, which is developing a predictive analytics platform for enterprises, raises $66MWith Pecan, users can connect to a variety of databases and use a drag-and-drop, no-code interface to create machine learning datasets.Data & Analytics
Customer Data Platform, FirstHive Receives Funding from Mela Ventures to Accelerate Global GrowthFirstHive, founded in 2016, became the world's first Customer Data Platform to deliver on the true vision of providing enterprises with a single source of intelligence that can build unified customer identities & streamline data usage across the enterprise's marketing and analytics stackData & Analytics
Juniper adds cloud firewall to growing SASE line The cloud service can be managed by its Security Director Cloud, a single portal for on-premises, cloud-based security and cloud-delivered security. It exactly duplicates the functions of the company’s on-premises and virtualized firewalls.Cloud Security
Sova Assessment continues growth with $9 million in new fundingBy combining a series of ‘scientifically strong’ assessment tools, workflow management, and analytics, Sova delivers a compelling offer that helps corporates make fast, fair, and data-driven decisions throughout the employee journey, from onboarding through, ‘beyond’.Data & Analytics
Dynatrace brings observability to multicloud serverless architecturesWith today’s update, Dynatrace is extending its PurePath distributed tracing technology to all serverless environments. Previously only available with AWS Lambda, it now works with Microsoft Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions, as well as managed Kubernetes environments, messaging queues and cloud databasesCloud
IBM keeps up torrid acquisition pace with deal for US-based consulting firm“The proliferation of mobile devices, wireless connectivity, and new media platforms is driving convergence among telco, media, and entertainment, which makes our acquisition of Sentaca all the more valuable for our clients.”IoT/Mobility
Operational technology cybersecurity startup Shift5 raises $50M for product development Shift5 protects the undersecured OT layer of transportation and weapon systems, providing aviation, rail and metro systems and military defenders complete visibility into their OT networks. Using the company’s platform, operators can apply cybersecurity best practices to the operation of these critical systems, dramatically reducing their cyber riskSecurity
Check Point acquires Israeli code security startup SpectralOffering fast code security for code and cloud, the company’s service monitors, classifies and protects code, assets and infrastructure. That includes exposure to application programming interface keys, tokens, credentials and high-risk security misconfiguration.Security
Island unveils secure browser to give enterprises ‘full control’ over dataIn particular, web-accessed business applications can be secured against data leakage with the ability to control functions such as copy, paste, download, and screenshots for sensitive information.Privacy & Security
Magnet Forensics Introduces Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise to Transform How Organizations Respond to Cybersecurity Incidents and Accelerate Their RecoveryLeveraging automation technology, Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise synchronizes detection and incident response solutions to immediately trigger investigations, automates basic and repetitive tasks and enables forensic analysts to simultaneously recover and process evidence from multiple endpoints.Security
Cato Embeds CASB Into SASE, Hunts Shadow ITCato’s CASB is designed to combat this by generating reports of all the SaaS applications used by employees and alerting IT managers of unsanctioned and potentially dangerous applications.IT Management
Startup Pixm raises $4.3M seed funding round for its computer vision-based anti-phishing software Computer vision adds new capabilities because it’s a field of artificial intelligence that allows computers to “see” in the same way humans can. Pixm’s goal is to look at phishing from the end user’s perspective and detect the things attackers use to gain someone’s trust.Security
Diamanti buys GroundWork and its K8S monitoring capabilityWith GroundWork’s technology, Diamanti – which sells a Kubernetes lifecycle management platform – says it can “vastly enhance the artificial intelligence-driven predictive analytics it can unlock with Kubernetes.Data & Analytics
Subscription management platform Chargebee nabs $250M as SaaS soarsChargebee’s core subscription management smarts help SaaS companies identify new revenue channels through experimenting with pricing models; upselling through pitching additional features or bundles; and gleaning a unified view of all subscription and customer data.Data & Analytics
Microsoft, Google Invest $5M in Software Supply Chain SecurityThe Alpha-Omega Project, which is the Open Source Security Foundation’s (OpenSSF’s) newest initiative, aims to improve supply chain security by looking for new, undiscovered vulnerabilities in open source code and then working with project maintainers to fix them.Security
Forescout acquires healthcare cybersecurity provider CyberMDXThe companies added that thanks to the merger, the two will "have a powerful platform that delivers an easy-to-use, scalable and agentless approach to device visibility, classification, threat detection and incident response focused on IoMT devices to better serve healthcare organizations."Security
WANdisco Partners with Oracle to Provide Zero-Cost Migrations to OCI With this agreement, Oracle will provide customers and partners access to WANdisco LiveData Migrator at no additional cost to accelerate their data lake migrations to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).Data & Analytics
Talon Cyber Security raises $43M from Sorenson, Evolution, Lightspeed and Team8 Pitched as a next-generation solution designed to protect against a new category of threats posed by distributed work, Talon’s service provides security leaders unparalleled control and visibility into all employee work-related activities across locations, devices and software-as-a-service services.Security
Business intelligence startup Forwrd emerges from stealth with $3.5M“Forwrd is a native cloud application (built on AWS) with an integration layer that connects to multiple business applications. Through proprietary ETL, data is sent to a machine learning engine that runs statistical and mathematical algorithms to clean and qualify the data, to be later used to extract (the) insights,”Data & Analytics
Crisis Text Line stops sharing conversation data with AI companyPolitico quoted one volunteer who claimed that the people who contact the line “have an expectation that the conversation is between just the two people that are talking” and said he was fired in August after raising concerns about CTL’s handling of data.Data Privacy
WhatsApp could make unlimited Google Drive backups a thing of the pastThere’s no word on the exact storage limit Google Drive will impose on WhatsApp right now, but we hope it doesn’t count towards the 15GB limit on the free tier.Data Storage
Octopus Deploy Acquires Dist to Power Cloud-Native Software DeploymentsThe acquisition and integration of Dist will make deploying cloud-native applications with Octopus even more seamless. Customers will also be able to deploy applications faster, meet their compliance objectives with retention policies and minimize storage costs for cloud-native apps.Cloud
Apple makes it easier to share 'unlisted' apps with employees, partners, and othersApple’s most recent App Store improvement — adding support for unlisted apps — should help business users, educators, researchers, and others who need a consistent and limited way to share iOS or iPadOS apps with small groups of people.Automation & Productivity
Fujitsu to stand up AI ethics and governance officeBut Fujitsu is not the only Japanese tech giant thinking about AI applications. NEC believes it has developed a control technology that it touts can double the efficiency of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in warehouses while still maintaining a "high level of safety".AI Ethics
CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite Release 5.0 Takes on the Ransomware EpidemicAlongside the updates, CyberMDX is introducing two new usage tiers to ensure healthcare organizations have access to IoT and Medical Device Security now – regardless of time or budget constraints.Security
Vendelux raises $2.4M seed round to help companies discover the best industry eventsCompanies like Gainsight, Gorgias, and Spekit are using Vendelux to discover and evaluate the most relevant in-person, hybrid and virtual events. The platform is powered by Vendelux’s proprietary database of over 30,000 global events, with up-to-date information on sponsorship packages, speakers, and even attendees.Data & Analytics
VMware Project Arctic Ushers In Cloud-Managed vSphereVMware intends to make life easier for vSphere users with its recently announced Project Arctic — a cloud-connected management console for on-premises services. It initially will focus on disaster recovery (DR) and ransomware protection use cases while ushering in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of vSphere.Cloud
Budibase brings open source to low-code web app developmentBudibase is open source, meaning that companies are able to host everything themselves on their infrastructure and retain full control of their data and applications while avoiding proprietary lock-in. Moreover, the GPLv3 license means that there is low friction for adoption.DevOps
Microsoft makes available a standalone test version of its Lists appMicrosoft officials describe the MSA Preview versions of Lists as "a lightweight version of the Microsoft Lists app designed for small business and individual use in conjunction with your Microsoft account (MSA)."Automation & Productivity
FCC announces $1.2 billion fund for broadband deployment in rural areasThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced over $1.2 billion in funding through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to expand broadband service across 32 states. The FCC calls this “the largest funding round to date,” and notes 23 broadband companies will provide service to more than one million new areas.Broadband
Iodyne’s Apple-esque design aesthetic makes for a pretty, fast driveThe target users are video and photography creative individuals and groups, and they could not countenance noisy fans disrupting the audio environment on a shoot or work in a studio. It supports Apple Mac laptops and desktops – appropriate for the target users – with Windows and Linux support coming.Data Storage
Walmart launches another pro service to install smart ACs and other new tech Angi doesn’t appear to be the only company Walmart works with. Walmart’s website also lists TV mounting services from HelloTech, while True Network Solutions can help with tech like routers, printers, and laptops. Walmart represents Angi’s first partnership with a major retailer.Automation & Productivity
Citrix to be acquired for $16.5 billionTIBCO currently focuses on enterprise data management, specializing primarily in predictive analytics. The investors expect the combination to "empower customers and users with the secure application and information access and insights they need to accelerate digital transformation and navigate the hybrid workplace."Data & Analytics
Hackers hijacking Instagram accounts of companies and influencers, demanding ransomThe people behind the attack start by sending a message pretending to be Instagram, notifying Instagram users of a purported instance of copyright infringement. There is a link in the message that takes victims to a website controlled by the hackers. From there, the user is asked to enter their Instagram login information, giving the attackers full access to their accounts.Privacy & Security
SparkCognition, which develops AI solutions for a range of industries, nabs $123MSparkCognition provides a range of services developed to overcome particular data science hurdles in organizations. For instance, the company’s Darwin tool abstracts away many of the steps in developing and maintaining AI models, including data preparation and cleansingArtifiicial Intelligence
Audigent Powers 1st Cookieless Identity-Based Header Bidding Solution With UPROXX, MediaMath, Freestar And The MediaGrid“UPROXX, MediaMath, Freestar and The MediaGrid have all been incredible, forward-thinking partners who share our drive for a privacy-first advertising ecosystem and PreBid’s leadership around the virtuous use of real time data has paved the path for a new generation of consumer-safe technology solutions that deliver results for brands and media agencies."Data Privacy
QNAP users still struggling with Deadbolt ransomware after forced firmware updatesOn Tuesday, QNAP NAS users flocked to Reddit and QNAP forums to report ransomware infections. Censys reported that of the 130,000 QNAP NAS devices, 4,988 services "exhibited the telltale signs of this specific piece of ransomware."Security
BigID Introduces BigID.me: Privacy On-Demand for Simplified Data Privacy and ManagementBigID.me enables teams to easily automate and manage a centralized view of consumers’ data privacy preferences and requests with a lightweight, plug and play solution.Data Privacy
AI-Powered Digital Skills Assessment Start-up iMocha Raises $14 Million in Series A Funding“Without a skill assessment platform to help measure and scale their talent pool, businesses will quickly lose out on talented team members. At iMocha, we’ve built the broadest and deepest technology skills library in the world with measurable outcomes."Tech Jobs
Darktrace Extends Autonomous Response to Enforce Normal Behavior on EndpointsAntigena Endpoint does just that. It detects anomalous activity and intelligently makes micro-decisions based on unusual activity, such as out-of-the-ordinary initial file downloads and data exfiltration attempts, command and control traffic or lateral movement that might represent a cyber-threat.Security
Cisco Battles Bias, Discrimination With Responsible AI“These controls are not simply guidance. We lead with them as a by-design development requirement to ensure that privacy, security, and human rights are built-in from inception,” Dhingra told SDxCentral.Artificial Intelligence
Google releases differential privacy tools to commemorate Data Privacy DayIn an effort to make differential privacy tools more accessible to more people, Google today announced the expansion of its existing differential privacy library to the Python programming language in partnership with OpenMined, an open source community focused on privacy-preserving technologiesData Privacy
Apple’s latest iPadOS and macOS betas finally add Universal ControlUniversal Control, which Apple announced at WWDC 2021 in June, is an impressive-looking feature that lets you use a Mac’s keyboard and mouse with an iPad just by placing the iPad next to the computer.Automation & Productivity
Introducing MetaJuice The First Blockchain Company Launched by a Metaverse “Leveraging blockchain technology, MetaJuice will unlock the full value of the metaverse for users and create a path for users not only to participate in but actually shape the future of metaverse.”Blockchain
Government Compliant PaaS Secure Software Factory Now Available!The Secure Software Factory combines the power of a DevSecOps capability for continuous integration and continuous delivery with the flexibility of operationally hosting applications within the security boundary, enabling a secure software supply chain for agile based application development practices.DevOps
Conti, DeadBolt Target Delta, QNAPMeanwhile, Taiwanese storage and networking equipment provider QNAP Systems forced out an update to its customers’ network attached storage (NAS) devices after warning them earlier this week that the DeadBolt ransomware was in offensive mode against them.Security
DDN focussing on AI, containers and edge trifectaWe are seeing the end of the serial data era, according to DDN. NFS is coming to a close as parallel file systems, management, and movement are replacing the old world.Data Management
 Facebook WhatsApp sets its sights on the USStarting this weekend, Meta is kicking off the first-ever US marketing push for WhatsApp, focusing on the privacy offered by the app’s encryption. The first TV ad will air Sunday during the AFC Championship Game, comparing unencrypted messages to a stranger opening your physical maApps
Microsoft Teams update: Now you can chat with any Teams user outside your organizationSince the feature also extends Teams to chat with external Teams commercial users, this should help Teams commercial customers strengthen ties with vendors and partners of all sizes, while potentially broadening its appeal for business-to-consumer communications.Automation & Productivity
Atrium Raises $20Million To Bring Data-Driven Sales Management To The Masses“With over 11 million sales professionals worldwide, it’s estimated that 40% miss their quota – resulting in $3.2 trillion in lost revenue. Sales managers are the biggest lever when it comes to improving team performance,”Automation & Productivity
