Sponsorship/Visibility Opportunities on Teckedin
  • 23 Mar 2024
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Sponsorship/Visibility Opportunities on Teckedin

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Article Summary

Why sponsor content on Teckedin.com?

  • Your company solution or service will be seen daily by those that stay current on business technology.  

  • In addition to the pages you sponsor, you are welcome to share content in our knowledge base, giving you extra exposure.

  • We promote our sponsors on LinkedIn numerous times.

  • Our visitors and their engagement is increasing daily.

  • We are transparent with our analytics as you will see below.

How many views and visits does Teckedin get?

What does our Google Analytics look like?

These analytics are for one week.

Teckedin has begun advertising on Reddit.


Teckedin is honored to be in Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack 2020 and 2021

Teckedin is honored to be in Canalys Channels Ecosystem Lanscape Tech Stack 2023

What do we do differently and how can we help you increase visibility?

  • On the pages you sponsor, we have your logo and a link to your website (the link can include a code so you can track activity from our site). And we thank our sponsors numerous times a week on Linkedin. (Again, with links to your website)

  • We curate and aggregate tech content and share it on a daily basis

  • We give free publicity to many companies in our tech news, tech trends, podcasts, and tech website listings

  • We promote our site and content on Linkedin

  • We offer a privacy-driven and distraction-free platform where viewers can discover companies and solutions.

  • Content is categorized and tagged for search and findability

  • We have banner ads running in the New York Times and Forbes

  • We are glad to share good content to provide more value to our readers.

Here is our media kit. We can be reached at dkruzic@teckedin.com or 505-250-0986, if you have any questions or want additional information. Thank you.