• 24 Apr 2024
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Teckedin is very thankful to those people and companies that have shared content on our site and who have provided feedback.

Here are some of the comments:

"Every time I start to post this recommendation for Teckedin.com - Offering the shortest path to staying up on business technology. I make the mistake of visiting the site then falling down the rabbit hole and failing to get back here to post. Amazing collection of hand-curated tech-relevant information there. Bonus: free and no annoying email sign-up."

"Love your website - fabulous resource, thank you for making this all available for free!!! Amazing effort"

"She aggregates a mountain of content from multiple sources under one resource. Think of the amount of time that saves a human. Also, the content is vetted and well organized."

"Awesome Sauce!"

"Hi Debby, Thanks for sharing your website with me. It looks awesome. I will definitely use it."

"I love the Teckedin site. It provides everything tech related i would be interested in- news and conference/webinar listings. I especially love the breakouts by category so we are easily able to select the items relevant to a particular industry. Going to share it out with others."

I really love the site – I think it’s perfectly precise and caters to the tech crowd appropriately.

Absolutely love your site. One more step towards reducing friction. Friction be gone

I like the teckedin idea, I will share this with students and professionals, appreciate the no ad no cred. model!

Wow...great concept and looks fantastic !

I browsed Teckedin and love what you've created. A tech-only virtual library is a great idea.

Thank you for adding me to your network and sharing your tech-only site. And a big thank you for giving me a reprieve from trying to sell me something! I only took a brief look at your site, but I see a lot of good stuff and plan to go back and explore it.

Teckedin.com serves as a valuable repository, consolidating diverse tech insights. The vast compilation from reputable sources fosters a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape. In exploring this rich resource, one wonders about the future trajectory of knowledge curation platforms. How do you envision the role of AI, particularly LLMs like ChatGPT, in enhancing content discovery and ensuring the relevance and accuracy of information amidst the exponential growth of tech data?