The Teckedin Journey
  • 03 Apr 2022
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The Teckedin Journey

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How did Teckedin come to fruition?

A lot has changed since I started my document management solution company in 1993, especially in sales and marketing.

Over the years, I followed what "experts" were telling me about getting email addresses and getting your prospects into automated email campaigns and so forth. But the reality is that if you don't have many people coming to your website, these tools can be a waste of time and money. And many of us are no longer willing to give up our personal information in exchange for content.

New solutions are popping up every day. It is impossible to stay up on everything that is happening in AI, Automation, Blockchain, Cloud, Data, and Security.

I love technology and learning about new solutions and innovations. I created Teckedin because I wanted a place to share technology information that was not driven by advertisement.

And I wanted my site to provide an even playing field for both technology users and vendors.

Marketing automation and lead generation tools and ads dictate what we see or don't see. You may never learn about a good solution, company, or emerging trends if they don't show up in your searches.

And content disappears in feeds and websites so fast; you may never know what you may have missed that would have been helpful to you.


What does Teckedin do differently?

  • Teckedin is a free resource site for business technology end-users, those looking to work in I.T., and the vendors who provide solutions and services. 
  • We think of ourselves as a virtual library or mall where you can window shop or dive in, depending on your needs.
  • We curate and categorize tech-only content to help you with your learning and research.
  • We give free publicity to many companies daily.
  • We have no algorithms or ads, so all content is on an even playing field (even-playing field for both technology users and vendors.)
  • Our content is readily available when you have the time to search and read. It doesn't disappear.
  • No logins required.

Our site is structured as a self-service knowledge base. Visit us on your timeline and terms.

Teckedin started as a custom application.  Since I am not a developer, it was challenging every time I wanted to make a change or try something new. I began researching knowledge base applications and found Document360 (

We abandoned everything in September 2020 and recreated our site using Document360. We added Upcontent ( in July of 2021. We use their platform to curate blogs into our tech categories.

Everything I have learned in technology has been hands-on and from watching and learning from others.

I want Teckedin to be the site that people regularly visit to learn and grow. No matter your technical level, there will be content for you. And you will never become a marketing target on our site.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will make it a regular habit. And if you want to contribute your expertise and content, let us know!

Debby Kruzic, Founder

Contact us at (970) 422-8681 or

P.S. At this point, I solely fund the platform. Our attempts to get sponsors and supporters to help offset the expenses have not been successful. Most marketing managers purchase sponsorships based on how many visits a site receives. Few look beyond the stats for visibility opportunities.

It will be nice to offset these costs in the future, but I will continue to keep the platform thriving for as long as possible.

Thank you for visiting us.

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