Sponsorship/Visibility Opportunities
  • 23 Feb 2021
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Sponsorship/Visibility Opportunities

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Teckedin is honored to be in Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack 2020 and 2021

What do we do differently and how can we help you increase visibility?

  • We curate and aggregate tech content and share it on a daily basis
  • We give free publicity to many companies in our tech news, webinar/events, and tech job listings
  • We promote our content on Linkedin and Twitter
  • We offer a privacy-driven and distraction-free platform
  • Content is categorized and tagged for search and findability


Teckedin has opportunities for exposure in the following ways:

  • We do a weekly compilation of our content by tech category - we highlight one solution - Click here to see how it looks
  • Tech News and Webinar listings page sponsorships
  • Webinar and event spotlight
  • Weekly On-Demand webinar listing
  • Tech Jobs
  • Content Sharing

We are looking for sponsorships for each tech category. Currently our categories include:

  • Apps/DevOps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation & Productivity
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud
  • Data & Analytics
  • Data Storage
  • Document/Records Management
  • Human Resources
  • IT Consulting
  • IoT/Mobility
  • Network Management
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Smart Cities


We share the following analytics with our sponsors:

  • Number of views, number of reads overall
  • Number of views, number of reads by article
  • Linkedin and Twitter stats

Our viewership is on the rise.


  • $50.00 per week (or 150.00 per month) for sponsoring one of our pages
  • $50.00 for spotlight in weekly tech compilation
  • $25.00 per week for On-Demand Webinar link/promotion
  • $50.00 per month for category sponsorship
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