Digital assets custody firm Fireblocks raises $550M at $8B in valuation Decentralized finance is the part of the cryptocurrency market that allows for peer-to-peer financial transactions using blockchain technology without the need for middlemen such as banks or traditional financial institutionsBlockchain
Weaveworks acquires Magalix to deliver end-to-end Kubernetes securityMagalix’s platform delivers policy as code that enforces security and compliance from source to production, enabling DevOps teams to apply consistent policies and best practices across multiple Kubernetes environmentsSecurity
Revelstoke aims to take the coding out of cybersecurity automation and responseRevelstoke is tackling the programming requirement with a no-code interface it says organizations can use to simplify such tasks as switching endpoint detection technologies. “In most platforms, if you want to switch from CrowdStrike to Sentinel One you have to completely tear it down and build from scratch in Python,”Security
Cisco weds collaboration and SD-WANWebex collaboration software is being added to the applications supported by Cloud OnRamp--a key part of Cisco’s enterprise SD-WAN offering that links branch-offices or individual remote users to cloud applicationsAutomation & Productivity
Enclave Networks closes $1M funding round led by Berlin-based Next Big ThingRon Gula of Gula Tech Adventures said: “We are excited to partner with Enclave to build the next generation of secure computer networks. Enclave is a great fit for our “Secure by Design” portfolio. The networking market is ripe for disruption through easy to deploy Zero Trust solutions.Security
NVISIONx lands $4.6M to enhance data risk intelligence platformWe start at the root problem to address the cause of data breaches and prevent them from happening in the first place,” he said. “With our platform, organizations see the indicators of risk and compromise before breaches can happen.”Security
SiteAware Raises $15 Million Series B to Drive the Evolution of Construction Using AIThe company’s unique AI-powered DCV platform turns every construction element from the project plans into tagged data to create a digital twin of the building under construction. Each stage of new construction, be it the core, shell, or interior, is documented using drones, on-sitecameras, or people on the groundAutomation & Productivity
SuperOps.ai, a next-gen MSP platform for IT services, raises $14MReplacing a patchwork of PSA and RMM tools and plugins that were not designed with integration in mind, SuperOps.ai pitches itself as a unified MSP platform that merges the best of PSA and RMM, enabling users to manage their teams, tasks, customers, assets, finance, and resources from a single platform.IT Management
Graviti Launches New Data Platform Out of Stealth ModeThe Git-like data version control, workflow automation, and data visualization functions enable engineers to increase efficiency. Built on a data engine with elastic and scalable architecture, Graviti Data Platform provides enterprises a consumption-based model to reduce cost.Data & Analytics
Cloud-native network access control provider Portnox raises $22MPortnox attempts to address the cyber skills gap head-on by providing end-to-end visibility over the cloud environment so that a small security team can authenticate users and mitigate risks quickly and cost-efficiently.IT Management
DoControl Announces The First No-Code Security Workflows Triggered By Any SaaS Event To Enforce Data Access Control Triggered by hundreds of SaaS event types, DoControl’s security workflows address the shortcomings of inflexible hard-coded and out-of-the-box policies by enabling consistent, granular, and customizable data access controls. This allows IT and security teams to enforce powerful SaaS security policies throughout disparate applications being used by organizations, all from a single platform.IT Management
Google Cloud Unveils New Features to Bigtable; Adds Autoscaling to Improve Overall ManageabilityNewer capabilities for Bigtable not only help to reduce cost and management overhead but also bring in an additional 2X storage limit that lets you store more data for lessData Mangement
BotenaGo Botnet Code Leaked to GitHub, Impacting Millions of DevicesCaspi said that as of yesterday, antivirus (AV) vendor detection for BotenaGo and its variants was still bumping along near the bottom when it comes to detecting the malware, with the BotenaGo samples discovered back in November still slipping past most AV software to infect systems with one of the most popular botnets: Mirai.Security
OpsCruise Introduces Contextual Distributed TracingOpsCruise resolves the challenge and makes distributed tracing usable in real-time by providing a Trace-Service Graph. The Trace-Service Graph captures the execution path of each trace and aggregates them into trace path signatures thus providing engineers a real-time view of each trace path’s performanceData & Analytics
Cybersecurity startup HackerOne secures $49M to connect businesses with the world’s top ethical hackers“HackerOne is revolutionizing the way in which companies reduce their risk of a breach. By leveraging the world’s biggest community of ethical hackers, who have the power and willingness to prevent cyberattacks, and coupling it with their proprietary software, HackerOne is bringing a service to customers that no other vendor can match."Security
Conversational AI provider NLX raises $5M to enhance voice-driven customer support“Customer contact organizations use NLX’s comprehensive, low-code approach to quickly design, build, and manage all their customer conversations in one place, and benefit from NLX’s cost-effective pay-as-you-go pricing model with no hidden fees or service charge,” he said.Automation & Productivity
Digital adoption and onboarding platform Stonly raises $22MWith Stonly, users can create product walkthroughs such as onboarding checklists and interactive step-by-step guides that can be embedded on customer support pages, blogs, and even inside customer support software such as Zendesk.Automation & Productivity
Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive send out warnings to macOS usersOnce you install that version of Monterey, when you attempt to open a file stored online from within an application, the process will fail. The only way around this (at least, until you update the file storage app) is to manually download archived files for use on their Mac via the Finder.Automation & Productivity
Cloud data warehouse startup Firebolt hits unicorn status with $100M Series C round Firebolt’s cloud data warehouse is designed for extremely rapid analysis of large data sets. The company reckons it can provide subsecond performance for queries carried out on terabytes or even petabytes of information, thanks to its ability to crunch data up to 182 times faster than alternative data warehouse services.Data & Analytics
White House publishes final zero trust strategy for federal agenciesKey aspects of the new document include a new enhanced focus on multi-factor authentication, a requirement that departments move towards encrypting all DNS requests and HTTP traffic, and begin to segment their network perimeters into separate isolated environments.Security
Ankr Partners with Bare Metal Cloud Provider Maxihost to Scale Web3 Infrastructure GloballyThrough this partnership, Maxihost’s global bare metal cloud platform will monetize existing unused server capacity through Ankr Protocol, while supporting a more distributed global node network that will benefit the growth of Web3 platforms, applications, and services.Cloud
Dimitra & Ocean Protocol look to help small farmers generate more revenue by selling their dataSmall farmers will soon have a way to increase their bottom lines if they’re willing to share data on their farming methods. Dimitra, the AI-driven AgriTech platform provider, is providing users with the opportunity to monetize their datasets by selling them to other community members and researchers through a partnership with the Ocean Protocol.Data & Analytics
PQShield raises $20 million to protect the world from quantum computer-based hacking Most encryption today is based on the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman or RSA and Elliptic Curve cryptographic standards, but these will likely be broken easily once the first truly workable quantum computer arrives. Should that happen, the confidentiality and integrity of data held by every business and organization will come under threat.Security
Logixboard lands $32M as supply chain chaos drives demand for freight forwarding softwareLogixboard helps freight forwarders — companies that facilitate how shipments move from shippers to a destination — get a better grip on fragmented documents and data.Automation & Productivity
Ivanti Extends Neurons Platform With Risk-Based Patch Management To Address Ever Increasing Ransomware Attacks And Digital Assistant To Deliver Exceptional Employee Self-Service ExperiencesThis new scalable solution comes with billions of understood phrases out-of-the-box, while also continually learning and improving with every employee interaction. Ivanti Neurons for Healing is enhanced with ticket classification functionality, which improves the accuracy of initial incident classification and associated follow up activities and workflows.IT Management
AppTek Language Packages to Power Advanced AI-Enabled Live Automatic Transcriptions and Translations for ZoomAppTek will allow Zoom the use of its high-quality acoustic and language packs. This drives language and dialect expansion, giving Zoom a step up as it works to create cross-language interactions across dozens of languages to improve meeting productivity and efficiency for Zoom users.Automation & Productivity
Hackers Weaponize Microsoft Excel in West-Asian CyberattackThe attack utilizes a Microsoft Excel downloader, likely embedded in an email, to exploit a known remote-code execution vulnerability (CVE-2021-40444) in MSHTML. This enables malicious code called Graphite to be injected into system memory and executed.Security
Canonical releases Charmed Kubeflow 1.4 to simplify enterprise AI projects The first addition is a component that the company describes as a universal training operator. In AI development projects, developers train neural networks on sample data to improve their accuracy and performance. The operator added by Canonical eases this task.Artificial Intelligence
Google announces Topics API to replace web browser cookiesTopics API figures out five interest topics every week based on your browsing history, such as "Fitness" or "Travel & Transportation". These interest topics stay on your device for three weeks and then get deleted. Google says these categories "are selected entirely on your device" and don’t involve "any external serverData Privacy
B2B marketplace tech startup Negotiatus rebrands to Order after raising $30 million in new fundingOrder’s approach blends software and predictive applications to upstream pain points faced by finance, operations, and procurement teams when buying things for their business.Automation & Productivity
SafeBreach Launches Free Ransomware AssessmentThe ransomware challenge will showcase post-exploitation behaviors including command and control communications, reconnaissance, credential theft, as well as malware transfer and execution of select ransomware variants.Security
Epazz Introduces Affordable Metaverse Solution for Businesses, Governments and Healthcare Providers to Collaborate in a Real-time 3D EnvironmentEpazz Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ), a mission-critical provider of metaverse solutions, blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, announced today that its flagship software technology, DeskFlex desk booking software, will introduce Metaverse Virtual Office with low-cost VR headsets for under $100.00, updated software apps, and complementary hardware solutions.Automation & Productivity
Anch.ai nabs $2.1M to accelerate ethical AI governanceAnch.ai has developed an all-in-one governance solution that allows enterprises to screen, assess, mitigate, audit, and report ethical AI risks.Artificial Intelligence
AgeTech Startup, c Is Launching a Voice-First Digital Assistant for Home Health and Home CareAskAnnie.ai built a unique platform to disrupt a growing problem in the US healthcare system. AskAnnie.ai uses AI-based technology to transform the home health and home care business in America by helping private home care companies automate manual processes and be far more efficient.Automation & Productivity
DigitalOwl raises $20M to analyze medical records for insurersThe data is presented chronologically, allowing users to search and filter by condition, date, body part, body system, and provider. The complete history is contained within a PDF — every condition, date, and entry is clickable, taking users to the source of the information in the record.Automation & Productivity
Sync Computing aims to pick up where serverless leaves offIn many ways, it is akin to classic query optimizations for SQL. It currently supports EMR and Databricks on AWS. A reference customer, Duolingo, was able to cut its job cluster size by 4x and job costs in half.Cloud
Domino Data Lab updates MLOps platform with autoscaling clustersDomino will dynamically grow and shrink the cluster based on workload demands, allowing more experimentation for better and faster model development while minimizing the compute cost and time wasted on DevOps work.DevOps
TRUiC Announces A New Advanced QR Code GeneratorTRUiC seeks to help small businesses grow, and the way in which they do this is by providing valuable tools and resources that use intelligent software and technology to give small businesses a technical advantage.Automation & Productivity
Vectra Acquires Siriux Security Technologies to Extend Leadership in Identity and SaaS Threat ManagementVectra is known for its world-class AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, including public cloud, SaaS, network and identity. Siriux extends Vectra's coverage even earlier in the threat lifecycle, providing a layer of analytics to assess complex identity and SaaS configurations—closing the loopholes that allow access to attackers.Security
CaptivateIQ, which is developing software to automate sales commission payments, raises $100MLast year, CaptivateIQ introduced new data integrations for commissions automation as well as sales compensation dashboards with insight metrics. The company also launched customizable templates for exporting payout data faster and an API for running sales-related finance operationAutomation & Productivity
Samsung built a fingerprint security chip for payment cards, employee IDs and moreThe S3B512C chip reads biometric information via a fingerprint sensor, stores and authenticates data with a tamper-proof secure element (SE) and analyzes it with a secure processor.Privacy & Security
Query.AI Launches Federated Search for Splunk“The status quo is for companies to centralize all their cybersecurity data; however, in recent years the security environment has become more complex for running investigations, and data volume and distribution have made centralization impractical,"Security
Scribe Security raises $7M to protect software supply chain“Scribe automatically creates an ‘evidence trail’ for all the software it protects. This is achieved by collecting consistent, immutable evidence throughout the software development lifecycle to assure that the software is authentic, integrity is untampered, and the producer took due steps to assure its security."Security
SiteAware raises $15M for its digital twin technology for construction The company’s software uses images captured by cameras and drones to create a digital twin of a building under construction. It then compares the physical structure to the project plan to spot errors and anomalies that might require rework.Automation & Productivity
Penguin Computing Partners with Meta to Help Build Toward the Metaverse by Delivering AI-Optimized Architecture and Managed ServicesAnother facet of Penguin Computing’s unique value is its strong relationship with NVIDIA and Pure Storage. Penguin worked with Meta’s operations team on hardware integration to deploy the cluster and set up major parts of the control plane.Emerging Tech
AT&T Becomes Fastest Major Internet Provider, Delivering Fiber with up to 5-Gigs of SpeedBeginning today, nearly 5.2 million customer locations in parts of more than 70 metro areas, such as L.A., Atlanta and Dallas, will be able to take advantage of symmetrical 2-Gig and 5-Gig speed tiers.5G
Revelstoke aims to take the coding out of cybersecurity automation and responseRevelstoke is tackling the programming requirement with a no-code interface it says organizations can use to simplify such tasks as switching endpoint detection technologies. “In most platforms, if you want to switch from CrowdStrike to Sentinel One you have to completely tear it down and build from scratch in Python,Security
