Automation Solutions with an AI Component
  • 09 Apr 2024
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Automation Solutions with an AI Component

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We collect a lot of news and have separated the announcements of new solutions/services that automate a process and have an AI component. The Title/Link and Category columns are sortable.

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AI book publishing platform Spines raises $6.5M to disrupt centuries-old industry

Spines uses AI to automate much of the publishing process. It has developed various algorithms that can handle essential tasks such as editing, proofreading, formatting and cover design, though authors also have the option of paying extra for a human editor. In any case, each book is assigned a human production manager who will oversee the entire process, guiding authors through every step, from the time they first upload their manuscript until the book is actually published.

Mode Inc. raises $8.75M to build generative AI assistant for the internet of things

Mode leaned on its years of experience with construction companies to understand what pain points workers and managers were suffering in the field. Although data is constantly flowing from IoT devices and sensors, and real-time information is getting into reports, it’s not useful if it cannot be accessed in real time.

Northspyre Unveils “Northspyre AI”, Including Industry-First Generative AI Tool for Bidding Process

Northspyre, the leading real estate development platform for project delivery and capital management, announced the launch of Northspyre AI – the first real estate-specific generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to drive down costs by eliminating scope gaps in the construction bidding process and proactively flagging cost-saving opportunities on every line item.

AI startup Axion Ray raises $17.5M to enhance technical issue detection for manufacturers

Axion Ray claims that, on average, poor product quality costs manufacturers up to 10% of their annual revenue. By leveraging the AI platform, customers have increased product quality while decreasing downtime by an average of 27%, leading to improved customer experience and, on average, a 16% reduction in warranty and service costs.

Zapier Acquires Vowel, Launches Zapier Central to Lead AI Automation Evolution

The Vowel team’s valuable expertise in AI has been instrumental in the development of Zapier’s newest product, Zapier Central. Available today in public preview, Zapier Central is a new AI workspace where customers can build, teach, and work hand-in-hand with AI bots—customized with their data—to handle tasks across 6,000+ apps and help them accelerate their business.

Persistent Accelerates Digital Engineering with AI-Powered SASVA Platform

SASVA adopts a distinctive method by constructing a comprehensive knowledge base from vast datasets, including millions of code repositories and documents. Hybrid language models enable efficient utilization, with continual secure training on customer data sourced from various platforms like version control, ticketing systems, project management tools, and collaboration platforms

InvGate’s AI Hub automatically generates knowledge articles from IT incidents

In other words, IT team customers of InvGate who choose to access the new AI Hub (it’s available as an included update in current pricing) can select which incident response conversations they wish to turn into knowledge base articles, run them through the InvGate AI Hub tool, and out comes not only a new article, but a conversational chatbot version of it that you can ask questions and receive responses about that specific type of issue.

Salesforce launches two new AI tools for doctors and healthcare workers

At the forefront is the innovative “Einstein Copilot: Health Actions,” a tool empowering physicians to seamlessly manage appointments, summarize patient information, and facilitate referrals through AI-driven conversational prompts. This breakthrough, detailed in a recent release, underscores Salesforce’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare workflows.

Bolt Express Develops New AI /ML System to Revolutionize Digital Freight Matching

This new digital system streamlines the freight matching process by seamlessly integrating via API, EDI, or XML with high-volume shipping accounts. For all other ad-hoc customer shippers, Bolt simplifies shipment set-up by using the power of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to read and instantly process new requests submitted via email, phone, or text, to ensure they receive a timely solution to their most challenging and urgent shipping problems.

Appian Unifies Generative AI, Enterprise Data, and End-to-End Process Automation

The release also introduces Appian Case Management Studio, an AI-powered case management designer with out-of-the-box modules to quickly launch apps for complex casework. The new release also enhances Appian’s Data Fabric Analytics across the Appian data fabric, empowering every Appian user with a powerful AI-assisted business intelligence capability.

Fast Forward Backs Autogon to Advance No-Code AI Solutions Delivered in Minutes

Autogon’s platform offers a drag-and-drop interface that enables users to build AI models in minutes – without prior knowledge or technical skills. The interface also features a marketplace with ready to go AI models.

Mechanical Orchard updates mainframe migration with AI

It says it uses iterative, AI-enhanced, and reverse engineering approaches to move large enterprise apps off mainframe systems and into the cloud.

