Privacy Tech Solutions
  • 31 Jul 2021
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Privacy Tech Solutions

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Article Summary

Thank you for our Privacy List sponsor.

We have attended some good privacy conferences over the last months. This listing has some of the solutions and companies that we find interesting and useful.

ActiveNav - Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection
We’ve been doing this for over a decade and have helped some of the world’s largest private and public organizations discover, classify, and manage their data.
We are a group of individuals that came together with the mindset that privacy has an important place in our future, our children’s future.
Dataguise - Automating Data Privacy & GDPR Compliance
To help organizations efficiently discover and effectively protect personal data for minimal risk and maximum value
Dethena - AI-Driven Data Protection Platform
Dathena AI Technology works to Deliver Explainable Solutions and generate Legally Defensible Outcomes
Didomi - Privacy and Consent Management Platform
Didomi builds technology to help companies put their users in control of their personal data. By doing so, they generate valuable trust and lay the groundwork for privacy-conscious growth.
FairWarning - Data Protection and Governance by User Activity Monitoring
FairWarning partners with customers to secure private sensitive information held in mission-critical applications.
Manetu - Data Privacy Management
Manetu’s data-privacy management platform can turn your data-privacy obligations into assets.
MinerEye - Discover, Classify, & Virtually Label Sensitive Unstructured Data
Data Privacy Compliance
Revoke - Take control of your personal data!
By integrating with Revoke, organisations can fully automate any request, speeding up the process and providing consumers with their data whenever they might request it. 
TrustArc - The Leader in Privacy Management Software
Bridging the gap between privacy and data for deeper insights, broader access, and continuous compliance.
UserCentrics - Consent Management Platform
The Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) enables you to harmonize your marketing and data strategy with legal requirements.
Xayn - Web search as it should be
Xayn is the search alternative that ends the trade-off between privacy protection and the convenience you love.

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