As Pilot IRS program expands, agency looks for more ways to ‘buy like a venture capitalist’The program, called Pilot IRS, has about nine projects in motion — including one for scanning-as-a-service and optical character recognition (OCR) tools — and Winans said his office also wants to keep bringing in other emerging technologies of interest.Automation & Productivity
BRATA Android Trojan Updated with ‘Kill Switch’ that Wipes DevicesNew variants of the BRATA banking trojan have been targeting global Android devices since November with advanced features, including the ability to wipe devices after stealing user data, tracking devices via GPS, and novel obfuscation techniques, researchers have foundPrivacy & Security
Vectra Acquires Siriux Security Technologies to Extend Leadership in Identity and SaaS Threat ManagementThe acquisition positions Vectra as the only vendor that enables customers to securely configure and detect active threats in cloud identity and SaaS applications, including Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft 365.Security
Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, raises $33MWith Scratchpad, users can get access to features spanning notes, spreadsheets, tasks, Kanban boards, search, deal collaboration and more, all consolidated under a single interface on top of Salesforce, and sold as a SaaS subscription.Automation & Productivity
Accenture And Celonis Form Strategic Alliance To Help Clients Unlock New Value In Business ProcessesAccenture has embedded Celonis’ data-driven execution management capabilities into its tools and platforms, including myConcerto and SynOps, to provide new levels of transparency and insights to inform decision-making.Data & Analytics
Startup Verusen raises $25M to bring AI-powered smarts to supply chain management Verusen has built a supply chain management platform that relies on AI, deep learning, data harmonization and decision support to help companies in multiple industries make supply chains more resilient and cut the risk of running short.Automation & Productivity
o9 Solutions raises $295M to apply analytics to the supply chain and beyondo9 can draw on data to drive forecasting from both unstructured and structured internal data sources, including customer relationship management software, procurement apps, warehouse and factory machines and internet of things sensors. It can also connect to external sources, tapping into consumer market research, point-of-sales systems, and even smartphone hardware.Data & Analytics
Smart IoT tracking startup Tag-n-Trac launches with $10M in new funding The company’s technology combines low-cost “printable” hardware sensors and a sensor-agnostic software-asa-serivce platform to help shippers, logistics providers and manufacturers track goods’ location, status and condition from manufacturing to shipping to delivery.IoT/Mobility
ArmorCode adds $8M for comprehensive application security platformThe integrations include DAST/SAST/SCA tools (such as Contrast Security, Snyk, and Veracode); cloud-native application protection platforms (such as Aqua Security, Qualys, and Palo Alto Networks Prisma); issue tracking (such as Jira); and a number of other tools.Security
SAP and Icertis Expand Partnership to Deliver Enterprise Contract IntelligenceThe partnership, which includes a financial investment from SAP in Icertis, will lead to a joint product road map and deeper technological integration to deliver enterprise-wide value, including faster negotiations, greater compliance and AI-powered business insights and automation.Automation & Productivity
Security operations center startup Hunters raises $68M to develop its platform Hunters’ platform processes rich security telemetry and intelligence from across the enterprise, including cloud and network. Using machine learning and cloud-based analytics, the service correlates threat patterns to provide “high-fidelity attack stories” for cybersecurity team responseSecurity
Customer experience management platform Reputation closes on $150M funding Its platform includes tools to assess customer sentiment by sending surveys to users, extracting data from online reviews and social media. It also provides a range of tools for companies to improve their brands’ image in cases where they may have received negative publicity.Automation & Productivity
Meta is building the world’s fastest AI supercomputer to power metaverse ambitions Meta Platforms Inc. is well on the way to building what it says will be the world’s fastest artificial intelligence-focused supercomputer to tackle new, advanced workloads involving natural language processing and computer vision.Emerging Tech
Juniper rolls out the Trio 6 chipset for a wide range of network use casesThe Trio 6, which is machine learning-enabled, also helps deliver security with native support for IPSec and integrated MACsec at native line rate. In terms of power usage, the Trio 6 uses 7-nm fabrication technology to deliver a 70% improvement in efficiency compared to previous-generation chipsets.Network Management
Washington D.C. and three states sue Google over location data collection practices The attorneys general charge that Google has misled users of Android, as well as some of its other products including Google Search, about the way that it collects their location data and how the collected data is used. Furthermore, the search giant is accused of telling consumers that they can manage what location data is gathered when in fact they have “effectively no way” of doing so.Privacy
Silicon Labs Brings AI and ML to the Edge with Matter-Ready PlatformThis new co-optimized hardware and software platform will help bring AI/ML applications and wireless high performance to battery-powered edge devices. Matter-ready, the ultra-low-power BG24 and MG24 families support multiple wireless protocols and incorporate PSA Level 3 Secure Vault protection, ideal for diverse smart home, medical and industrial applications.Automation & Productivity
Hackers hijack smart contracts in cryptocurrency token 'rug pull' exit scamsBuy and sell fees are a common technique for rug pulls. In a smart contract examined by CPR, the firm discovered both "approve" and "aprove" functions. The former was a legitimate, standard function for contract transactions, whereas "aprove" was hidden and designed to allow the developers to impose 99% fees after a project took off.Security
Silicon Labs Brings AI and Machine Learning to the Edge with Matter-Ready PlatformThis new co-optimized hardware and software platform will help bring AI/ML applications and wireless high performance to battery-powered edge devices. Matter-ready, the ultra-low-power BG24 and MG24 families support multiple wireless protocols and incorporate PSA Level 3 Secure Vault™ protection, ideal for diverse smart home, medical and industrial applicationsAutomation & Productivity
Defy Trends Pioneers Real-Time Data Analytics to Crypto and NFT InvestorsIn their inaugural year, Defy Trends has launched an intuitive, real-time analytics platform that uses on-chain analysis and high-tech data science algorithms to provide data insights based on DeFi fundamentals and sentiment. The proprietary platform is available to both individual investors and enterprise institutions looking to add data analytics to their digital market services.Data & Analytics
Intel's $20 bln Ohio factory could become world's largest chip plantIntel Corp said on Friday it would invest up to $100 billion to build potentially the world's largest chip-making complex in Ohio, looking to boost capacity as a global shortage of semiconductors affects everything from smartphones to cars.Automation & Productivity
Billion-dollar startup Solidigm is working on enterprise penta-level cell SSDs“Some of the compute applications … in cloud hosting, for example, require very high amounts of IOPS, like high-capacity and … small capacity drives to get the most bandwidth and the highest most IOPS out of the system. … Charge Trap excels at that. … that’s an area of focus [where] the historic Intel hasn’t excelled."Data Storage
20K WordPress Sites Exposed by Insecure Plugin REST-APIMore than 20,000 WordPress sites are vulnerable to malicious code injection, phishing scams and more as the result of a high-severity cross-site scripting (XSS) bug discovered in the WordPress Email Template Designer – WP HTML Mail, a plugin for designing custom emails.Security
Dell expands Apex cloud and on-prem storage optionsThe first new offering is Apex Multi-Cloud Data Services, which will provide file, block, object and data protection services for simultaneous access to all major public clouds from a single source of data. It will connect storage and data protection to preferred public clouds and services through its integration with the Apex Console.Cloud
Parity Technologies and MediLedger Network Announce Partnership to Deliver Blockchain-Powered Solutions to the Life Sciences Industry At present, MediLedger solutions utilize a permissioned network configuration, and their new capacity to interoperate with other blockchains such as Polkadot, creates an exciting wealth of opportunities for innovation with permissioned and/or public hybrid use cases, or tokenization within Life Sciences.Blockchain
6sense raises $200M in funding to help B2B brands achieve predictable revenue growth using AI and big data; now valued at $5.2 billionThe 6sense platform analyzes data and behaviors to uncover accounts ready to buy and recommends the best action, channel, and messages that are most likely to connect with buyers. Companies using the 6sense platform on average experience 120% improvement in revenue effectiveness.Marketing Tech
Meta and AWS Deepen Their Strategic Alliance, Bump Up Support for PyTorchMeta already uses AWS’s infrastructure and capabilities to complement its existing on-premises infrastructure. The social media giant will broaden its use of AWS compute, storage, databases, and security services to provide privacy, reliability, and scale in the cloud, the company said.Cloud
Mangata raises $33M for hybrid satellite network with connections to Seattle tech communityThe idea behind Mangata Networks is to create an Earth-orbiting constellation with some satellites in highly elliptical orbit, or HEO, plus others in medium Earth orbit, or MEO. Those satellites would optimize connectivity with an Earth-based system of MangataEdge micro data centers, extending the power of cloud computing to edge networks that would be close to network users.Edge Computing
‘Google for Blockchains’ The Graph Raises $50M Led by Tiger GlobalA large amount of connective tissue is needed to make the blockchain-based next generation of the internet, known as Web 3, function properly. The Graph is a protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data using open-source APIs, called subgraphs, that let developers easily access that data.Blockchain
Pavilion Data Raises $45 Million to Expand Its Platform for Accelerating Data AnalyticsNearly 80% of all deployments were to accelerate analytics, legacy and next-generation, ML, and streaming applications.Data & Analytics
DaysToHappy AI-Powered Virtual Assistant ‘Ava’ Changes Employee Behavior GuaranteedThis personable, accessible, and scalable virtual assistant requires no app, no login, no email and no system integration.Automation & Productivity
Cloudian Partners with WEKA to Deliver Exabyte-Scalable Storage for AI and MLThe combined solution unifies and simplifies the data pipeline for performance-intensive workloads and accelerated DataOps, all easily managed under a single namespace. In addition, the new solution reduces the storage TCO associated with data analytics by a third, compared to traditional storage systems.Data Storage
How Anonybit plans to crack honeypots storing identity dataThis is not a purely SaaS or on-premises security solution. Anonybit dices up sensitive identity data, including biometrics, private keys, and other digital assets, into anonymized bits that are distributed throughout a peer-to-peer network of nodes.Security
FBI warning: This new ransomware makes demands of up to $500,000"Diavol encrypts files solely using an RSA encryption key, and its code is capable of prioritizing file types to encrypt based on a pre-configured list of extensions defined by the attacker," the FBI said.Security
Mphasis And CrossTower Partner To Develop A ‘Center Of Excellence’ In Web 3.0 And Blockchain TechnologiesThe partnership between Mphasis and CrossTower will accelerate and scale the Web 3.0 talent within Mphasis, providing new avenues for application of innovative blockchain based solutions in public and private industries, including financial services, supply-chain, healthcare & life sciences, insurance, logistics, entertainment, art, and retailEmerging Tech
Ransomware and phishing: Google Drive will now warn you about suspicious filesThe alerts are displayed in a yellow banner at the top of the page after a user has clicked on a link, but before the file is downloaded. The warning states that the file looks suspicious and "might be used to steal your personal information".Privacy & Security
Cisco Expands Catalyst Switch Line to Industrial EdgeThe switch also offers backplane stacking and centralized management, which enables customers to “stack up to eight switches and manage them as one,” he wrote.Network Management
Pervasive Apple Safari Bug Exposes Web-Browsing Data, Google IDs“The researchers found that the current version of WebKit, the browser engine that powers Safari…can be tricked into skipping the same-origin check. To put it simply, the names of all IndexedDB databases are available to any site that you are visiting in the same session.”Privacy & Security
Diversio focuses on AI-enabled diversity, equity, inclusion framework, gets $6.5MDiversio claims it combines AI, advanced data analytics, and knowledgeable subject matter expertise to accurately diagnose an organization’s DEI pain points, benchmark against peers, and create robust action plans to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.Automation & Productivity
CodeSee raises $7 million in seed funding to help developers tame the ‘trillion-dollar problem’ of complex codebasesCodeSee is the first-ever platform to help development teams visually understand complex codebases. CodeSee analyzes the data flowing through your system to maintain an updated map of your system architecture, its components, and the connections between them. Developers can then explore at a high level, or dive in and see the data right next to the codeDevOps
6sense Announces $200 Million Series E Round, Increasing Valuation to $5.2 BillionThe 6sense platform analyzes data and behaviors to uncover accounts ready to buy and recommends the best action, channel, and messages that are most likely to connect with buyers. Companies using the 6sense platform on average experience 120% improvement in revenue effectiveness.Marketing Tech
Report: Google Labs forms blockchain team to explore ‘next-gen distributed computing’ The email also revealed that the unit is now focused on “blockchain and other next-gen distributed computing storage technologies,” which suggests that Google will be pushing further into decentralized technology.Blockchain
Chisel targets product managers with new platform, raises $1.5MIts Team Radar feature is designed to gather internal team feedback from sales leaders, UX leaders, engineering leaders, and marketing leaders, with survey templates so that employees can help drive the creation of new products.Automation & Productivity
Medallia To Acquire Thunderhead, Leader In Every-Channel Journey Orchestration"We pioneered the idea of The Customer Operating System™, with our closed-loop customer engagement platform powered by continuous listening, feedback, and learning, all actioned through our unique fusion of journey orchestration and real-time interaction management (RTIM),”Customer Experience
Deci Launches SuperGradients, an “All-in-One” Open-Source Deep Learning Training Library for Computer Vision ModelsSuperGradients enables developers to train PyTorch-based models for the most common computer vision tasks, including object detection, image classification and semantic segmentation with just one training script.DevOps
Virtru raises $60M to bring zero trust security to data sharing One of the biggest focus areas for the cybersecurity industry right now, zero trust network access (ZTNA) has the potential to deliver previously unheard-of control over access to applications and data. However, Virtru is the first platform to provide a comparable level of control over the data layer itself, Ackerly said.Data Security
In a new Canadian startup record, 1Password raises $620M on $6.8B valuation The company’s software allows users to create passwords and auto-fill logins for sites and applications, negating the need to remember passwords for each site. It does so while offering a secure vault with AES 256-bit encryption to secure user information.Privacy & Security
Alcor announces the launch of new AccessFlow release, an IAM solution that provides automated, centralized, and compliant Access Management"The updated version of AccessFlow takes access governance to a new level by providing efficient third-party integrations, ServiceNow® GRC collaboration, and SOC1 Compliance with effective internal controls for data protection."Security