Microsoft introduces generative AI copilot for finance teams

Copilot for Finance focuses on the work that finance teams are embedded in day to day, the company said, drawing on the essential context of enterprise data and context such as financial sources. That includes traditional Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as Microsoft 365, SAP and the Microsoft Graph.

Jamix emerges with $3M pre-seed and model-agnostic enterprise AI assistant

The first is a search across apps: instead of having the user toggle back and forth for a piece of information they’re looking for, the Jamix search bar returns results from across all the different apps it is connected to via API backends, be it an email application, Slack or Google Docs, allowing the user to see and access that information more quickly and easily. Jamix refers to these as the enterprise’s “data sources.”

Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot AI assistant into beta

The new copilot is also set up with pre-defined “actions” that allow it to perform a variety of business tasks that are associated with the application that it is running alongside that take the burden off the user. These out-of-the-box actions are already configured out-of-the-box, Govindarajan explained, and could trigger events such as committing sales events, completing tickets or completing single action items. partners with Ritual Network to boost the AI computing landscape

Ritual is currently building a sovereign chain for AI, utilizing software that enables decentralized inference, model marketplaces, and heterogenous proofs, along with modular tools that help bridge AI to on-chain workloads.

Finpilot, a Seattle startup using generative AI to help financial analysts with research, raises $4M

The company’s aim is to help financial analysts speed up their investment workflows. It lets users ask questions about financial documents — SEC documents, call transcripts, research reports, etc. — and spits out answers immediately. The answers are linked to original sources to avoid hallucination.

Google brings its generative AI writing aid to any website through Chrome

Google described the tool in a blog post today as an “experimental writing AI aid” and says that it works with any text box on any website. So when the user stumbles upon one, they can open up the Help Me Write window within Chrome’s settings and provide a simple writing prompt to get it going.

Adobe unveils new AI-powered audio features in Premiere Pro

If you have ever edited a video with dialogue, you know how difficult it can be to remove background noise while still keeping the speech audible enough to listen to. Enhance Speech, which is now officially out of beta, leverages AI to reduce background noise and improve the sound quality of the clip with one click.

New Milestone in AI as One Network Launches AI Assistant for Supply Chain

NEO Assistant™ is fully aware of the real-time state of the user’s supply chain and re-evaluates its assumptions when this state changes. NEO Assistant™ constantly understands problems in the supply chain as they occur and will suggest intelligent and executable Smart Prescriptions™ which can be executed with a single click. Smart Prescriptions™ are generated where the user has configured the system to run semi-autonomously rather than fully autonomously to allow users an opportunity to review and channel decisions.

Dolbey Announces AI Assist, Generative AI for Healthcare Workflow Automation

With the use of AI Assist, healthcare providers can automatically generate a suggested impression and recommendation, summarize a report with a bulleted or numbered list, enhance the completeness of medical report documentation, suggest ICD-10 billing codes, and build unique AI-driven workflows in combination with the Fusion Narrate shortcut builder.

Exclusive: VectorShift raises $3M to modularize LLM application development

The New York-based startup was founded by Harvard alumni Alex Leonardi and Albert Mao. VectorShift provides enterprises with an end-to-end AI platform, where users can simply drag and drop components to build, deploy and maintain production-grade LLM workflows, search engines, assistants and automations.

Novity grabs $7.8M in funding to streamline industrial predictive maintenance with AI

Novity’s TruPrognostics AI platform gets around these issues using a combination of machine learning, physics-based models of common machine faults and internet of things sensors. According to the startup, this unique combination enables it to predict failures and downtime with an accuracy of 85% in production scenarios. The startup says its platform is fully configurable and can take into account the specific way in which customers run their machines.

Cloudinary’s Low-Code Workflow Automation Platform Moves into General Availability

Cloudinary, the image and video platform that powers many of the world’s top brands, announced that MediaFlows by Cloudinary, a low-code platform used to automate visual media workflows, is now generally available. MediaFlows’ generative AI technology FlowAI empowers users to build media-focused workflows simply by typing what they want to achieve, and letting FlowAI create the workflow for them.

