The Teckedin Journey
  • 13 Aug 2023
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The Teckedin Journey

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Article Summary

How did Teckedin come to fruition?

I have worked with document and records management technologies since the 80s. I started my document management solution/services company in 1993. We did a lot of document scanning and conversion well before the innovations that have made these activities so much easier and more efficient.

I love technology and learning about innovations and solutions. I feel that is my value to customers; sharing what I know and being open to new ideas and solutions that can help others.

I created the Teckedin platform to provide a place to share what is going on in business technology.

Content disappears in feeds and websites so fast; you may never know what you may have missed that would have been helpful to you. Because Teckedin is designed using a knowledgebase format, the content is not buried in web pages.


What does Teckedin do differently?

We curate and categorize news and articles from numerous sites every morning. We make sure that the content we put on our platform has a share button and a direct link back to the content. No company is paying us to put their news or articles on our site. We curate what we feel is applicable to private and public entities.

  • Teckedin is a free resource site for business technology end-users, those looking to work in I.T., and the vendors who provide solutions and services. 
  • We think of ourselves as a virtual library or mall where you can window shop or dive in, depending on your needs.
  • We give free publicity to many companies daily.
  • We have no algorithms or ads, so all content is on an even playing field (even-playing field for both technology users and vendors.)
  • Our content is readily available when you have the time to search and read. It doesn't disappear.
  • No logins required.

Our site is structured as a self-service knowledge base. Visit us on your timeline and terms.

At Teckedin, we hand-curate news, analysis, and articles from numerous technology sites daily. It is an interesting and worthwhile way to start the day.

I could probably buy something that would help automate some of this curation, but that would defeat the whole purpose.

What is my purpose in building this site?

1)    To learn and stay current on business technology and share information with others.
2)    To help spread the word of authors and tech sites that work hard daily to research, write articles, and help others learn and grow.
3)    To help innovators and companies get publicity for their solutions.
4)    To be a site where the content is always available and not based on a feed or advertising dollars.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will make it a regular habit. And if you want to contribute your expertise and content, let us know!

Debby Kruzic, Founder

Contact us at

P.S. At this point, I solely fund the platform. We are looking for sponsorships. If you are looking to increase visibility, here is some information on our stats and pricing:

Sponsorship/Visibility Opportunities on Teckedin

Thank you for visiting us.

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