IoT connectivity startup EMnify raises $57M in new funding EMnify has created what it calls a “cellular supernetwork” that connects millions of IoT devices around the world, including electric vehicles, energy meters, alarm systems, GPS trackers and thermometers. The company provides businesses with secure, reliable and borderless cellular IoT connectivity in any location, enabling them to connect easily and scale up to thousands of devices globally.IoT
Blumira's New Cloud Connectors Speeds Up Cloud Security Deployments From Months to MinutesTo solve this problem and continue on its mission to make security accessible for all, Blumira developed Cloud Connectors to significantly reduce the complexity and time to security for small and medium-sized organizations. Now IT teams can directly connect Blumira's cloud SIEM platform with their cloud applications to get security insights in minutes with out-of-the-box, pre-tuned detections.Security
Logitech Sync New Features Help IT Manage Personal Collaboration DevicesLogitech announced the release of an update to its Sync device management platform. The platform supports personal collaboration devices and streamlines IT management of conference rooms and workstations from a single cloud-based interface.Automation & Productivity
'Zero Trust' is the guiding principle of Sikur's latest security-focused smartphoneThe Sikur One is designed primarily for corporate and government use, with organizations having the ability to control each device in line with their policies. Sikur says the device is compliant with European GDPR and Brazilian LGPD data privacy standards.Privacy & Security
CISA warns - upgrade your cybersecurity now to defend against "potential critical threats"The checklist of actions is CISA's response to this week's cyberattacks on Ukraine's systems and websites, which the country's officials have blamed on hackers linked to Russian intelligence services.Security
Newgen Software to Acquire Number Theory, an AI/ML Data Science Platform CompanyNumber Theory’s platform, AI Studio, brings intuitive AI/ML to every enterprise, while unifying the entire lifecycle of data engineering, from data preparation to model development and monitoring. It empowers both citizen and expert data scientists to work faster and more efficiently, thereby helping in accomplishing key machine learning tasks in just hours or days, not months.AI/ML
Temenos Launches Industry’s First AI-Driven Buy-Now-Pay-Later Banking Service on the Temenos Banking CloudTemenos BNPL, combined with patented Explainable AI, can help banks create ethically-driven lending programs by providing transparency into automated decisions and matching BNPL customers with appropriate credit offers based on their history.FinTech
Terra Quantum raises $60M for its quantum-as-a-service platformThe idea behind Terra Quantum is to build a new end-to-end quantum platform. With its own quantum chips still a couple of years out, this currently means the company focuses on offering to its customers a library of quantum algorithms and quantum security tools, including a quantum key distribution service.Quantum Computing
Crypto.com admits over $30 million stolen by hackers“On Monday, 17 January 2022 at approximately 12:46 AM UTC Crypto.com’s risk monitoring systems detected unauthorized activity on a small number of user accounts where transactions were being approved without the 2FA authentication control being inputted by the user,” the post readsPrivacy & Security
Exclaimer acquires PeriodicExclaimer's enhanced platform further allows companies to optimize the use of corporate email signatures to streamline sales, marketing, and intercompany relations efforts. It also builds on the acquisition of Customer Thermometer at the beginning of 2021, enabling users to integrate feedback and surveys within their email signatures.Automation & Productivity
Cloud coding startup Codesphere raises $5M for platform development Codesphere was created as an alternative to expensive and fragmented development platforms. Pitched as “your zeroconfig cloud,” the company’s platform is just that: No configuration is required with users being able to code and run web apps from their browser.Cloud
McKinsey donates machine learning pipeline tool Kedro to the Linux FoundationThe Linux Foundation will maintain Kedro under Linux Foundation AI & Data (LF AI & Data), an umbrella organization founded in 2018 to bolster innovation in AI by supporting technical projects, developer communities, and companies.Machine Learning
Low-code app development platform Crowdbotics raises $22MCrowdbotics allows over 1,400 customers to launch React Native and Django apps without having to learn programming languages. React Native is a JavaScript library used to develop apps for iOS and Android, while Django is a popular framework primarily for web app development.DevOps
Atom Computing raises $60M to commercialize the world’s most stable quantum computer Atom showed off a 100-qubit system last year that demonstrated a world record-breaking qubit coherence time of 40 seconds. That means it can keep qubits stable for more than enough time to solve most computing tasks.Quantum Computing
U.S. Department of Agriculture awards Lumen $1.2 billion network services contractThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently awarded Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) a task order worth more than $1.2 billion to deliver a fully integrated wide area data transport service with secure remote access, contact center and cloud connectivity solutions to more than 9,500 USDA locations across the country and abroad.Network Management
Toshiba expands Elera commerce platform with AI vision, IT microservices and data analysisToshiba discovered that about 35% of shoppers do not trust self-checkout systems to accurately identify loose produce items and won't use them. The AI vision system should go a long way in gaining the trust of shoppers to use the self-checkouts.Artificial Intelligence
Red Cross hack has compromised data of 500,000+ ‘vulnerable’ people It’s a particularly nasty attack given that soon after it happened, the ICRC had to take drastic action and shut down its support system, Restoring Family Links. This system helps people find relatives or loved ones who have been separated through conflicts, migration or disasters.Privacy & Security
Panther Labs and Snowflake Partner to Deliver Powerful, Real-Time Threat Detection and Security Monitoring for Snowflake Panther for Snowflake is available immediately and contains out-of-the-box detections to help security teams monitor activity and validate security configurations in their Snowflake Data Cloud.Cloud Security
ProtonMail to block tracking pixels, hide IP addresses"Today, we're happy to introduce enhanced tracking protection, a feature that will provide an additional layer of privacy to your inbox. Now you can read your emails without letting advertisers watch you, build a profile on you, or serve you ads based on your mail activity," Pang said Privacy & Security
Datatron Offers Accelerated AI Model Deployment and AI Governance ProgramThe biggest problem in companies adopting AI is the lack of expertise to tackle the complexity of the machine learning development lifecycle. It’s common to hear even the largest enterprises take nine to 12 months to deploy an AI model once the data scientists have completed their models. According to IDC, an estimated 28% of AI/ML projects fail, in part due to lack of staff with the necessary experience.Artificial Intelligence
FACT SHEET: President Biden Signs National Security Memorandum to Improve the Cybersecurity of National Security, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community SystemsConsistent with that mandate, this NSM establishes timelines and guidance for how these cybersecurity requirements will be implemented, including multifactor authentication, encryption, cloud technologies, and endpoint detection services.Security
Sketchy lookalike URLs pop up following launch of USPS free COVID test siteFor the record, the official government website for ordering free rapid tests is https://www.covidtests.gov/ (a link on that page takes visitors to https://special.usps.com/testkits). Despite the similarity, sites like covidtestsgov.com are not official government sites — and in fact links out to expensive rapid tests for sale.Privacy & Security
Ground Labs Launches Data Discovery NetworkLaunched today, the Ground Labs Data Discovery Network enables partners to add award-winning data discovery and remediation to their existing solutions portfolios to build new revenue streams while helping their customers comply with national and regional privacy laws and data handling regulations.Data Management
Check Point Software Introduces the World's Fastest Firewall Delivering 20 Times Better Price Performance to the World's Most Demanding DatacentersUtilizing an innovative ASIC technology developed by NVIDIA, Check Point Quantum Lightspeed delivers breakthrough firewall performance that allows enterprises to support elephant flows and securely transfer terabytes of data in minutes instead of hoursData Management
Opera launches a dedicated crypto browserA key feature is the built-in non-custodial wallet that will support blockchains including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervos from the get-go. It also announced partnerships with Polygon and others. The idea is to let you access your crypto without the need for any extensions, with the option of using third-party wallets as wellBlockchain
Rackspace Technology to Acquire Just Analytics, a Leading Provider of Cloud-based Data, Analytics, and Artificial intelligence ServicesJust Analytics helps clients design and create scalable data pipelines using its proprietary data platform, Guzzle, coupled with new-age cloud-based data and analytics services that transform data into insights, giving customers a unified view of their information assets.Data & Analytics
Samsung becomes world’s first to demonstrate in-memory computing MRAM technologyThe demonstration is a breakthrough because while other in-memory computing solutions like PRAM and RRAM have been demoed, working MRAM has been quite difficult to achieve, mainly due to its low resistanceAutomation & Productivity
Elisity Launches Micro Edge for its Cognitive Trust™ Solution It also provides the capability to further control the Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switches. With Elisity Micro Edge, organizations can unleash the full power of their Cisco switches with a lightweight, centrally managed edge deployment of the market's most innovative identity-based zero trust access platform.Network Management
Polar Security unveils cloud data protection platform, $8.5M seed roundFounded in January 2021, the Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup offers an agentless platform that automatically discovers and classifies sensitive cloud-native data—spanning both known and unknown cloud data stores. This provides “complete visibility of all data stores
Cloud Security
Digital contract management startup Ironclad raises $150M on $3.2B valuation Customers use Ironclad to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance and turn contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence. The platform is flexible enough to handle every type of contract workflow, whether a sales agreement, a human resources agreement or a complex nondisclosure agreement.Automation & Productivity
Democrats unveil bill to ban online ‘surveillance advertising’“This pernicious practice allows online platforms to chase user engagement at great cost to our society, and it fuels disinformation, discrimination, voter suppression, privacy abuses, and so many other harms. The surveillance advertising business model is broken.”Privacy
Softr, a no-code platform for building business apps on Airtable data, raises $13.5MUnlike popular template-based web building platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, which are more geared toward static websites, Softr is all about enabling feature-rich, interactive, web apps replete with CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations and access controls around authentication, roles and permissions in business and consumer applicationsAutomation & Productivity
Turing Labs lands $16.5M to bring AI to product formulationTuring aims to streamline the formulation process by using companies’ data to build a knowledge base and then leveraging AI to create visualizations that show how formulations compare to benchmark products. Customers can use data from existing product ingredients and factor in aspects like the package’s impact on product stability.Artificial Intelligence
Dell Stretches Apex to Bridge Multiple CloudsIntegrated with this dashboard, Dell today introduced Apex multi-cloud data services, which is a fully-managed service for its storage portfolio. It provides file, block, and object storage as well as data protection with simultaneous access to all major public clouds.Cloud
Personetics, an AI-powered customer engagement and insights platform for banks, raises $85MPersonetics has launched several new products in the past year, including Enrich, which uses an AI-enabled categorization model to cleanse and categorize various internal and external data sources to provide a more accurate picture of a each customer’s transactions — for example, identifying duplicate or similar payments.Data & Analytics
Biden signs memorandum to improve cybersecurity across DOD, intelligence communityCIOs of DOD and IC agencies must also retain internal records relating to system exceptions sufficiently detailed to perform effective identification of cybersecurity issues, according to the memo.Security
Trellix combines FireEye and McAfee Enterprise into a new XDR solution The company’s XDR ecosystem is designed to accelerate the effectiveness of security operations by providing customers with the capability to ingest more than 600 native and open security technologies.  Security
Capacity, which taps AI to automate customer service response, raises $16M moreCapacity was created to connect entire tech stacks so people can instantly access the right information they need, wherever it may live within an organization’s knowledge base — recovering wasted time and giving teams the opportunity to do their best work.”Automation & Productivity
Customer onboarding platform Rocketlane nabs $18MAt its core, Rocketlane pitches itself as a “system of record” for everything that happens around a new customer’s onboarding. It replaces various generic collaboration, communication, and project management tools such as Asana, Slack, and Google Docs with a single unified platform that businesses can use to work both with colleagues and the end-usersAutomation & Productivity
This new ransomware comes with a small but dangerous payloadThe payload is also hard to detect because the file is small, only 100KB, which appears to show no signs of activity. It contains strings for logging – something that could give away the malicious intent – but these could only be accessed with the correct password.Security
Orca Security to add API protection with 1st acquisitionThe platform also stands out by providing full visibility of cloud environments, and then by connecting the dots in security alert data in order to prioritize the most critical risksCloud Security
Crypto.com expands venture arm to $500 million to back early-stage web3 startupsWith the fund, Crypto.com is broadly focusing on gaming, decentralized-finance and startups innovating on cross-chain solutions. But he cautioned that the industry could change and expand, as it has in recent years, to areas “we don’t know about,” hence the firm is keeping an eye out on everything.Web3
Fivetran improves data transformation with integrated schedulingThe offering, it said, will allow customers to take advantage of an automated cloud data integration experience in a single environment, complete with cleaning, testing, transformation, modeling, and documentation of datasets.Cloud
dtSearch Releases New Version of Full-Text Search EnginedtSearch announces a new version, 2101.02, of its product line to instantly search for terabytes of online and offline data, spanning multiple folders, emails including attachments and nested attachments, online data and other databases. The product line covers enterprise and developer applications.Automation & Productivity
Smart calendar tool Clockwise raises $45M to help remote teams avoid burnout using AISince the platform’s launch in 2018, Clockwise has rescheduled 4,000,000 flexible meetings. It has also created more than 2,000,000 hours of uninterrupted “Focus Time” for teams. Focus Time is a feature that helps users visualize how much time they have for focused work by automatically creating a block in their calendarsAutomation & Productivity
Stacks Ecosystem Becomes #1 Web3 Project on BitcoinIn just one year, the Stacks ecosystem has gone from 0 to 350+ million monthly API requests, 50,000 Hiro Wallet downloads, 2,500 Clarity smart contracts deployed, and dozens of companies launched. This momentum has made Stacks the largest and fastest growing Web3 project on Bitcoin.Blockchain