Exclusive: Hummingbird launches AI-powered automation product for financial crime investigations

“For example, if I was at a payment card company, I might be looking at 15 to 30 different data sources that represent a specific customer’s activity. It’s slow, pretty tedious work. Data fragmentation is one of the major issues. And then later on, you might be audited for why you made certain decisions related to that account and how you handled it, so your decision-making process needs to be transparent. All those things make this a unique market for applications of AI, of machine learning, of different algorithms.”

A smartphone without apps? This AI assistant aims to replace them all

For example, if you wanted to book a trip, instead of having to visit several apps yourself to complete the task, you would ask your phone via voice or text to do it for you, and it would take the necessary steps to do so, without you having to open any apps.

This new AI Assistant from Adobe lets you chat with your PDFs at no additional cost

In addition to asking questions about the content of the document, users can also ask the AI Assistant to generate text based on the content. For example, they can ask for an email that summarizes the findings of the document. Users can then copy and paste the summary elsewhere via a "copy" button.

LTIMindtree Unveils Navisource.AI: Revolutionizing Procurement CoPilot on Canvas.AI Platform

Navisource.AI revolutionizes procurement with AI, streamlining processes from requisition to risk management. It integrates with LLM and Model Catalogs via Canvas.AI, enhancing enterprise workflows. Compatible with Ariba and SAP S/4HANA, it provides comprehensive navigational and decision-making support.

Matterport Launches Property Intelligence: Transforming Real Estate with AI and Automation

Leveraging years of innovation in spatial data and AI, Matterport’s new suite of AI-powered features revolutionizes property analytics, enhancing Marketing, Design, Construction, and Facilities Management solutions

Slack AI is here, letting you catch up on lengthy threads and unread messages

Slack is launching a suite of built-in AI features that serve up summaries of threads and channel recaps, while also allowing you to ask questions about what’s been going on at work. The workplace management platform first started testing Slack AI last year, but now it’s rolling out as a paid add-on for Slack Enterprise users.

VAST Data and Run:ai Unveil Full-Stack Solution for Next-Gen AI Workloads

The platform caters to various needs, from supporting data scientists’ interactive environments to improving large-scale training and reliable, scalable inference. Run:ai’s Open Architecture ensures a future-proof, collaborative platform that integrates with a broad ecosystem of industry leaders

Looking for more intelligence from meetings? is taking a shot with ‘Meeting GenAI’

A user could for example get a summary from a dozen different meetings, ask about the key takeaways and get the next steps. The AI chat capability is also now coming to the Channels capability in Otter, so multiple users in the same organization can now chat with Otter AI as part of a channel conversation.

Zylon launches to take away the pain of generative AI adoption for SMBs

This framework allows Zylon’s SMB customers and their end-users, the non-technical employees, to simply upload the documents and files they want gen AI’s help with — say, invoices that need processing or transcripts that need editing and summarizing — and then click on buttons that describe the actions they want to take.

Proxima Introduces Pioneering AI-Powered Customer Support Solution

With CallPilot, Proxima aims to replace outdated manuals and complex knowledge base articles. The AI-powered chat interface ensures that agents can access comprehensive and relevant information around the clock. This modernized knowledge management leads to faster issue resolution and, in turn, improved customer satisfaction.

TCDI Partners with Altumatim to Elevate AI-Powered Document Review and Data Intelligence

With this partnership, TCDI’s clients can now enhance their review processes like never before. By incorporating Altumatim into TCDI’s workflows, TCDI can provide visibility into the methods used for identifying and coding documents for review, privilege, and responsiveness. In addition, they can also help their clients discern the best evidence for a case by learning the story involved, facilitating analysis and connection between ESI and the important parts of the story

Pegasystems debuts generative AI-powered application design tool

The company argues that innovation in application development is being stifled and sabotaged because existing processes do not stimulate design thinking, nor do they attempt to align the needs of the various stakeholders involved in the process. Although generative AI can help to accelerate application design, existing models are much more focused on churning out software code than enhancing existing application workflows.

Acceldata supercharges data observability with new AI copilot

Built on this AI technology,… we are delivering an AI copilot that eliminates manual configuration hassles, reduces setup time, enables automatic monitoring of data anomalies, and fosters collaboration and contributions from non-technical users,

Kyndryl teams up with Google Cloud on responsible generative AI

The partners will also apply the Google Cloud Cortex Framework to enterprise resource planning (ERP). Kyndryl will utilize Google Cloud’s Cortex Framework to extract maximum value from customers’ ERP data, enhancing productivity and delivering profound business insights.

