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  • 21 Feb 2024
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Channel News and Analysis

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ChannelE2E - Managed Services: 5 Trends to Watch in 2024

MSPs will also be consuming AI via their vendor partners because companies such as Nerdio and all ISVs – including ConnectWise, Datto, Kaseya, N-able, and NinjaOne -- are all actively putting generative AI into their tools. Then it will become about the data services, McBain said, and it will be about MSPs’ ability to work with the Snowflakes and Datadogs of the world to go build data lakes and large language models and train them.


Infinidat - 2024 Channel Trends

To use an analogy, the train has left the station for cloud in the IT solutions realm, and there is no going back to the old, traditional way of doing things. But the exciting part is that it creates new opportunities for partners, in collaboration with a forward-looking storage solution provider, to customize cloud configurations that, in the case of enterprise storage, maximize end-user benefits across hybrid storage deployments.

Cloud Storage

How do vendors capture the 28 presale moments of the new customer journey?

The average customer now trusts seven partners across the entire customer journey including before, during, and after the transaction. The ability to monitor, measure, and manage these moments is now critical for channel professionals in the post-cookie era.

Vendor Management

Canalys - AI’s evolving ecosystem: takeaways from the Dreamforce and Ray Summit AI conferences

While Salesforce and Anyscale have fundamentally different AI offerings and are at vastly different company stages, both depend on an AI ecosystem of developers, ISVs, experts and partners to deliver end-customer value and customized AI solutions at scale.

Artificial Intelligence

Canalys - Partner Relationship Management (PRM) isn’t dead – it's foundational

As businesses shift towards executing modern ecosystem strategies, PRM platforms act as foundational solutions to effectively measure, manage, nurture, and empower an ecosystem of diversified partners. This report outlines the 38 PRM players today, important evaluation criteria and the future of PRM.

Channel Partners

Forbes - Forrester Predicts A Turbulent Year For B2B Marketers In 2024

Thinly customized GenAI content will degrade purchase experience for 70% of buyers. The downside of GenAI’s ability to mass produce customized content is can lead to overloading buyers with crappy content. Forrester predicts growing frustration with poorly personalized content will cause more than 70% of business buyers to voice displeasure about the material vendors share, citing specifically that it fails to demonstrate an understanding of their organization’s business conditions or needs.


Network World - Network complexity, talent shortages drive shift in enterprise IT buying habits

“The old way of looking at networking and security teams was to approach them as siloes. An organization had a network team, a security team and an application team that worked separately,” Zagury said. As technology gets abstracted to platforms, and enterprises adopt a platform approach, the disciplines are coming together, she said.

IT Management

Otters - Early Adopters

With Otters, you and your partners can track your joint goals and activities in one central location, so you'll always know what's going on with your partner ecosystem.

Vendor Management

eChannelNews - Survey Reveals VMware Customers’ Concerns

A recently conducted survey of hundreds of VMware customers sheds light on growing concerns they have about the state of the virtualization software and the company behind it – ranging from rising licensing costs, ransomware vulnerabilities and a diminishing quality of support.

Vendor Management

Computerweekly/Microscope - Canalys: Generative AI a ‘generational opportunity’

There are channel revenue opportunities around generative AI consulting, design, building the architecture and advisory services, providing partners with different points to add value.

Artificial Intelligence

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