ServiceNow’s new AI-powered service aims to support digital transformation efforts A 2018 Deloitte survey found that the average enterprise spends 57% of its IT budget on supporting business operations — mostly legacy operations — and only 16% on boosting innovation.Automation & Productivity
Walnut snaps up fresh capital after growing 700% in four monthsWalnut’s no-code platform enables teams to create customized product demonstrations quickly, be able to integrate them into their sales and marketing processes and then generate insights from the demos.Marketing Tech
Exclusive: U.S. examining Alibaba's cloud unit for national security risksAlibaba's U.S. cloud business is small, with annual revenue of less than an estimated $50 million, according to research firm Gartner Inc. But if regulators ultimately decide to block transactions between American firms and Alibaba Cloud, it would damage the bottom line one of the company's most promising businesses and deal a blow to reputation of the company as a whole.Security
Logitech Cloud-Based Software Expands To Support Users Wherever They WorkSync now supports personal collaboration devices, such as webcams, headsets, and docking stations, making it easy for IT to manage conference rooms and workstations from a single cloud-based interface.Automation & Productivity
Banyan Security lands $30M to take enterprises on ‘journey’ to zero trustBanyan’s ZTNA offering enables secure remote access for employees to corporate applications and cloud infrastructure. The product enables “zero trust” in the sense that it considers context including the user’s identity and device security posture before deciding whether to grant accessSecurity
US airlines warn of ‘catastrophic disruption’ on Wednesday due to 5G activationThe 5G spectrum in question is known as C-band, and AT&T and Verizon’s deployments are due to go live on Wednesday, January 19th after suffering multiple previous delays. At the core of the issue are fears that these new C-band airwaves could interfere with sensitive radar altimeters on certain aircraft.5G
BrainChip launches neuromorphic process for AI at the edgeAimed at a variety of edge and internet of things (IoT) applications, BrainChip claims to be the first commercial producer of neuromorphic AI chips, which could deliver benefits in ultra-low power and performance over conventional approaches.AI/IoT
Contract automation platform Juro raises $23MJuro also includes myriad integrations, spanning Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Greenhouse, Zapier, and more — so a sales team, for example, can generate a contract directly from inside their CRM, and that contract stays automatically synchronized with an account as it progresses through to the e-signature.Automation & Productivity
Microsoft: This new browser feature is 'huge step forward' against zero-day threatsThe latest Edge beta introduces a new browsing mode in Edge "where the security of your browser takes priority". For admins who fear web-based attacks on desktop systems via the browser, this feature gives them the option to "mitigate unforeseen active zero days"Security
Cryptic Labs and Palau Unveil World's First Digital Residency Using Blockchain Through a partnership with Palo Alto-based blockchain developers Cryptic Labs, Palau is launching the Root Name System (RNS), a digital residency program open to anyone in the world. Calling itself a "gateway to the borderless financial world," the program gives approved users digital resident ID cards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), allowing them to receive benefits in Palau's new digital-first economy, which will offer services like physical addresses and shipping.Blockchain
Permiso gets $10M for identity-based public cloud securityWhile CSPMs focus mainly on configuration and compliance, the company’s platform is focused on what the identities are actually doing in a cloud infrastructure environment.Security
Vertex Unveils Edge Computing Tax Solution“Vertex O Series Edge provides businesses with next generation tax automation, and increased speed, while delivering frictionless experiences to consumers regardless of where and when transactions occur.”Automation & Productivity
Continuous verification startup Verica raises $12M to fuel growth Verica’s platform uses chaos engineering and a continuous verification approach to simulate adverse conditions rather than waiting for those conditions to manifest in actual use.Security
Faster Air Quality Mapping Thanks To Ricardo’s RapidAir SoftwareThe ground-breaking air quality dispersion modelling software has already been successfully used across Asia, Europe and the UK, supporting Clean Air Zone evaluations, traffic management measures and wider air quality management activities.Smart Cities
Pipedrive enters the document management space by releasing Smart Docs add-onHelping customers streamline and automate how their teams create, send, manage, and sign sales-related documents and contracts, Pipedrive’s Smart Docs centralizes the entire documentation process.Automation & Productivitiy
Know Bunzz, a game changer blockchain startup for DApp Development and Web3 SolutionsTechnically, Bunzz functions like Firebase but for Dapps development, being a Blockchain Backend as a Service (BC BaaS) that lets developers create DApps without coding but combining smart contracts by selecting Modules and after that integrating them to a front-end via a Bubble plug-in, while at the same time Bunzz provides the automatic back-end solutions for them, all in one platform.Blockchain
Juniper expands router portfolio with new cloud features and hardware Companies can use it to establish network connectivity between branch offices, data centers and cloud deployments. Juniper says that SSR routers provide an up to 75% reduction in infrastructure costs compared with competing products.Network Management
Campaign Uses Public Cloud to Spread RAT PayloadsThe attack starts with a phishing email with a malicious ZIP archive file attached. The file contains an ISO image that includes a malicious loader in either JavaScript, a Windows batch file or a Visual Basic script. “When the initial script is executed on the victim’s machine, it connects to a download server to download the next stage, which can be hosted on an Azure cloud-based Windows server or an AWS EC2 instance,” the researchers saidSecurity
DeHealth Introduces Decentralized Metaverse to Revolutionize Healthcare ServicesDecentralized Metaverse could change the healthcare industry forever. It will take millions of doctors and patients to a new world where they can work, interact with each other in full 3D format and earn virtual assets by selling their anonymized medical data. The DeHealth Metaverse will be an extension of the VR, AR, and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Healthcare Tech
Lenovo expands edge computing portfolio with AI-focused Nvidia GPUsThe SE450 server is specifically designed to withstand a wider range of operating temperature, dust, shock and vibration for harsh settings in vertical edge environments. It’s also heavily secured, with a locking bezel to help prevent unauthorized access and SSD encryption to protect dataEdge Computing
AI-powered supply chain management platform 7bridges nabs $17M7bridges brings together logistics data and processes and makes them accessible via a modular dashboard. AI technology adapts to changing conditions, balancing real-time variables including business constraints, operational capacity, available inventory by site, and carrier prices and performance.Automation & Productivity
Linux malware is on the rise. Here are three top threats right nowWith billions of internet-connected devices like cars, fridges and network devices online, IoT devices have become a prime target for certain malware activity — namely distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, where junk traffic aim to flood a target and knock them offline.Security
Cloud Titan OEM deals mean advantage NetAppAWS also offers FSx for Lustre and FSx for Windows File Server but AWS execs “have publicly stated that FSx for NetAppONTAP is one of AWS’s fastest-growing services right now.” According to Lye, 60 per cent of FSx for ONTAP customers are new to NetApp.Data Storage
Walmart is getting serious about the metaverseThere’s mention of offering customers a digital currency, as well as the opportunity to buy and sell NFTs. Meanwhile, another application details possible “physical fitness training services” and “classes in the field of health and nutrition” that could take place in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality environments (VR) — the company made a separate filing for the use of its name and logo in VR and AR.Emerging Tech
New Unpatched Apple Safari Browser Bug Allows Cross-Site User Tracking A consequence of this privacy violation is that it allows websites to learn what other websites a user is visiting in different tabs or windows, not to mention precisely identify users on Google services services like YouTube and Google Calendar as these websites create IndexedDB databases that include the authenticated Google User IDs, which is an internal identifier that uniquely identifies a single Google account.Privacy & Security
Industrial robotics company Exotec raises $335M to ‘improve supply chain resilience’Exotec has created autonomous industrial robots called Skypods that move horizontally and vertically, constituting part of a broader “goods-to-person” picking system that promises to improve companies’ productivity while also alleviating human works from physical exertion.Automation & Productivity
Google might’ve accidentally approved an ad for a Target gift card scamOnly, the site isn’t Target — it’s actually a site called “bristolhirevan.” The ad’s description says it will let you check your gift card balance “immediately,” and that it also offers “all van sizes to fit your needs” — how can you get more legit than that?Privacy & Security
Eero could be close to launching a Wi-Fi 6E mesh networking systemRouter makers have slowly been introducing Wi-Fi 6E-capable mesh routers, though some have been quite expensive, such as this $1,500 Orbi system from Netgear and Linksys’ $1,200 option. While we don’t know how much Eero’s 6E-capable system could cost, it could be more affordable than those options, given that a 3-pack for the Eero 6 Pro launched at $599.Network Management
BTCS Adds Algorand to its Blockchain Infrastructure OperationsLaunched in 2019 by Turing Award-winning MIT professor and computer scientist, Silvio Micali, ALGO is an $9.5-billion payments-focused, decentralized network that enables processing speeds of 1,000 transactions per second (TPS) and achieves block finality in less than five seconds.Blockchain
Three Plugins with Same Bug Put 84K WordPress Sites at RiskResearchers have discovered three WordPress plug-ins with the same vulnerability that allows an attacker to update arbitrary site options on a vulnerable site and completely take it over. Exploiting the flaw does require some action from the site administrator, howeverSecurity
Arc Raises $161M to Launch Full-Service Finance Platform for SaaS, Built in Partnership with StripeIn partnership with Stripe, Arc is building a first-of-its-kind fintech solution where software founders can borrow, save, and spend on one comprehensive digital platform. Its introductory product, Arc Advance, allows SaaS founders to seamlessly convert future revenue into upfront capital without dilution at the click of a button.FinTech
Box Announces New Capabilities and Integrations for Box Sign to Digitize Agreements in the Content CloudThese new capabilities include workflow features that automate processes once a document has been executed and APIs that power e-signatures in third-party and custom applications. Box also announced new and deepened integrations with UiPath and SIGNiX.Automation & Productivity
StratoKey releases Cloud Compliance Manager (CCM)CCM is designed to provide organizations with Automation, Management, and Reporting for their compliance programs. CCM automates much of the work involved in Compliance Reporting, directly against the relevant regulation. CCM delivers a complete end-to-end compliance solution, that can be adapted (through a visual report/template builder) and customized to any regulation or security policy.Compliance
Inspectorio Announces New Tracking Platform to Prevent Supply Chain Delays and Improve On-Time Delivery PerformanceThe platform provides objective and reliable data to all supply chain partners. A major differentiator is the option to access detailed activity logs and exception management reporting for each purchase order to identify areas of risk or delays timelyAutomation & Productivity
SeekOut raises $115M in Series C funding to help companies hire and retain hard-to-find talent; now valued at $1.2 billionSeekOut is also the leading data-rich AI talent search engine that provides companies with untapped talent pools, diversity strategy and sourcing, data-driven recruiting solutions, and more.Tech Jobs
Google calls for new government action to protect open-source software projectsThe shortage of funding and resources for open-source development has long been raised as a security concern and has re-emerged as a key issue after the discovery of a serious bug in the Log4j Java library, which quickly became the biggest cybersecurity vulnerability in recent years. The Log4j library was also developed and maintained largely by unpaid labor.Security
NEAR Foundation raises $150M to accelerate web3 mass adoption Founded in 2018, NEAR offers the NEAR Protocol, a scalable blockchain designed to provide the performance and user experience necessary to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications. The foundation’s blockchain has been built from the ground up with ease of use in mind for both developers and end-users while still providing scalability.Blockchain
Nextworld Acquires Cloud Inventory, an Industry Leader in Mobile-First Inventory SolutionsThe transaction accelerates Nextworld’s strategy to redefine ERP by combining Nextworld’s core ERP solutions and no-code platform with Cloud Inventory’s uniquely-focused solutions including Warehouse Inventory, Manufacturing Materials, and Field Inventory.Automation & Productivity
Facebook faces $3.2 bln UK class action over market dominanceThe lawsuit, which will be heard by London's Competition Appeal Tribubal, alleges Facebook made billions of pounds by imposing unfair terms and conditions that demanded consumers surrender valuable personal data to access the network.Data Privacy
Nvidia acquires Bright ComputingIts latest move is the acquisition of Bright Computing, a maker of Bright Cluster Manager software that controls the configuration of clustered HPC systems, including Nvidia’s own DGX servers and HGX systems made by OEMs and ODMs, plus clusters from other manufacturers.Automation & Productivity
DigiCert acquires Mocana to accelerate its presence in the IoT market Mocana’s platform is designed to allow devices to defend themselves once a hacker gets behind a firewall or gains access to a computer on the inside of a private network. It does this by ensuring that both the device and its data can be trusted by securing the boot process and firmware while at the same time securing the transmission of data between the device, gateway and cloudIoT Security
Lucidworks Solves The Next Generation Of Search With New SaaS Platform, Springboard, And Launches The First Publicly Available ApplicationThis application makes site search easy for customers who want highly relevant, cost-effective, on-site search at scale with no operational burden. Lucidworks built Springboard to answer the market need for a cloud-native search platform that is scalable, easy for any business user to set-up and manage, and outcomes-driven.Automation & Productivity
Washington state bills push for blockchain group, digital credentialsMany states have shown interest in the technology, which holds promise for revolutionizing how institutions monitor processes and store information, but few have developed applications using it, state IT leaders recently told StateScoop.Blockchain
Virtana, which helps companies to manage multiple cloud environments, raises $73MVirtana, another vendor, has taken a more unique approach, leveraging a combination of AI, machine learning, and data analytics to provide observability for managing app workloads across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.Cloud
Adobe Cloud Abused to Steal Office 365, Gmail CredentialsThe attack vector works like this: An attacker creates a free account in Adobe Cloud, then creates an image or a PDF file that has a link embedded within it, which they share by email to an Office 365 or Gmail user.Privacy & Security
Databricks targets retail vertical with its first industry-specific lakehouseAs explained by Rob Saker, the retail and manufacturing lead at Databricks, the new retail lakehouse is based on open source and open standards, which allows retailers to share data — such as inventory levels, consumer data, sales data — with their partners/suppliers and collaborate with them on white label joint analytics, even if they are on a different cloud platform.Data & Analytics