Apple releases ‘MGIE’, a revolutionary AI model for instruction-based image editing

MGIE, which stands for MLLM-Guided Image Editing, leverages multimodal large language models (MLLMs) to interpret user commands and perform pixel-level manipulations. The model can handle various editing aspects, such as Photoshop-style modification, global photo optimization, and local editing.

Cimba.AI emerges from stealth with $1.25M pre-seed to help enterprises build AI agents

Headquartered in Seattle, Cimba’s web-based platform allows enterprises to create custom AI agents to aid employees in their workflows; pull data in useful forms like dashboards and graphs; and streamline recurring business operations, drawing upon each enterprise’s distinct, relevant, contextual and proprietary data.

Nylas boosts performance and folds generative AI into its API platform

New features include real-time bounce notifications, scheduled sending and Smart Compose, a generative AI-powered feature that the company said allows users to create quick drafts of well-structured and contextual emails based on large datasets and user prompts.

Colossyan raises $22M to grow its AI-powered corporate training video production platform

Colossyan is the creator of a generative AI-powered platform that’s designed to simplify video creation, primarily with training purposes in mind. The video creation process involves inputting a script, selecting from a diverse range of avatars or creating your own, and then simply clicking on a button to generate the actual footage, all without conventional filming resources such as video cameras, studios and actors.

Nomad Go raises $1.5M to power computer vision software that automatically counts inventory

Using an iPad or iPhone rather than relying on manual counts by employees using pencil and paper, Nomad Go’s Metashelf combines edge AI computer vision, spatial computing and augmented reality to scan inventory and get instantaneous counts of items.

Robin AI’s legal copilot gets $26M venture infusion

The Robin copilot, which is available as a free Microsoft Word add-in, can be used to create contracts in minutes, review existing contracts using plain language prompts and identify and propose edits. Robin AI says its technology can cut the time required to review contracts by over 80%, reduce costs by 75% and limit the risk that important details will be missed during reviews.

Open source AI voice cloning arrives with MyShell’s new OpenVoice model

Unlike other voice cloning apps, I was not forced to read a specific chunk of text in order for OpenVoice to clone my voice. I simply spoke extemporaneously for a few seconds, and the model generated a voice clone that I could play back nearly immediately, reading the text prompt I provided.

ShibaGPT Launches an AI-Powered Promotion System

At first glance, ShibaGPT may be mistakenly perceived as just another meme coin, but it surpasses that notion by embodying a one-of-a-kind AI-powered promotion system, driven by the ChatGPT API. At its core, ShibaGPT possesses the remarkable capability to assimilate successful marketing strategies, autonomously create PR materials, and effectively promote itself on relevant forums and social networks.

BlipCut Introduces AI Video Translator: A Brand-New AI Tool

BlipCut prioritizes simplicity, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned creators can easily integrate these features into their projects. The aim is to empower users to explore the full potential of AI in multimedia creation.

IPFone Introduces “IPFoneMate”: A New Era in Customer Assistance with ChatGPT Bot for Webex

The OpenAI/ChatGPT bot is specifically customized for each business or industry, drawing on the company’s own resources such as learning centers, manuals, presentations, sales collateral, and other relevant documentation.

Ignition’s new funding fuels expansion of AI-powered sales and marketing platform

But Ignition isn’t just playing workflow matchmaker. Its AI engine aims to work like a savvy assistant, handling grunt work at each phase. That means auto-generating strategic plans, marketing assets and even predictive recommendations based on past campaigns.

IPWAY Unveils Innovative Platform to Streamline Access to IPv4 Addresses for Proxy Services

This pioneering solution is set to transform how companies access and manage IPv4 resources, thereby enhancing their data collection capabilities for artificial intelligence (AI). The pre-launch phase, initiated on October 20, 2023, marks a significant step towards making AI more accessible. Through its user-friendly platform, IPWAY simplifies the complexities of IP management, enabling organizations to fully leverage AI technologies.

