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Swarm Community - Levels of AI Initiatives and their Commitment

Join Santona Tuli, Head of Data at Upsolver, as she talks through the different levels of AI initiatives and how much each level of involvement requires in terms of commitment.

Thinklair - Keir Finlow-Bates

Keir Finlow-Bates - Any morally aware developer should question the need, risk, and greater ramifications of any piece of personal data that is gathered and stored by the company they work for. Even though the company won't tell you to do this.

Swarm Community - Revolutionizing Work Product Creation: Generative AI in Action

Jason Kaufman will lead the audience through an exploration of how Generative AI is being utilized to automate and enhance the creation of content, reports, analysis, and more, showcasing its practical applications in real-world scenarios. Emphasizing case studies from Irrevo's pioneering initiatives, the discussion will highlight strategies for effectively integrating Generative AI into workflows, ensuring quality, efficiency, and innovation. .

SWARM Community - Working within the knowledge supply chain with Debby Kruzic

Thank you to Joaquin Melara and SWARM for taking their time and resources to interview Debby Kruzic, Teckedin.com creator

How To's on ChatGPT, Data, Analytics, Marketing, Document Management, Privacy, Security & more

How To's on ChatGPT, Data, Analytics, Marketing, Document Management, Privacy, Security & more

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