Lucidworks launches search analytics SaaS platform to understand user intentionsThe SaaS product connects the dots between site searches, browsing, and discovery experiences, to enable organizations to more efficiently capture and understand data from their customers’ search queries.Data & Analytics
Widespread, Easily Exploitable Windows RDP Bug Opens Users to Data TheftRemote Desktop Protocol (RDP) pipes have a security bug that could allow any standard, unprivileged Joe-Schmoe user to access other connected users’ machines. If exploited, it could lead to data-privacy issues, lateral movement and privilege escalation, researchers warned.Privacy & Security
Flashpoint acquires data breach intelligence company Risk Based SecurityThe company said its products — Risk Based Security Platform, VulnDB and Cyber Risk Analytics — provide organizations access to the most comprehensive threat intelligence knowledge bases availableSecurity
Observable raises $35.6M to bring better observability to enterprise data“Whether it’s business unit silos or manual data processing or long review and feedback cycles, there remain huge unaddressed roadblocks in how enterprises are able to make use of data quickly."Data & Analytics
TeamViewer and NSF Partner to Digitalize the Food Industry with Cutting Edge Augmented Reality Solution EyeSucceedThe companies have partnered to pursue a joint goal: the accelerated growth of wearable software EyeSucceed, a powerful augmented reality (AR) application based on TeamViewer’s enterprise AR platform Frontline. EyeSucceed has the ability to digitalize processes and address critical challenges in the food industryAR
Insightful Science Acquires Omiq To Add Cloud-Based Machine Learning To Its Flow Cytometry CapabilitiesInsightful Science, the software company enabling the Cloud for Scientific Discovery, announced that it has acquired Omiq Inc, a company specialized in data science SaaS solutions for high dimensional flow cytometry and quantitative multi-omics dataData & Analytics
Distributed machine learning startup Boosted.ai raises $35M Boosted.ai’s platform pitches its machine learning capabilities as allowing the analysis of data in real-time at a scale and scope that is unmatched by humans. The company says the platform helps identify nonintuitive relationships between data and securities, minimize error in predictions, improving risk management and decision-makingArtificial Intelligence
WorkStep raises $25M to help businesses improve frontline employee retention The company’s core job-matching service is “like LinkedIn for the frontline,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Dan Johnston. More recently the company launched an application called Retain that provides a continuous feedback loop to measure employee satisfaction and understand the reasons why people leave or stay.Automation & Productivity
Kastenated – Backblaze partners Veeam’s container protection BUKasten’s K10 product protects Kubernetes-orchestrated containerised applications. It supports backing up the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, Nutanix Karbon, Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure Stack, and others, and sending backup to NFS, EMC and NetApp for example, and S3 targets.Data Storage
Highspot raises $248M at $3.5B valuation as demand rises for software that helps salespeopleMore deals are getting done over Zoom than in a conference room — “road warriors have become home warriors,” Wahbe said. And that shift is requiring a different skill-set. “Salespeople have to be better than ever in holding the attention of the customer,” Wahbe said.Sales Tech
STL and Robin.io Announce Strategic Collaboration to Empower 5G Stacks for EnterprisesSTL Enterprise Marketplace is a new-age, platform-based model that simplifies collaboration and has the potential to open up multi-sided marketplace opportunities. STL offers end-to-end software solutions for creating new-age digital services, building new business models, and opening new revenue streams.Automation & Productivity
Zayo Dives Into Managed SD-WAN With QOS Networks BuyThe acquisition of QOS Networks allows Zayo to provide customers with the choice of VMware’s VeloCloud, Versa Networks, and Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SD-WAN, with plans to add additional services in the works.Network Management
Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie feature now live on iPhone and AndroidTo bolster growth among these users, Microsoft has brought its digital push-to-talk Walkie Talkie feature to multiple devices from Zebra, which makes a range of rugged Android mobile computers and scanning devices for inventory tracking, field operations, transport and so on.Automation & Productivity
FBI, NSA and CISA Warns of Russian Hackers Targeting Critical Infrastructure"Russian state-sponsored APT actors have also demonstrated sophisticated tradecraft and cyber capabilities by compromising third-party infrastructure, compromising third-party software, or developing and deploying custom malware," the agencies said.Security
Net4 Introduces Video Analytics Powered by AWS Wavelength"We are excited that Net4.Vision is now available to our customers. It is powered by AWS Wavelength and uses the 5G network, enabling our customers to reduce the cost of ownership of video analytics solutions whilst simultaneously enabling a scale-on-demand capability."Data & Analytics
Lack of Flexible Software Licensing Costing Vendors, Finds ThalesSurveying more than 400 global ISVs and IDVs, the 2022 Thales State of Software Monetization Report has found that nearly three quarters (74%) of software vendors expect an increase in the delivery of software-as-a-service (SaaS) via the cloud, while two thirds (66%) anticipate increased delivery of software in a hybrid manner that leverages both on-premises and the cloud.Vendor Management
Opendatasoft Raises $25 Million to Democratize Data Access Across Every Organization“We believe that the role of data is fundamentally changing, both within organizations and across society as a whole, and that it is becoming everyone’s business. Thanks to Opendatasoft’s platform, we can all become data people: women and men who consume and use data effortlessly through our channels of choice to enrich our knowledge and lives on a daily basis, just as we do now with other content and information,”Data & Analytics
Microsoft touts first PCs to ship natively with secure Pluton chipAlong with thwarting malware, the Pluton chip handles BitLocker, Windows Hello, and System Guard and might help prevent physical insider attacks. The technology is also being used in Azure Sphere in the cloud.Security
Immersion Analytics Announces Metaverse Platform For Enterprise ISVsAlready proven with Tableau and Qlik business intelligence (BI) software, enterprise application developers leverage our capabilities using already familiar programming languages & frameworks to integrate the best of flat screen and metaverse capabilities.Data & Analytics
EHR Vendor QRS Faces Lawsuit After Healthcare CyberattackIn the filing, the plaintiff argued that QRS failed to adequately safeguard protected health information (PHI) and said that QRS took two months to notify impacted individuals of the data exposure. However, QRS followed procedure and complied with HIPAA by reporting the breach within 60 days of discovery.Privacy & Security
The latest phishing scam to watch out for: fraudulent QR codes on parking metersPolice in several US cities are warning residents not to pay for their parking using QR codes stuck to parking meters. That’s because these codes have been placed there by scammers, who are using them to direct people to fraudulent sites that capture their payment details.Security
Unstoppable Domains launches single sign-on service for web3 apps The company provides domain names as nonfungible tokens, which are represented as cryptographic assets on a blockchain, and can be used with the new service to share data online, including email addresses, NFTs and other information, among the applications they use.Blockchain
A ransomware attack took a New Mexico jail offline, leaving inmates in lockdown A ransomware attack last week has left an Albuquerque area jail without access to its camera feeds and rendered automatic door mechanisms unusable. Inmates have been confined to their cells as a result, while technicians struggled to bring systems back online.Security
Location analytics company Placer.ai nabs $100M to generate insights from foot trafficBut where exactly, does Placer.ai get all this data from? Well, the company has partnerships in place with third-party mobile apps that provide location-based services, with Placer.ai receiving aggregated and anonymized data — meaning that personal identifiers are not shared with the company. Data & Analytics
Aptiv Acquires Wind River for $4.3B“We’re realizing that for these new scenarios to come to life, 5G is going to be the backbone for many of these new artificial intelligence-infused applications, many of these intelligent machines,” he said5G
Elrond bets big on web3 payments in 2022 with the acquisition of leading crypto payments provider UtrustElrond has developed groundbreaking blockchain technology that is intended to serve as the backbone for a new, high bandwidth, low latency, inexpensive financial system that becomes accessible to anyone anywhere.Blockchain
Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile say they’re not blocking Apple’s iCloud Private RelayThe Telegraph reports that Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, and T-Mobile have all signed a joint letter asking the European Commission to block Private Relay, arguing that the feature is “cutting off other networks and servers from accessing vital network data and metadata, including those operators in charge of the connectivity.”Privacy
VMware Tanzu Targets Skills Gap, Shifts Security LeftThe vendor’s open source platform essentially prepackages Kubernetes, meaning developers can define what they need for a specific application, “and the platform takes care of all the rest,”DevOps
Remote Access Trojans spread through Microsoft Azure, AWS cloud service abuseIf a victim attempts to load the disk image, these scripts will trigger. Designed to deploy Nanocore, Netwire, and AsyncRAT, the scripts will reach out to a download server to snag a payload – and this is where a public cloud service comes into play.  Cloud Security
Second Nature raises $12.5M to coach salespeople with AI-powered avatars“Second Nature has collected what it believes is the world’s largest dataset of human-to-AI conversations within a sales environment, based on thousands of hours of sales simulations."Automation & Productivity
AIOps startup BigPanda raises $190M at $1.2B valuation BigPanda’s platform uses AI to identify the most likely root cause of a malfunction. In conjunction, the platform generates a timeline of how the malfunction unfolded. If the timeline indicates, for example, that an application outage was preceded by an error in a relational database on which the application depends, administrators can focus their troubleshooting efforts accordingly.Artificial Intelligence
IBM ramps up sustainability offering with Envizi acquisitionThe big blue said Envizi will be integrated with its existing package of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) AI-powered software, including IBM Maximo asset management solutions, IBM Sterling supply chain solutions, IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, and IBM Turbonomic and Red Hat OpenShift capabilities.Sustainability
Ransomware Gangs Exploit VMware Log4Shell Vulnerability

Microsoft’s findings shed new light on the earlier NHS Digital alert, which warned attackers were “actively targeting Log4Shell vulnerabilities in VMware Horizon servers in an effort to establish web shells.” These web shells can then be used by an attacker to deploy malware, ransomware, and exfiltrate data, the advisory said.

Phishers Rip Off High-Profile EA GamersElectronic Arts (EA) has attributed a recent series of takeovers of high-profile accounts of FIFA Ultimate Team players to “human error” within its customer experience team, some of whom apparently fell prey to a socially engineered phishing attack.Security
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs signs $13M contract with Google Cloud for better API managementFor instance, developers can use the VA's Benefits API to create applications that help veterans submit and track electronic benefits claims. Until recently, veterans weren't able to digitally share their VA records with third-party applications.Automation & Productivity
Workplace management platform Envoy nabs $111M to power the hybrid workforceThe platform supports schedule coordination for booking desks and rooms, welcoming visitors, receiving deliveries, verifying COVID-19 vaccinations and test results, and more.Automation & Productivity
VMware eases app modernization with official launch of Tanzu Application PlatformThe Tanzu Application Platform was first announced in beta test mode in September. It’s an application modernization toolkit that packages various components developers can use to build, deploy and manage apps that run on Kubernetes.DevOps
CISA adds 15 exploited vulnerabilities from Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and more to catalogThe most urgent additions include a VMware vCenter Server Improper Access Control vulnerability, a Hikvision Improper Input Validation vulnerability and a FatPipe WARP, IPVPN, and MPVPN Privilege Escalation vulnerability.Security
Fractal expands cloud AI offerings with the acquisition of Neal AnalyticsNeal Analytics strengthens Fractal’s AI engineering capabilities & cloud-first offerings on Microsoft’s multi cloud ecosystems and enables clients to scale AI and power decisions; It also strengthens Fractal’s presence in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and India.Artificial Intelligence
KCodes NetUSB kernel remote code execution flaw impacts millions of devicesThe vulnerability impacts the KCodes NetUSB kernel module. KCodes solutions are licensed by numerous hardware vendors to provide USB over IP functionality in products including routers, printers, and flash storage devices.Security
AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EC2 Hpc6a InstancesHpc6a instances, powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, expand AWS’s portfolio of HPC compute options and deliver up to 65% better price performance compared to similar compute-optimized Amazon EC2 instances that customers use for HPC workloads today.Cloud
Adobe Acquires Abstract NotebooksNotebooks' technology will simplify the design collaborating process, allowing stakeholders across the creative process to work together and iterate on concepts in real time.Automation & Productivity
Mangata raises $33M for hybrid satellite network with connections to Seattle tech communityThe idea behind Mangata Networks is to create an Earth-orbiting constellation with some satellites in highly elliptical orbit, or HEO, plus others in medium Earth orbit, or MEO. Those satellites would optimize connectivity with an Earth-based system of MangataEdge micro data centers, extending the power of cloud computing to edge networks that would be close to network users.Edge Computing
Stealth startup Polar Security wants to prevent pain deep in the DevOps security vortexPolar’s technology platform, which is agentless and non-intrusive, is claimed to automatically detect all cloud-native data stores, and maintains continuous visibility across cloud accounts, regions, VPCs and subnets, and their shadow dataData Management
Dataprise Expands its DRaaS and Data Protection Offerings with Acquisition of Industry Leader Global Data VaultThe addition of Global Data Vault creates one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of integrated data protection and cybersecurity offerings to solve client’s toughest business resilience, risk mitigation and compliance challenges.Data Management
QNAP: Get NAS Devices Off the Internet NowGet your internet-exposed, network-attached storage (NAS) devices off the internet now, Taiwanese manufacturer QNAP warns: Ransomware and brute-force attacks are widely targeting all network devices.Security
PassiveLogic, which creates digital twins of buildings, lands $34MFounded in 2016, PassiveLogic uses AI-powered “deep physics” models to enable customers to design, build, operate, and manage both buildings and building controls.Automation & Productivity
CircleCI is offering a new free CI/CD plan for DevOps teams with more features CircleCI’s platform provides continuous integration and delivery capabilities for developers and engineers using automated processes to allow for developing and shipping code faster with fewer errors before it goes into production.DevOps
LinkedIn to launch audio events later this monthAs first reported by TechCrunch, LinkedIn’s all-virtual events platform will eventually include moderated panel-style discussions, roundtables, and fireside chats, with the formats left up to the event hosts.Automation & Productivity
LTI Partners With Securonix & Snowflake To Strengthen Cybersecurity OfferingsThe partnership will power LTI’s Active eXtended Detection & Response platform (Active XDR) for early detection of internal and external threats, contextualizing and combating threats with advanced intelligence-led hunting operations, and automating incident response time.Security
