Blockchain FAQs
  • 29 Aug 2020
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Blockchain FAQs

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What exactly is Blockchain?

Simply put, blockchain is the next generation of the Internet. The current Internet can only show data based information like email, pictures, voice and video; blockchain can show value based information such as money, assets and ownership, etc.

How does Blockchain help?

Just like the Internet, blockchain can be used in many ways. For example, Walmart is using blockchain to keep track of the fresh produce from harvesting to transporting to the Walmart stores. Colleges and universities are issuing student degree diplomas and transcripts on blockchain so the students can easily share their learning credentials as well as have them verified online.

Who runs Blockchain?

A blockchain network runs on the participants’ computers, there is NO central authority or even a central server that runs blockchain.

Blockchain technology has profound capability to transform our lives. However, much of its potential has not been fully realized simply because other than cryptocurrencies such as bitCoin, blockchain itself is still unknown to the general public and the few who have developed blockchain solutions have limited the access to only exclusive customers such as fintech and supply chain; even the most common use of blockchain such as keeping record or issuing certificates cannot be easily done without paying a high premium.

These FAQs are provided by

Pistis provides a blockchain platform with low barrier entrance. Everyone can register and the registered users, both individual and organizations, can easily design, test and issue certificates such as property deeds and learning credentials on blockchain.

Pistis offers its users a free universal blockchain ID called Pistis ID or PID, free online certificate design and test services and free blockchain certificate verification service. Pistis also offers organization users free data integration/API as well as smart contract templates.

Pistis will develop new blockchain use cases to help both Individual and organization users create and grow their own businesses on Pistis blockchain platform.

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