HiOperator introduces SMSBot, harnessing generative AI for enhanced customer support

The company’s strategic use of generative AI stands out as a key differentiator. Tsai emphasized the significance of the technology in crafting the customer experience: “Generative AI is maybe 10% of the work, but 90% of the customer experience.”

Microsoft drastically expands Azure AI Studio to include Llama 2 Model-as-a-Service, GPT-4 Turbo with Vision

Similar to the now old acronym of SaaS (software-as-a-service), MaaS offers customers the ability to use AI models such as Llama 2 on-demand over the web when needed with minimal set up, without having to go to all the trouble of installing it on their own cloud server space, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or other location. Even with Microsoft experts helping and trained IT personnel, this can be a non-trivial task for enterprises.

Sam Altman’s venture fund invests $3M in startup using humans and AI to keep people on task

Shelpful — as in super + helpful — is designed to nudge members and provide reminders for any number of things, from taking medication, to getting some exercise, to knocking out simple projects, and more. Those nudges via text message are generated by both human accountability coaches — Shelpers — or an AI productivity assistant — HabitGPT. Or, both, in a three-way chat.

Similis Revolutionizing Content Creation With AI-powered AnyoneSwap

AnyoneSwap leverages advanced AI to seamlessly faceswap a model’s image into a picture or video, delivering highly realistic and top-quality visual production. Traditional faceswapping involves spending time and effort manually editing photos and video, but AnyoneSwap eliminates the need for this, streamlining content creation with single-click faceswapping.

Sourcegraph launches AI coding assistant Cody into general availability

What separates Cody from other AI assistants in the market is that the chatbot is aware of more than just the code in the file the developer is looking at or a single repository. It can search and navigate a company’s entire codebase using Sourcegraph’s specialized technology.

GoLinks unveils GoSearch, an AI-powered search tool for the modern enterprise

Unlike traditional enterprise search tools that index all data regardless of its relevance or sensitivity, GoSearch promises a nuanced approach, indexing only documents available to every employee. This design choice aligns with the growing need for tools that respect both accessibility and privacy in today’s data-sensitive business environments.

Lightning AI debuts ‘iPhone approach’ to new AI dev platform

According to Lightning AI, the end-to-end, SaaS platform “fundamentally re-architects how developers work by abstracting away every non-core activity and providing a single interface for all AI development needs.” Users can use pre-built templates, quickly scale from CPU to GPU on as many machines as they need, and leverage natively integrated tools or build their own while deploying anywhere — in their cloud, Lightning AI’s cloud or on a local GPU cluster.

Google Cloud’s genAI and security integration improves threat detection and response

Duet AI is a  genAI-powered assistance that is embedded in Google Workspace and Google Cloud. The tech giant claims the tool can summarize and classify threat information, translate natural language searches into queries and offer suggested next steps for remediating issues.

Braintrust Data wants to make enterprise AI better with faster evaluations

“Our product allows you to easily (in under an hour) instrument your code to define evaluations, capture user feedback, log LLM calls, etc. Every time you make a change, you can re-run evaluations and instantly get a dashboard that tells you how much you improved or regressed things, and debug individual cases (before moving to final deployment).

Featureform raises $5.5M to bring order to feature management ‘chaos’

“I think of a feature as a definition,” he said. “We store the definition, run it for you on [data analytics platforms] Databricks or Snowflake, define your pipeline, define the metadata and versioning, make it shareable, monitor for model drift and make sure governance is properly used. We’re a full platform to define and manage features, not just a place to store them.”

Cohere adds support for custom data connectors to its flagship LLM

Cohere offers a collection of LLMs that enterprises can deploy in the major public clouds platforms as well as on their on-premises hardware. The company’s flagship model, Command, is capable of generating text, searching document repositories for specific snippets of information and sorting business records by category. Cohere says the LLM was trained on a dataset specifically designed to optimize its performance across common enterprise use cases.

Generative AI data analyst startup TextQL raises $4.1M in seed funding

TextQL is the creator of a generative AI-powered data analyst that helps to connect companies’ business intelligence tools with their existing documentation and semantic layers. The startup is aiming to automate every step in the lifecycle of enterprise data, which it does by replicating the experience of working alongside a human data analyst.