European startups Pasqal and Qu&Co join forces to create quantum advantage faster The new entity, which will be known as Pasqal and based in Paris, said it has ambitions to deliver a 1,000-qubit quantum computer by 2023, keeping it on pace with the roadmaps of competitors in the quantum computing space.Quantum Computing
Language I/O aims to strengthen its AI-powered customer service localization serviceCheyenne, Wyoming-based Language I/O aims to deliver solutions specifically for customer service localization, enabling companies to use monolingual agents or chatbots to provide support articles, answer emails, and chat across multiple languages. The startup claims that it can get a customer up and running with translations within 24 days, thanks to the Language I/O platform’s use of AI.Artificial Intelligence
Panasonic data breach compromised job applicant and business partner data Though still not confirmed, the implication, given that access came via a subsidiary, is that user login details were accessed at Panasonic India, giving those behind the data breach access to the server in JapanSecurity
Proofpoint acquires Singapore-based data protection firm DathenaDathena’s service delivers visibility on sensitive files and personal data, with customers being able to control risk and reduce data exposure. The platform’s 360-degree cockpit provides a full view, including automated risk controls, controlled user access and cost savings.Data Management
Nvidia buys high-performance computing cluster management software provider Bright Computing The Bright Cluster Manager will be integrated into its own software stack, it said. By doing so, Nvidia believes, it will make HPC data centers “easier to buy, build and operate” and create a more successful future for HPC.Automation & Productivity
U.S. Government Issues Warning Over Commercial Surveillance Tools“Journalists, dissidents, and other persons around the world have been targeted and tracked using these tools, which allow malign actors to infect mobile and internet-connected devices with malware over both WiFi and cellular data connections."Security
Cloudflare Acquires Startup Zaraz to Secure and Speed Up WebsitesAccording to WebAlmanac data, the median website in 2021 uses 21 third-party solutions on mobile and 23 on desktop and that number can be significantly higher. Despite businesses investing time and resources to optimize their websites, the use of these third-party tools can slow down the performance of their sites and create additional security risks.Automation & Productivity
SafeGraph Launches Market's First Places-Based Transaction DatasetOrganizations rely on SafeGraph for hyper-accurate POI and anonymized foot traffic data as the source of truth for where places are located globally, and how consumers interact with those places. The launch of SafeGraph Spend delivers deeper location intelligence by enabling users to analyze consumer spending behavior at individual businesses in relation to geography and brand.Data & Analytics
Veritone MARVEL.ai Synthetic Voice Solution Supports NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2FaceVeritone, Inc. creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive Enterprise AI platform, announced today its MARVEL.ai synthetic voice solution is now compatible with NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) Omniverse’s™ Audio2Face, an AI-based technology that generates facial motion and lip-sync entirely from an audio source.Artificial Intelligence
IBM wants to exit healthcare by selling its Watson Health businessTech companies don’t have an easy road to secure a foothold in healthcare. Even with their power and flush pockets, tech companies have yet to build a leading solution in this complex industry.Healthcare Tech
SonicWall Patches Y2K22 Bug in Email Security, Firewall ProductsCybersecurity firm SonicWall says it has released patches for some of its email security and firewall products to address a bug that resulted in failed junk box and message log updates.Security
Tsecond Introduces BRYCK World’s Smallest Form Factor To Capture, Process, Move And Store Up To A Petabyte Of Data From Any System, AnywhereCustomers can collect up to a full petabyte (PB) of data, store and recover it at incredibly fast speeds in a media device that fits in the palm of a hand but is tough enough to handle the harshest environments. BRYCK enables the future of edge computing and storage for applications where data density and mobility are key enablers.Data Storage
Critical H2 database console vulnerability shares similarities to Log4j H2 is an open-source relational database management system written in Java. It can be embedded in Java applications or run in client-server mode. H2 is popular as a lightweight in-memory solution that does not require data to be stored on disk. It’s used on platforms such as Spring Noot and ThingWorks.Security
FBI: Cybercriminals are mailing out USB drives that will install ransomwareOne type contained a message impersonating the US Department of Health and Human Services and claimed to be a COVID-19 warning. Other malicious USBs were sent in the post with a gift card claiming to be from Amazon.Security
Invictus and Brivo Partner to Enhance Smart Building Experiences with a Key-Free Life for Multifamily ResidentsWith Brivo, property managers have a robust cloud-based access control solution to keep residents and assets safe and secure. The Brivo API allows the Invictus resident app to embed Brivo mobile credentials, allowing residents to move throughout  the community with ease.Smart Tech
Ontic Expands Real-Time Threat Detection Solution To Help Enterprises Gain Situational Awareness And Take ActionAs part of its launch, the company will integrate location-specific weather data from AccuWeather and enhanced interactive maps alongside the platforms’ already existing data sources including OSINT, real-time news, social media and dark web, technology systems and human intelligence.Security
Vyopta Adds Monitoring Features to Improve Voice Cost Optimization and Calling InsightsWith monitoring and analytics for both on-premises and cloud-based voice developments, Vyopta provides visibility into hybrid — on-premise and cloud — deployments including Microsoft Direct Routing and Calling, multi-vendor UCaaS for voice (e.g., Zoom Phone, RingCentral), PSTN Service Providers, and multi-vendor SBCs (e.g., Cisco, Oracle).Data & Analytics
Pendulum raises $5.9M to help companies identify potentially harmful narratives onlinePendulum’s software is used by corporate risk intelligence groups within Fortune 500 companies to identify risks and opportunities that arise from social media and other online content. It describes its technology as “narrative-based intelligence” which scans video, audio, text, and more.Privacy & Security
AI and computer vision tech startup Avataar raises $45M to improve consumer shopping experience with life-sized 3D models and augmented realityThe company’s patented rendering platform offers plug and play integration into the websites and mobile apps of its client partners, and brings to life the power of spatial depth to consumers’ visual discovery via highly contextual user journeys. Avataar’s proprietary platform acts as an ‘Inside Engine’ powering multiple user experience shifts to interactive life-size Web 3.0, also known as the Metaverse.AR/VR
Meta AI builds speech recognition platform that uses visual cues to filter out background noise Meta AI said AV-HuBERT is the first system of its kind that can jointly model speech and lip movements from unlabeled video that hasn’t been transcribed.Artificial Intelligence
Solana’s decentralized exchange foundation Serum raises $100M from institutional investors to expand its networkThe fund focuses on several key areas of growth across the Serum network, providing funding and developmental support to up and coming Serum ecosystem projects such as DeFi, NFTs, gaming, metaverse and DAO tooling.Blockchain
Meta claims its AI improves speech recognition quality by reading lipsMoreover, the company says, AV-HuBERT outperforms the former best audiovisual speech recognition system using one-tenth of the labeled data — making it potentially useful for languages with little audio data.Artificial Intelligence
CES 2022: Intel expands its Evo empireWhile the company is expanding Evo to focus on more elements of a PC's internals, it will ring Evo beyond the bounds of the PC, starting with certifying Thunderbolt accessories and extending to Bluetooth devicesAutomation & Productivity
Fresh Warnings Issued Over Abuse of Google ServicesOnce they have obtained the verification code, the scammer can create a Google Voice number linked to the victim’s real phone number. They can then use the phone number to scam others and hide their identity. The verification code can also be used to access and hijack the victim’s Gmail account, the FBI said.Privacy & Security
Thundercomm Launches New Edge ProductsBesides, the built-in OSware.Edge framework enables EB2 to connect with various devices, such as cameras, NVRs, access control easily, and achieve remote upgrade of firmware, algorithms and applications efficiently through the synergy among devices, edge and clouds.Edge Computing
Amazon tests new wireless bridge to extend range of Sidewalk network by up to 5 miles or moreCalled the “Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring,” the device signals the company’s ambitions to expand the Sidewalk network beyond residential neighborhoods to connect sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices in business settings, college campuses and remote locations.Smart Cities
Microsoft Teases 5G Cloud Core Progress Post-AT&T DealAzure for Operators, now combined with the crown jewels of AT&T’s seven-year effort in SDN and network virtualization, includes more than 60 cloud-native network functions (CNF) and virtual network functions (VNF) from 15 vendors,5G
Data-driven waste management platform RoadRunner raises $70MBuilt on machine learning, the RoadRunner platform can predict the volumes of materials that are generated by different industries, and what containers will most efficiently organize the estimated waste for recycling.Data & Analytics
LinkedIn joins the club, revealing it will soon launch live audio and video events LinkedIn hopes its creator community will take the reins and host virtual events around matters such as how to get ahead in a career, although the company also said that less formal chats will also take place. At some point, it’s hoped, large companies will host events through the platform.Automation & Productivity
DeepBrain AI Grasps Attention At CES 2022 With Its AI Human Imbedded AI Kiosks.“AI Kiosks” leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence with its human-based AI avatars that inform, solve, and guide users through thousands of possible scenarios and real time interactions.Artificial Intelligence
Big-data analytics firm Alteryx buys rival Trifacta in $400M dealAlteryx sells so-called extract, transform and load or ETL tools that are used to prepare companies’ data for analysis. Its platform offers baked-in connectivity to business intelligence tools such as Experian and Tableau.Data & Analytics
Lone Worker Solution From Guardhat Brings Cutting-Edge Connectivity, Proactive Safety To Frontline WorkersThe Lone Worker solution automates critical safety alerts and incident management so that industrial operators that work alone, distributed, or in remote locations get home safe at the end of each shift.Automation & Productivity
TriNetX Launches Machine Learning Capabilities On Global Real-World Data“BYOM provides the building blocks for machine learning with real-world data, and the TriNetX network serves as the global distribution channel to study patients of interest quickly and easily,” Data & Analytics
Your Google home speakers are about to get slightly worse because Sonos sued and wonWhen news of the patent decision broke, Google told The Verge it had gotten non-infringing designs approved by the ITC. Sonos warned, however, that Google might have to “degrade or eliminate product features” to be compliant, and that certainly seems to be what’s happeningAutomation & Productivity
Launch Factory Raises $6 Million to Launch Computer Vision AI StartupsIn the coming weeks, Launch Factory will select the areas that new companies will focus on. Promising markets includes automotive self-driving, AI security processing, real time sports analytics and video search indexing.Artificial Intelligence
HP adds two new Dragonfly models to its business lineupThe HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook, more intriguingly, will bring a Chrome OS platform to the line for the first time. That could be the premium, well-built device for which Chrome OS fans in the business sphere have been waiting.Automation & Productivity
Microsoft Teams just got this video feature after 'overwhelming' requests from usersAdmins can disable the auto-expiration feature now it's going to be on by default. Once rolled out, all new recordings automatically expire 60 days after they are recorded if no action is taken.Automation & Productivity
Moogsoft And Alesia Labs Team Up To Offer Greater Observability FeaturesThrough this partnership, Moogsoft will enhance Alesia’s observability portfolio with AIOps capabilities, such as noise reduction, anomaly detection and insight enrichment.Data & Analytics
Google Chrome rival Brave reports another big jump in usersBrave argues that people want private browsers with tools that let them unshackle from the ad-sponsored internet that funds Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.Privacy
AWS simplifies cloud data auditing with AWS CloudTrail Lake CloudTrail Lake is a managed audit and security lake for cloud customers that can be used to aggregate, immutably store and query activity logs for auditing, security investigation and operational troubleshooting purposes.Cloud
French data regulator to hit Google and Meta with big fines for privacy violations The fines come as a result of the companies’ failure to give French netizens an easy way to reject their cookie tracking technology. And though the amounts may seem minuscule compared to the multibillion-dollar revenues of the two companies, CNIL will apply further penalties of €100,000 each day if they don’t fix their practices and give French users an easy way to opt out of being tracked.Privacy
Scientists create “breakthrough” technology to separate plastic typesThe accuracy of this new technology is greater than the NIR technology, and can decipher the chemical purity in the composition, a vital component to be able to increase the recycling rate of waste plastic.Sustainability
ReadyWorks nabs $8M for AI that orchestrates enterprise infrastructureThe platform analyzes information about endpoints, users, apps, and their interdependencies; defines the rules for change; and uses AI, machine learning, and automation to implement those changes. Automation & Productivity
LambdaTest launches HyperTest, the world's fastest cloud-based web app and website testing platformLambdaTest, a leading test execution platform, has launched HyperTest, a next-gen smart testing platform to help businesses run end-to-end Selenium tests at the fastest speed possible.Automation & Productivity
Biometric authentication company iProov raises $70MThe technology, which companies embed into their software via a software development kit (SDK), leans on iProov’s so-called “genuine presence assurance” smarts, which ensures that the person trying to access a service is in fact a real person (e.g. not a photo or other representation) and that they are also the right person.Privacy & Security
Attackers Exploit Flaw in Google Docs’ Comments FeatureAttackers are using the “Comments” feature of Google Docs to send malicious links in a phishing campaign targeted primarily at Outlook users, researchers have discovered.Security
Ocean analytics startup Scoot Science unveils a new tool to unlock a new path for impact investors and help ocean-based salmon farms operate more sustainablyFounded in 2017, Scoot Science is the forerunner of ocean analytics and forecasting. The team of oceanographers and data scientists is creating the first transparent, comprehensive, data-driven tools measuring the impact and risk of ocean conditions on salmon farms globallySustainability
FTC threatens to take legal action against companies that don’t patch Log4j “Not addressing Log4j is worse than leaving your doors and windows unlocked and inviting an intruder in to raid your shelves, because it puts the data so many organizations collect on individuals at risk as well.”Security
Google wants to make Android work better with Windows PCs and other devices Fast Pair will be expanded to support auto-switching between devices, faster pairing to Google TV and Android TV, and more devices. The company is also planning to adopt the Fast Pair framework to help Android users install smart home devices more quickly.Automation & Productivity
Ulisse Launches New Radar and Computer Vision PlatformFrom retail and office buildings to pedestrian areas and public transportation, the camera-free platform includes self-installing sensors and algorithms to quickly adapt to every situation and provide real-time analytics, delivering highly accurate data while maintaining privacy.Data & Analytics
Online whiteboarding platform Miro raises $400M to power the future of workThe Miro platform, which now claims some 30 million users, can be used to stage meetings and workshops, run brainstorming sessions, plan sprints, and illustrate complex concepts visually through mapping and diagramming — all built upon a web-based whiteboard and “zoomable” canvas.Automation & Productivity
Sensory debuts new voice and vision AI services in the cloud The company reckons the advantage of SensoryCloud.ai is that it gives customers full control over how their AI systems are deployed and how the data they generate is managed and accessed. It also boasts a platform-agnostic AI inference engine that’s accessible through an easy-to-use application programming interface.Artificial Intelligence
GoodData Adds Advanced Analytics to the Freshworks Marketplace"Freshworks recognized the need for its maketplace to offer an analytics platform that tells a customer-centric, accessible story with data, and our solutions make it possible for Freshworks to implement immediately and scale"Data & Analytics
Apple Maps aims at business with Snapshots for email, webIf you run a public-facing business, this would be a good time to take a look at Apple’s latest Maps enhancement. It allows companies to add a useful map to emails, websites or elsewhere.Apps
Xage lands $30M to bring identity security to ‘real world’ infrastructure“We are helping to create identity and create authenticity even in older legacy equipment. And that’s a key enabler to allowing zero trust to be used in these real-world environments,” he said.Security
Intel Announces 12th Gen Core Processor for IoT“From enabling rich visual experiences across a variety of clients, to running mixed criticality workloads on a single edge platform, the 12th Gen Intel Core processors empower our customers to take the biggest step yet toward creating a software-defined world at the edge,”Automation & Productivity
Feds Step Up Cybersecurity Support for State GovernmentsThe coordinators have resources to help organizations develop their plans, and provide workshops for state, local, tribal and territorial partners to raise awareness of cybersecurity best practices.Security
Meta reportedly shuts down plans to build custom AR/VR operating system According to news revealed by The Information today, the abandoned project was called XROS, a call-back to XR, a term for extended reality. The objective was to build a custom operating system that would give Meta deep control of all its AR/VR devices on every layer of hardware.Emerging Tech
M-Files Launches Smart Content Migration with New Intelligence Service Offering Moving to the cloud continues to be a top priority, but content migration can often be a challenging and costly task for businesses. With Smart Migration, M-Files customers can easily and systematically migrate documents from external repositories into M-Files and automatically classify and add metadata to the migrated content.Document Management
Ivanti links smart devices to bring automation to supply chain operations With Ivanti Neurons for IIoT, available now, companies can create low-code or no-code applications to link these disparate smart devices with existing systems in order to automate and enhance their supply chain processes.IoT
Microsoft’s Pluton security processor debuts on AMD chips in new Lenovo ThinkPad laptopsLenovo unveiled two new laptops made out of materials including recycled aluminum and “recycled black vegan leather,” delivered in packaging made from compostable bamboo and sugarcane. But beneath the environmentally friendly hardware there’s another innovation: Microsoft’s Pluton security processor.Sustainability
Search.io Launches New Platform to Overhaul E-Commerce Site SearchSearch.io’s Neuralsearch is built on a new type of artificial intelligence algorithm and processing engine that utilizes neural hashing, which combines the power of vector search with blazing fast performance and self-learning capabilities.Automation & Productivity
Recorded Future Acquires SecurityTrailsSecurityTrails’ technology collects hundreds of data points at an internet-wide scale, correlating and normalizing to get a near real-time snapshot as well as a historical view of all assets on the internet at any given timeSecurity
Fractal Analytics raises $360M to help companies analyze big dataWith a workforce of over 3,500 employees spread across 16 locations including the U.S., Ukraine, Australia, and India, Fractal delivers products including Theremin.ai, an intelligent investment advisor; the anomaly-finding Eugenie.ai; and Samya.ai, an enterprise revenue growth management tool.Data & Analytics
Blockchain-based video streaming service Livepeer raises $20M The company has a variety of use cases for its peer-to-peer video streaming network, with the most common surrounding creator economies and 24×7 streams. These two categories, in particular, require a lot of transcoding for content delivery and without scalability and cheaper solutions would be impossible to upkeep for smaller businesses.Blockchain
Seattle investors back new startup Pictory that aims to automate short-form video production“We saw how AI was being used for content creation (GPT-3, e.g.) and we saw how design was being democratized (Canva, e.g.) and we came up with the idea of Pictory — AI to democratize video production,"Automation & Productivity
Data Skimmer Hits 100+ Sotheby’s Real-Estate WebsitesUpon closer inspection, all of the compromised sites belonged to one parent company (Sotheby’s), which imported the same video player, infested with malicious scripts, from the cloud video platform.Security
Data Insight Company Bearex Launches Groundbreaking New Business Software and ServiceBearex’s custom data entry applications, data visualization, and EOS implementation services with a qualified EOS implementer, will allow business owners to focus on their master plan rather than minutia.Data & Analytics
Qualcomm, Microsoft partner on metaverse chip for AR glassesHe said that future devices from the collaboration will work with a Microsoft software product called Mesh that allows users to beam a realistic likeness of themselves into the headset of another user so that it feels like the two people are in the same room.AR
FINX SHIELD Will Disrupt Data Threat As Newest Cybersecurity VanguardBuilding on this, FINX SHIELD will utilize big data and blockchain, powering Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the cybersecurity technology landscape. By collecting big data and incentivizing individuals and organisations, FINX SHIELD’s end goal is to make threat data freely available to the general public.Security
Genpact Expands Its Experience Business, Rightpoint, with the Acquisition of Hoodoo DigitalHoodoo Digital’s expertise with Adobe Experience Manager and other Adobe applications adds to Rightpoint’s existing capabilities to provide clients with an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates digital content, ecommerce, data analytics, and marketing operations.Digital Transformation
Purple Fox rootkit discovered in malicious Telegram installersThis week, the Minerva Labs cybersecurity team, working with MalwareHunterTeam, said that Purple Fox is being disguised through a file named "Telegram Desktop.exe." Those that believe they are installing the popular messaging service are, instead, becoming laden with the malware -- and the infection process has made it more difficult to detect.Security
Deeplite Accelerates AI on Arm CPUs Using Ultra-Compact QuantizationDeepliteRT solves this challenge with an innovative way to run ultra-compact quantized models on commodity Arm processors, while at the same time maintaining model accuracy.Artificial Intelligence
Israeli battery startup StoreDot develops extremely fast battery cells that take EV charging from hours to 5 minutes; lands $80M led by VinFastBy replacing known materials and technologies with enhanced electrochemical properties, StoreDot’s proprietary compounds, combined with nano-materials, are optimized for Extreme Fast Charging – XFC of electric vehiclesEmerging Tech
Speed demon: Samsung and Intel demo PCIe gen 5 SSD setupIntel has released a video for CES showing how Samsung’s PCIe gen 5.0-using PM1743 SSD performs when hooked up to a server host powered by Intel’s Core i9-12900K CPU. The demo bod showed a PCIe gen 4 SSD delivering 7GB/sec of throughput while Sammy’s PM1743 pumped out 13.8GB/sec, nearly double.Automation & Productivity
E-Commerce tech startup Whitebox bags $20 million in funding to help brands and manufacturers win more salesIts proprietary Omnifi technology is powering greater insight across e-commerce channels to increase sales and reduce costs for customers. On the logistics front, Whitebox is building out its network capacity to deliver even greater flexibility and customization for clients with increasingly complex needs.Automation & Productivity
Sega Europe exposes data via misconfigured AWS S3 bucket “It’s difficult to speculate what could have been done with the keys, but over the course of 2021, we saw a number of breaches in the gaming industry that affected big names like Twitch and Electronic Arts.”Security
Bodo and Xilinx Collaborate To Bring Python Simplicity to Large-Scale Media ProcessingThe move is designed to benefit developers of media workflows who, for the first time, will be able to write simple Python code yet access the highest levels of parallel performance available from FPGA clustersDevOps
Startup seeks to make energy-hogging air conditioners obsolete The patented two-stage system evaporates a portion of the water from the salt solution, thereby increasing its concentration. Like a squeezed-out sponge, the concentrated salt solution can then absorb and store water from the air.Sustainability
Google acquires Israeli cybersecurity company Siemplify for $500 million"We both share the belief that security analysts need to be able to solve more incidents with greater complexity while requiring less effort and less specialized knowledge. "Security
Bot mitigation company Human Security raises $100M“The bot problem is one of the most important cybersecurity problems of modern times and verifying humanity is fundamental to the security and integrity of the internet as we know it."Security
Data Management Software Firm Liqid Raises $100 Million to Expand In the public cloud, computing services and infrastructure are managed over the internet by third-party providers. Companies can allocate or reallocate services without having to install or remove hardware. Liqid aims to bring this kind of agility to on-premises data centers, particularly for tasks that require high-performance computing or artificial intelligence.Data Management
Smart Water For A Smarter Home: Moen Leads The Way With Industry’s First Whole-Home Connected Water Product Suite“Our Moen Smart Water Network gives people the power to tap into the unseen network of water flowing through the pipes and valves behind the walls of their home – so they can control, enjoy and conserve the water running through their lives in ways never before possible.”Sustainability
Blackbaud Acquires EVERFI, A SaaS Leader Powering Corporate ESG And CSR Initiatives That Reach Millions Of Learners Each YearEVERFI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has pioneered the field of Impact-as-a-Service™ (IaaS). Through a combination of cloud-based software and its unique community engagement ecosystem, EVERFI enables private, public and social sector organizations to respond to some of most pressing challenges through education, activating community engagement at scale, delivered as a serviceEDTech
ThirdEye announces lightweight mixed-reality smartglasses for consumers ThirdEye also includes its remote-assistance app RemoteEye, which allows remote technicians to provide real-time help for in-home tasks such as repairs using cameras built into the glasses to see what the user is looking at and then add information to their visual field to assist.AR
Avalanche Computing Launches Revolutionary Low-Code AI Tool at CES 2022hAIsten AI is a game changer: the low-code AI software leverages multi-GPUs to speed up AI development and shortens the AI development cycle from years to months.Artificial Intelligence
Optimizing Data Safety, NetFay Launches Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Private Data PlatformThe Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Private Data Platform provides remote office service access to data collaboration and group sharing. People do not need to upload private data to the public cloud, allowing companies cost-saving as it does not require monthly fees to extend more storage space.Data & Analytics
Rewind Adds Backups for Microsoft 365 to SaaS PortfolioThe addition of Backups for Microsoft 365, is another step forward in Rewind’s journey to backing up the entire cloud and becoming the leading data recovery provider for SaaS solutions.Cloud
How DevOps platform Zeet accelerates application deploymentThe solution connects to a cloud account and automates traditionally manual DevOps tasks, allowing a team to quickly go from code to a scalable application.DevOps
Meet Mojo Lens, the world’s first AR smart contact lenses that eliminate screens and let you connect to the internet right from the front of your eyesNow imagine if you can eliminate computer and phone screens with invisible augmented reality (AR) smart contact lenses. While this may sound like science fiction, this is exactly what the team at Mojo Vision has done.Emerging Tech
Verofax Secures $1.5M In Pre-Series A To Expand Its Traceability As A Service OfferingVerofax utilizes patented technology incorporating Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to provide ‘Traceability as a Service’, enabling brands to turn their offline products interactive, and manage their entire supply chain to trace goods, fend off counterfeit activities, and improve manufacturers’ productivity.Automation & Productivity
AIMMO bags $12M Series A to advance data labeling technologythe startup has three data annotation tools: AIMMO DaaS, which manages sensor fusion data for autonomous vehicle corporations; AIMMO GtaaS, a turnkey-based platform for big data; and AIMMO Enterprises, launched in 2020, a web-based SaaS annotation labeling tool using cloud architecture.Data & Analytics
Samsung Is Putting NFTs on Smart TVs Because Nothing Makes Sense AnymoreWhile Samsung says that the need for a solution to “today’s fragmented [NFT] viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater,” it’s tough to imagine that we’re boldly heading into a future where NFTs are prevalent enough that people are using their TVs to display and shop for themBlockchain
Penguin Releases The Decentralized Data Network For Web3.0But what the current crypto arena lacks is an independent & one-stop web service that includes a high-performance smart contract blockchain together with a decentralized storage solution. The Penguin network brings in a universal decentralized data network specifically designed for Web 3.0.Blockchain
Microsoft addresses Exchange bug that blocked emails starting on New Year’s DayAccording to a blog post from the Exchange team, the bug struck on Jan. 1 and related to a date-check feature with the change to the year. The team emphasized that it was not a failure of the antivirus engine in Exchange, malware scanning or the malware engine.Automation & Productivity
Automating Ads With Knorex XPO Artificial IntelligenceLeveraging on Knorex proprietary AI engine, KAIROS; producing ads can now be faster and easier than ever. KAIROS analyzes the destination URL provided and generates five variations of ads with different creatives, headlines, and body texts within seconds.Automation & Productivity
Samsung’s new smart monitor can control your IoT devices, stream games, and moreSamsung’s also integrating a SmartThings IoT Hub into the M8, allowing you to see a floor map of your various smart devices and control them directly from the smart monitor.IoT
Fiverr Introduces Inspire, An Engaging And Interactive Mobile Experience Built For Visual Discovery And IdeationThis innovative and intuitive new product was designed to help customers discover the incredible talent that is available to them through Fiverr. It also serves as a means to discover the array of services and capabilities that can be beneficial to their business or project needs.Automation & Productivity
Pango Group Launches VantageIQ, a Proprietary, Data Intelligence Software Platform to Support Consistent Business Growth and Recurring Revenue“Identifying a recurring revenue model within the financial services industry has historically been a challenge. In an industry traditionally viewed as purely transactional, we set out to solve this problem by aggregating both internal and external data sets that empower us to predict and forecast future business,”Data & Analytics

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