How ConductorOne’s Copilot Improves Identity Governance with AI

“With AI recommendations, human-in-the-loop approvers have the right context to make access decisions. Copilot also drives efficiency by giving your workforce a seamless access management experience, for example by automating provisioning and approvals flows through helpdesk ticketing systems,”

Meta unveils Audiobox, an AI that clones voices and generates ambient sounds

“It can generate voices and sound effects using a combination of voice inputs and natural language text prompts — making it easy to create custom audio for a wide range of use cases,” according to the Audiobox webpage.

New AI assistant from Fortinet promises to streamline threat investigation

Called Fortinet Advisor, the new AI service is designed to augment the capabilities of security operations teams. Integrated with Fortinet’s security information and event management service, called FortiSIEM, and security orchestration, automation and response solution, called FortiSOAR, the AI analyzes security incidents and provides easy-to-understand summaries, context and potential impact assessments.

AI startup Rhythms emerges from stealth with $26 million in funding to transform the future of work

The core of Rhythms’ offering lies in developing a platform that integrates with different systems within a company. Leveraging recent advancements in AI, including large language models, the platform analyzes a company’s “rhythms” — encompassing habits and patterns like monthly business reviews, quarterly retrospectives, and weekly cross-functional meetings.

Lenovo, Microsoft launch cybersecurity solution, aiming to address top 2024 concern

Lenovo aims to alleviate those concerns with a comprehensive solution that includes continuous risk assessment, automated security updates and patches, dynamic threat intelligence, active incident response and management, and data backup and recovery services. According to the press release, Lenovo believes a subscription-based model will allow companies to offload time-intensive tasks, offering meaningful savings.

Cisco Aims to Address Firewall Complexity with an AI Assist

Based on these concerns, Cisco developed the AI Assistant for Firewall, focusing on three use cases. The tool assists an administrator helping with policy identification and reporting. It augments an enterprise’s efforts in troubleshooting problems. And it automates tasks for policy lifecycle management.

Atlassian announces wide availability of generative AI capabilities across its products

From there the AI will respond with conversational language, like talking to another person who knows the subject. If that doesn’t explain it well enough, the user can ask further questions and drill down further. This opens up a lot of opportunities to explain otherwise esoteric company jargon and get new employees up to speed faster with onboarding.

Kinetica Unveils 1st SQL-GPT for Telecom, Transforming Natural Language into SQL Fine-Tuned for the Telco Industry

Kinetica, today announced the availability of Kinetica SQL-GPT for Telecom, the industry’s only real-time solution that leverages generative AI and vectorized processing to enable telco professionals to have an interactive conversation with their data using natural language, simplifying data exploration and analysis to make informed decisions faster.

Automated proposal writing startup AutogenAI raises $39.5M from Salesforce Ventures and others

This suite is designed to revolutionize the way organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to charities and nonprofits, approach the highly sensitive and time-consuming bidding process. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technology, AutogenAI enables these organizations to craft bids, tenders, and proposals more efficiently and compellingly.

IBM cloud service aims to deliver secure, multicloud connectivity

The service, IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, implements a virtualized networking environment to rapidly enable secure connectivity between users, applications, and data distributed across multiple edge, hybrid, and multicloud environments. One of the drivers behind the cloud service is to join operational silos, giving granular network control and easy-to-consume interfaces to IT teams, IBM said.

Sprinklr Empowers Businesses to Deploy and Scale Generative AI-powered Conversational Bots

“Sprinklr is committed to helping our enterprise customers recognize 20-40% productivity improvements across the front office,”

San Francisco startup MaintainX raises $50 million to bring A.I. to industrial operations

Turlica also said that the company’s software was designed to cater to the needs and preferences of a new generation of frontline professionals and purchasing managers, who value user-friendly and intuitive software stacks.

AI-powered text generation startup Rohirrim nabs $15M in fresh funding

Rohirrim claims its AI platform compresses the process into a few minutes. Users enter a high-level description of the RFP response they wish to create and the platform generates it automatically. According to the company, workers can also produce other types of longform content such as case studies.

VictoriaMetrics Unveils Free Trial of Its Enterprise Solution for Enhanced Monitoring and Observability

VictoriaMetrics software is designed for building high-performance monitoring systems, ready for any scale, which work in real-life, not just on paper. The company’s 100% reproducible benchmarks demonstrate why it is the fastest open source-based monitoring solution.

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